Happy Life Volume 3 Illustrations

Wrapping up this week’s update is Volume 3’s Illustrations.

Again, note that it’s a spoiler of what’s to come. 🙁

Also, it’s probably me but both volumes predominantly skew in favor towards Gilles. 🙁

Let’s hope the Prince gets some nice illustrations in Volume 4 & 5.

However, those are up in the air as I’ve yet to hit the donation amount for both books.

Fair warning though, for those books, I may enforce a password on the pages as it wouldn’t be fair to others who are interested in the story. It really wouldn’t do to have people speculating wildly. 😛

Chapter 28 will be out next week once I’m done with things and hopefully, with an additional bonus. What bonus? Hoho! It’s a secret. Just keep your eyes peeled out for it 😀

Happy Life Volume 2 Illustrations
Happy Life Term Changes - Forms of Addressing the Monarchy
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  1. Wow.. seems like each book has her at a certain age, book 1 is childhood, 2 seems to have her around her teens and 3 is as a young adult. She looks real lovely now ahaha…

  2. good day, i would like to ask about volume 1’s illustrations, did i miss them somewhere or it’s actually not posted yet. i could only find volume 2 and 3 after searching and looking in the illustrations category

    1. Post

      Hey Novarime,

      Thanks for asking. I didn’t bother putting up Volume 1’s Illustration as Soli already has those up on her site when she previously did the first two chapter teasers. Didn’t feel it was worth recopying it again here. ^^;;;

  3. Damn. And here I was looking for some Liz x Julis moments but wtf! Well, WOLOLOLO Just converted to Liz x Gilles ship as I can see that my old ship has no future.

    1. Well, it kinda makes sense since she doesn’t want to be queen… And Gilles does spend the most time with her. Sometimes absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder. But sigh, all the scenes with Julis in them seem so confrontational. Poor prince.

  4. I’ve always been a Gilles x Liz shipper but ahem I’ve made up my mind, go with the prince lovely lady. Gilles is mine, I declare!

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  5. GILLBETH WILL SAIL!!! I WISH!! Please let them sail. I cant wait for this part and im losing my sleep. Im so excited she looks gorgeous but whoa whose the new dude?? And did the prince just proposed to her in the balcony???? Nuuuu!!!! Gilbeth needs to have that moments!! TT_TT Julis just become mine please? Let Liz be with Gilles ♥♥♥

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