Loner and Juliet: Chapter 5 – Sign

Chapter 5 – Sign

TL: Agni

TLC: Krrizis, Cryarc, Jaon

Editor: Shirani





「Andou-kun, good morning」

「Aa, yes. Good morning……Asakura-san」

「Andou-kun, what are you reading today?」


After that, I’ve seen the results of my effort, now I’m able to talk normally about light novels with Andou-kun.


「Hm? Ah, this is a new release from DDD Bunko*. You see, recently this work ranked first in the newcomer category in 『Kono hen no Light Novel ga Sugoi!』*

「Aa, that! I’m also curious about that book. How is it? Was it interesting?」

「Yes, this was quite enjoyable! I bought the first volume only yesterday, but it was so interesting that I ended up reading up till to the latest published, third volume」

「Hee, so it’s like that eh. Then, I’ll also read that once I’m finished with the one I’m reading right now. If Andou-kun said it was interesting, then it won’t turn out to be bad after all」

「That’s right. I certainly recommend it. By the way, what are you reading now, Asakura-san?」

「These days I’ve been influenced into reading this book 『Class no Ijimerarekko ga Tenseisuru to Taitei Cheat』*

「Ahahaha!  Asakura-san really loves the OP MC genre, don’t you?」

「Is that…….bad?」

「Nah, not at all, I think it’s fine…….If I have to say, it’s rather cute」

「Cu……what are you saying!」

「Un, sorry……You–you’re right」


These days I’ve been able to talk with Andou-kun, however when I do, sometimes my heart starts going 『doki!』. But, I don’t find it unpleasant……

In the beginning, I couldn’t even say hello to him.

However, when I remember it now, it’s my own fault that I wasn’t able to talk with Andou-kun back then. I had created a wall on my own, putting on airs and was bloated with useless pride.

But, if I truly wanted to talk with him, the most important thing was—–


I should’ve just been more daring.


「Andou-kun, If you like……today after school, do you want to……mmm, want to go to the bookstore…..together with me?」

「…….! Wi–with pleasure!」






*Chirp chirp chirp*


「A dream…….」


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TL notes:

  1. 文庫 or ‘Bunko’ is a book that used a smaller format (A6), which is common for light novels in japan. A publishing label associated with those light novels is called *insert company name* Bunko. For example; GA Bunko, Dengeki Bunko, and so on.
  2. In reference to this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kono_Light_Novel_ga_Sugoi
  3. The author is referring to this http://ncode.syosetu.com/n7747ca/
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  1. When I saw that it was a dream, I felt so disappointed for her. Too bad she is basically, cripplingly shy.

  2. No wonder we didn’t see into the mind of Andou, it was a dream…. I feel both sad and happy, sad for Asakura since it was all in her head and happy because that means I can still watch them be idiots together~

  3. I knew right away that its’s just a dream!!!
    It’s impossible for a tsundere like her to suddenly become so honest in the span of a chapter!
    But maybe this way she’ll realize her real feeling? Nah, I won’t place any hope on her…
    Thank you for the chapter!!!

    1. Post
  4. After I read it again for the second time, I realized it all happen in Yuka’s dream…

  5. Is that example novel

  6. I can relate to her love for OP MCs lol
    I was surprised when they progressed quickly until I saw the last line… welp

  7. I swear to the non existing gods that if they don’t start licking faces by the next chapter I’m going to punch a midget’s testicles!

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