Loner and Juliet: Chapter 9 – At that time, Andou thought

Chapter 9 – At that time, Andou thought


TL: Agni

TLC: Cryarc, Kriz

Editor: Puissansa, Shirani


「Then, please wait here Andou-kun. I’ll go and get something to drink. 」

「O, ok.」


So said Asakura-san as she left her room.

…Or better said, why am I suddenly in the house of the girl who confessed to me…?


「No, seriously, why am I in Asakura-san’s house!?」


Wait wait wait, while I wait…… at a time like this, let’s count prime numbers to calm myself down. 1,2,3……What’s a prime number? No, that’s not it!

First of all, let me recall what happened to me while Asakura-san is in the kitchen getting a drink.

If I remember it right—


L….let’s state what happened as is!!

When I gave Asakura-san a light novel as a present, she confessed to me.

In that moment I thought, ‘W-what are you saying, I don’t get it’. I didn’t even understand what had happened……

I thought perhaps I was going crazy……

Maybe because I’ve been a loner for far too long, or maybe it’s due to my virgin delusion, but it’s certainly not these kind of sloppy things. I’ve tasted a portion of something more terrifying than that……


Hmm, even the situation that I’m recalling again is ambiguous……So, after that Asakura-san also—


『……Fue! I–I–I–I, what did I just—–wait! It’s wrong! Just now I didn’t say it right, or rather I didn’t have enough practice……noooooooooo! What have I blurted ouuuuuuuut!』

『A, Asakura-san……in other words, that was a verbal slip-up? It, it’s okay! I–I–I, I’m a loner, therefore I won’t have any strange misunderstandings? T—To begin with, it’s impossible for that Asakura-san to like a loner like me! Well–well then! I’ll leave first—』

『Wa—wait please, wait!』


『Andou-kun……come to my house right now. It’s okay, my house is around here……therefore, how about we talk over there??』


—Then, just like that, Asakura-san led me into her room.

……Eh, was I seriously being confessed to!?


「I’ve made you wait.」

Asakura-san returned to the room hereupon with two juices in her hand. She put down the juice glass in front of me with a 『bang!』 and then glared at me saying,


「So, how about we talk……」


Oh, it’s different. This isn’t the sweet air of a confession. I’m certain I’m going to be killed here.


That ghastly look on her face led me to think so.

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  1. hahaha how did it turn into that kind of situation~ XD
    But at least there’s some progression between this two baka couple’s relationship!! <3
    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. There is more progress between these two in 9 chapters and a word count not exceeding more than 1000 words, then these other novels that have multiple volumes and sometimes go on for years. Yet, I’m supposed to believe, they’re still stuck at the, “more than friends but less than lovers,” level?

    Different style, different genre, I know; but it’s still soooo sad to see.

    Simply because there is actually character progression in this story, makes it a gem.

    1. They’re a new hybrid of oblivious baka-couple that will make you want to blow them up for their lovey-doveyness level~ <3

  3. Thank you for the chapter! Bet you 100 dollars that she busts out her LN collection. And man, this romance is progressing faster than light. Glad that Asakura didn’t clear up the misunderstanding for any reason.

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