Loner and Juliet: Chapter 3 – Toilet

Chapter 3 -Toilet

TL: Agni

TLC & Editor: Jaon


This, this time! In the next break time, I’ll talk to Andou-kun for sure! ……wait a minute. That makes it seem like I’m a maiden in love with Andou-kun or something……

It, it’s not like that, I simply want to chat about light novels with Andou-kun, it’s not like I want to develop those relationship between men and women!

That’s right! In fact, even if I’m a closet light novel otaku, I’m still the number one beauty of the school! And, he is the number one loner in school. Properly speaking, he should be the one earnestly wishing to talk to me here!

So, that’s why this time no matter what I will make Andou-kun actively talk to me!

Here’s the plan—


Me: 『Hey hey Andou-kun. By the way, in the previous break period, about the one you were talking about, 「When I reincarnated, I was a villainess」, is it interesting?』

Him: 『Yeah! Really interesting!』

Me: 『Hmmm……』

Him: Huh? She started the conversation, but her only response is that?  More, I want to talk more about light novels…… Alright, I’ll speak up from my end!

Me: 『…………』 *peek* *peek*

Him: 『Asakura san, do you also read light novels?』

Me: 『Of course!』


—Alright, it’s perfect! (Asakura)



And so, during the next break.


Alright, here I come! (Asakura)


「Hey, Andou-kun?」

「……Eh, what? Asakura-san?」


Woah! What? Asakura-san is talking to me again. (Andou)


Alright, this time he gave a proper response! Well then, let’s start…… (Asakura)


「In the previous break period, you were talking about 『When I reincarnated, I was a villainess』, I wonder if it is interesting?」

「Ye, yes…….it’s pretty interesting…」





Hu, huh? Even though I’ve brought up the topic there’s no response? You, you’ve gotta be kidding me……? Wait a second! Is the conversation already over with that!? I wanted to talk about light novels with Andou-kun more! If it’s gonna be like this, I’ll have to try one last time to talk to him…… (Asakura)


「…………」 *peek* *peek*



Wait, noooooooooo! I’m making Andou-kun talk to me so why am I the one that has to bring up a conversation again! Hey, Andou-kun, such a cute girl came out of her way to talk to a loner like you, at least try to liven up the conversation a little! (Asakura)


Oh no……for some reason Asakura-san is really looking at me. Eh, maybe I was supposed to keep the conversation going back there?  But, I……don’t have any topic  that I could use for someone like Asakura-san. Last time, I royally messed up with the Light Novel stuff. But, what topic…….hmm. (Andou)


「S-so, recently……」




Here it isssss! Finally Andou-kun is talking to me! What is it? What’s happened recently? (Asakura)


「I went into a toilet stall at Mokku Burger.」




「So somebody knocked on the toilet stall door, but since the door is closed he should’ve known that there someone was inside. So really the act of knocking on the door is to convey ‘hurry up’ right. But then it’s not like  I’m taking a while because I want to, and being hurried like that rather slows you down instead, so it’s pointless and counterproductive right……

Basically, I think guys who knock on the toilet door are really a 『selfish』 bunch.」




What did I just doooo! I just brought up talk about the『Toilet』 to the most beautiful girl in school! Am I really that stupid!? (Andou)


I totally get thaaaaaaaaat! But, Andou-kun. Why is the first topic you bring up about the『Toilet』! Talk about 『Light Novels』! How sad is it that I have to have the guy I’m interested in bring up toilets as conversation! Even if I can relate, how am I supposed to expand on this topic any further! (Asakura)








It’s over………. (Andou & Asakura)




But, this time I was able to have a conversation with Andou-kun…….ehehe (Asakura)


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TL Notes:

  1. The sound of the recess bell.


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  1. What in the world….Idiots yes idiots
    That’s what this novel is about
    Idioticness of Idiots.
    One poor loner idiot another make life hard miss popular scum… Idiot..

  2. This is a nice little read. If she wants fast progress she needs to be like one of the those really aggressive girls that just flat out starts asking questions about specific books, begs to look at the current one he is reading, or ask to borrow a book or two. She’d have to be sure not to overdo it, otherwise it would seem like she was making fun of him. But, it’s unlikely anything of that would happen since she is so nervous around him

  3. TL Notes (lol)

    [2] . The sound of your shame and heart breaking.

    [3]. The sound of a maiden in love

    [4]. The sound of cicadas (silence)

  4. And she said she’s not interested in him in THAT way? LOL She’s a splendid tsundere even in her inner monologue XD
    Thank you for the chapter!!!

  5. I knock because I’ve accidentally walked in on too many people in the bathroom who don’t lock the door.

    1. Good point.
      Some of doors have broken locks though in my experience so knocking should be a standard practice.

  6. Thanks for the chapter Agni and Jaon! Wonder how many chapters in before development occurs haha. The awkwardness hinders them as much as the denseness does in other series.

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