Loner and Juliet: Chapter 12 – Weather

Chapter 12 – Weather

TL: Cryarc

Editor: Shirani, Mysterious Editor No.3


「Alright, today’s class ends here. 」





*Kin ko-n ka-n ko~n♪*


Here it comes! B-break time! (Asakura & Andou)


Y-yesterday I unintentionally blurted out something weird……  But finally! At last, I’ve conveyed to Andou-kun that I like 『light novels』…… S-so! Now, I can talk about light novels with him without hesitation――

『I really like Andou-kun! 』

――uhh, wro-ong! That was a slip of the tongue!  I’m definitely not falling for him! (Asakura)


This is bad…… Because of yesterday I grew conscious of Asakura-san, somehow I can’t take my eyes off her.  But, don’t forget! She only likes 『light novels』 so she won’t have any interest in a loner like me――

『I really like Andou-kun! 』

――Oi, that’s wrong! She just misspoke! It’s impossible for her to like me, right?! (Andou)


But even so…… How did it become like this! My heart is throbbing! (Asakura)

However…… How could it be!  My heart is pounding wildly! (Andou)


「Ah, um…… Andou-kun? 」

「Fueh! Y-yes! 」

「Uhm…… Isn’t the weather nice today? 」

「Y-you’re right! 」




*Kin ko-n ka-n ko~n♪*


This is baaaad! I’m way too embarrassed to talk properly! (Asakura & Andou)


「Yoshida! It’s supposed to be club activity today, but since it’s raining it got cancelled.」

「For real?!  Roger. Thanks for telling me, Sawatari!」

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  1. Thank you for the chapter! Man, that was short. And is it just me, or did we end back at square 1?

  2. So cute~~ I kept on grinnin like an idiot when reading this XD
    And who are these yoshida and sawatari? New chara?
    Thank you for the chapter!!!

    1. They’re probably some “background classmate characters”. I don;t think they’ll be part of the story anyway. Their conversation is probably to make a point on this:

      Uhm…… Isn’t the weather nice today?
      Y-you’re right!

      He says the weather is nice, although it’s raining…
      Poor guy… Got too flustered… XD

      1. Oops…
        I think the rain is why Asakura-san catches a cold in the next chapter…
        It’s not clear if it’s raining or not while he says that… 😅

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