Loner and Juliet: Chapter 14 – Dream

Chapter 14 – Dream

TL: Cryarc

Editor: Shirani, MystEd3




「U–um……the words at that time and also before, they were all wrong.」

「Uh huh……」

「B–but…… I like 『light novels』!」






「…… This dream again.」


It’s about my previous conversation with Andou-kun in this room…… What I saw just now is a dream, but the content is reality!


I finally conveyed my feelings that I like light novels to Andou-kun. On the same occasion while being carried away it seems I’ve also conveyed unnecessary things, but now that I’ve told him my feelings, it’s a trivial matter.


「With this, the next time I meet with Andou-kun, we can talk about light novels as much as we’d like! 」


…… That’s how it should’ve been.


Currently, I’m lying flat on the bed in my room.


Why, why did I catch a cooooooooooooold!


「But, it seems my fever has gone down since I’ve been sleeping……. With this, I can go to school tomorrow! 」


And then, tomorrow for sure with Andou-kun――


「Are you awake~? How’s your condition?」


Then, my mum went into my room while cleaning around.


「Mum, un. It’s alright. I’ve been sleeping so it seems my fever is going down. 」

「Ara– I see…… Then, you can meet with Andou-kun tomorrow, right~~」

「Hwai! W-why did you suddenly mention Andou-kun’s name just now! 」

「Ara ara~~ Even if you try to hide it, mum already knows~~」

「Mum, you don’t know about anything! Stop it! A-Andou-kun is just a friend, it’s not like I particularly like him! 」

「Ara ara ara~~ Ufufu」

「Mum, what is it……? 」

「Mum only said that it’s nice to meet a dear friend. It doesn’t have any other meaning…… But I wonder why it’s turning into 『liking him and so on』 speech~~?」

「Funya-! T-that’s…… 」

「Ara ara ara……」

「B-be quiet–! Geez, get out Mum! You’ll catch my cold!」

「Mum is fine~~ But, don’t go spreading your cold around if your friends comes to visit, alright? They might actually catch your cold if you keep yelling like that, won’t they? 」

「It’s fine. Nobody will come to visit if it’s only for a common cold. Not to mention visiting is embarrassing.」

「Ara ara~~ Kids nowadays–. Ah, but, if Andou-kun came to visit won’t you be happy? 」

「Like I said, why is Andou-kun’s name being brought up now! 」

「Well, among your friends Mum only knows Andou-kun~~ But, if Andou-kun actually came to visit you’ll be happy, right? 」

「Uu…… W-well! It doesn’t have to be Andou-kun! Whoever it is that’s worried for me and coming to visit me, of course I’ll be happy, right! 」

「Ara ara ara ara~~」

「Geez, it’s enough, right! 」

「Fine, fine, then mum will leave now~」

「Haah…… She’s finally leaving. 」


Then, at the moment my mum left my room, while facing outside she said this.


「Well, in that case~~ Andou-kun, it’s fine to go inside now. 」

「Ha? 」


「A, Asakura-san…… Hi.」


And then,  Andou-kun came inside the room while passing by my mum.


「……………… Perhaps, I’m still dreaming? 」


TL Notes:

Cryarc: I made a 4-koma doujin fanart of Loner & Juliet~! Fufufu, I hope you like it~ if you’re interested into my artworks you can visit my pixiv account.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter! That doujin was drawn well, but you could still tell it’s fan drawn. Also, that mom is the typical shipper mom. Finally, poor Asakura. Realize that you’re a tsundere, through and through. Well, at least you aren’t hitting him.

  2. Ty for the chapter^^
    Really good doujin you made (^∆^)/ would be great if you made a proper serialization of that… The style is really good^^

  3. I can feel the disappointing beauty aura from Asakura in that last panel.

    But a ‘Fueh!?’ would be highly appreciated.

  4. Nice one, mom!!
    Thank you for the chapter!
    And that’s such a cool fanart~~
    Are there more??! XD

  5. The sweetness reminds me of the days I went full retard on chasing after 5 girls in five different times in my life (namely: twice in highschool, 1 summer class, 1 at college, 1 at work) all were failures and wasted efforts (dates, flowers and all) which made me realize that I’m not cut out for romance and that I should remain single for life. All because I don’t look like either a kpop idol or a magazine model. FFS I’m only a normal dude on a payroll like what do they fkin expect a fkin ferrari !?

    1. Ah. Don’t be a little bitch and give up on romance just because it didn’t work out five times. First, put some effort into gaining confidence.

  6. I really like the comic, though honestly I think your designs for the characters are a bit questionable. Andou is frankly a bit too handsome for a loner (I don’t remember if it ever mentioned if he actually is handsome at all), and Asakura is more cute than a “beauty”. Not trying to be harsh or anything, it’s just my impression. In fact, I think you should try to contact the author and see if you can get their permission to actually convert the story into 4-Koma format. It feels like it would work quite well, y’know? Though I would certainly advise spacing out the scenes a bit more, there’s a little too much crammed into this one, haha.

  7. thats epic 4 koma my suggestion is that you show movents on the hand of asakura so that it doesnt look weird

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