Loner and Juliet: Chapter 2 – Title

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We’ve got two new translators, Agni & Cryarc, who are teaming up to translate Why is the prettiest girl in the school trying to talk to a loner like me during break time? aka Loner & Juliet.

This has a lot of inner monologues. So they’ve been colour coded and italicized so you can differentiate between them. Red is for Asakura, Blue is for Andou and Purple is when both of them are simultaneously monologuing. Any asterisk in orange represents footnotes.

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Chapter 2 – Title

TL: Agni

TLC: Krrizis

Editor: Shirani


Second period, lunch break.


This, this time for sure, I’ll have a conversation with Andou-kun! To do that, I’ll talk to him first! Andou-kun is……yosh! As usual, he is reading a light novel. It’s okay, I’ve been properly practicing speaking at home all for this moment!! (Asakura)


How come……I have a feeling that Asakura-san is watching me intently. Is Asakura-san perhaps the kind of person who has a prejudice against people who read light novels in class? (Andou)


「A, Andou-kun, what are you reading?」








Yeeeeeaaaaaah! He finally talked to me……..Ehhhhhhhhhhh! Is that his only responseeee!? What’s with the『Eh』? The『Eh』 !!!!! (Asakura)


Uwah! Asakura-san conversed with me!? Wicked! But, I can’t be flustered! I’m sure she just pretended to strike a conversation with me, the loner, whom she has an interest in to give the impression that 『I’m kind for even speaking to the class loner!』. That’s why, don’t be happy, me! (Andou)






I–Is he simply flustered and keeping a distance right now because I’m the cutest girl in the class? So, after this he will give me an answer right? Th–therefore, please don’t ignore me! Well, when he tells me the title 『Aa, I also read that~』 or it won’t have the appeal of a light novel comrade! (Asakura)


W–would it be okay for me to answer her with the title of the book…..? But, is it alright to give a reply at this late hour after I kept reasonably silent……Yeah, or perhaps I should answer her by telling Asakura-san this title!? Geez……why am I hesitating so much to tell her the title that everyone knows from 「Narou」*? Ehhh, whatever! (Andou)






Here it comeeeeees! But 『te』? Does he mean 『te』 for 『Reincarnation~~ (tensei)』? Yosh! If it’s transmigration stories from 「Narou」 , I’ve read a great number of them, so come at me! All right, what’s it going to be!! (Asakura)


「Wh- 『When I reincarnated, I was a villainess*』 ……」




It’s the unexpected 『villainess』 genreeeeeee!? Moreover, I’ve never read iiiiiiiiiiiiiit! EH!? I mean, Andou-kun also reads the『villainess』 genreeeeee!? Hold on! I’m only an expert of 『another world reincarnation with OP MC』, I lack the studies on 『villainess』! (Asakura)


Shit, I messed uuuuuuuuuuuuup! I’ve just marvelously dug my own grave! The mood became weird! Look at Asakura-san’s expression! She is making a 『what an unexpected title……』-like face! I’m aware of it! Asakura-san wouldn’t be well-informed of books from「Narou」! But, last time she read 「Hachinan Tensei」* so I thought that maybe she would get it! Yosh, I’ve made up my mind! From now on I won’t talk about light novels to Asakura-san ever again! (Andou)






Crap! If I leave it be, the mood will be very awkward……I’ve got to say something! (Asakura & Andou)






I–It’s over…… (Asakura & Andou)



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TL Notes:

  1. Narou refers to Syosetsu ni Narou. Otherwise known as Syosetsu. (TLC: Heh!)
  2. When I reincarnated, I was a Villainess. Reference: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n9834df/
  3. Hachinan Tensei. Fairly sure he’s referring to this popular light novel: http://www.novelupdates.com/series/hachinan-tte-sore-wa-nai-deshou/
  4. The sound of the recess bell.
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  1. I feel like I miss the first part of this novel…can u tell me where chapter 1 can be found?


  2. Eh this story doesn’t have the don’t fucking get full of yourself just because the most popular girl in class talked to you out of pity?

    those are tiring anyway and i just want some fluffiness.

    thanks for the chapter.

  3. hello can i ask on how do i do next chapter without going back to novel update i can’t seem to find it

  4. Thanks for the chapter Agni, Krrizia, and Shirani! The most popular girl is surprisingly awkward haha.

  5. It’s funny that she recognizes herself that she’s the cutest girl in the class, but at the same time for me minus points in the appeal

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