Loner and Juliet: Chapter 10 – At that time, Asakura thought

Chapter 10 – At that time, Asakura thought

TL: Cryarc

Editor: Shirani



『I really like Andou-kun!』



Some time later after that, I’m rolling around with excess embarrassment in my home kitchen.


「Uwaaaaaahh! I’m stupid, stupid, stupid, stupiiid~~…… Why, why did I say something like that…… Even worse, in a panic I asked Andou-kun to come over to my house……」


Fortunately my parents are not at home right now, but Andou-kun is still in my room. I said that I would bring something to drink from downstairs so I need to go back fast…… But, how did such a slip of tongue―― not really, even if it’s vague I know the reason.

The words that I had originally meant to say at that time was……


『I really like light novels, as much as Andou-kun!』


But because at that time I was extremely nervous, those words became――


『I really like (light novels, as much as) Andou-kun!』


Just like this, I had omitted out the words inside the parenthesis!

Right! It’s just because I was too nervous and talked too fast, in a miraculous accident I omitted a certain part of it. By no means what came out of my mouth were my real feelings, it’s absolutely impossible! I mean, it’s not like I 『like』 Andou-kun in the opposite sex way!

That’s right. Rather, if it’s about love, at least it must be him who falls for me! Just because I decided to stop hiding that I like light novels to him, it’s not like it’s relevant with I like him or not. In the first place, I’m not falling for him. If I said it’s no then it’s absolutely impossible! No means no!


「……Alright, I’ve thought about it enough. First I have to carry out three missions.

First, I have to make Andou-kun understand that my words at the bookstore was a slip of tongue even with brute force.

And then, after I solved the misunderstanding I will confess that I like light novels.

In the end, it’s not like I’ll fall in love with him.

Excellent, it’s flawless. Ah, I forgot! I’ve said that I’d bring something to drink, what should I take…… Andou-kun, he’s not allergic to milk, right? But, he might dislike it…… Then, how about durian juice! Ah, but this one has quite a strong smell, it has to be something else…… In that case, heartleaf juice? But even then, what should I do if it’s still not fitting with Andou-kun’s preference. Especially when he came to my house, I want to entertain him properly…… Eh! It’s, it’s not like I care about what he wants to drink! I, I mean I’m definitely not being conscious of him at all! Right, for someone like him a 100% pure squeezed sweet apple juice is enough!」


But, I wonder why for the sake of detaining Andou-kun I had to take him home?

Hmーーmm…… Aah, I remember!


『……Fue! I–I–I–I, what did I just—–wait! It’s wrong! Just now I didn’t say it right, or rather I didn’t have enough practice……noooooooooo! What have I blurted ouuuuuuuut!』

『A, Asakura-san……in other words, that was a verbal slip-up? It, it’s okay! I–I–I, I’m a loner, therefore I won’t have any strange misunderstandings? T—To begin with, it’s impossible for that Asakura-san to like a loner like me! Well–well then! I’ll leave first—』


That’s right, just like that! I don’t know why, but his words at that time 『it’s impossible for that Asakura-san to like a loner like me!』 irritated me very much. Good grief…… Now that I think about it again, who did he mean with  『THAT Asakura-san』! I’m not a random Student A that usually appears in anime! Certainly, I must have unconsciously snapped at that word. Yep, that’s right. Definitely, it’s like that.


And then, after I’m sure about it, I take the juice for the two of us back to my own room.

「I’ve made you wait.」

Somehow remembering it again made me irritated.

As if to vent my irritation, I put down the glasses of juice in front of him with 『bang!』 and opened up my mouth.

「So, shall we have a talk……」

I, definitely it’s not like I’m falling for you!


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  1. Now, the question is, will she realize she sounded really tsundere from the light novel experience she had?

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  2. Correction. She realized that she SOUNDED like a tsundere but she doesn’t realize that she IS a tsundere. Difference~

  3. Asakura-Chan’s heart : Keep telling yourself that. I’ll just take over your mouth again!

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  4. Thank you for the chapter! Man, she really is a tsundere. And you say you like light novels? I mean, you were even obsessively wondering what he would want to drink!

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