Loner and Juliet : Chapter 18 – Library

Chapter 18 – Library

TL: Cryarc

Editor: Shirani




「Ah, Andou-kun, good day. You came to the library today too?」

「Class rep, hello. Heh, didn’t class rep also come to the library during lunch break?」

「Since I’m also a library committee member, it’s fine. But, Andou-kun is always coming here even though you’re not a member, right?」

「Well, I have nothing to do at lunch break……」

「Then, I think you should talk or play with your friends?」

「Class rep…… Don’t you know that I’m a 『loner』?」

「That’s, of course I know?」

「Then, why did you say that……」

「As a class rep, I have to advise you to get familiar with the class.」

「Uncalled-for meddling.」


Class rep is meddlesome as usual. She looks like a diligent class rep with braids and glasses which seems good-natured, but actually her heart is quite sharp. It’s not like she’s my type, but during lunch break we always came to the library at the same time so it’s inevitable that we often conversed. (Andou)


「So, class rep, what are you reading?」

「It’s 『Roujo Senki』*, recently released by Bakugeki* Bunkou.」

「Aahー, that war chronicle series with quite genuine warfare in it. Class rep likes that kind of difficult and old-fashioned novels it seems. 」

「Well, to begin with, rather than light novels, I’m reading more of general literature and short novel. On the other hand, Andou-kun likes fantasy and light novel-ish things, right?」

「Well, I read relatively diverse books…… however nowadays I read a lot from 『Narou』 category」

「『Narou』 』 category is it~~ it’s a genre I rarely read. Ah! But, I’m interested with 『Sonata no Shinzou wo Tabetai』 which is becoming a trending topic recently.」

「Aah, that one! That’s quite a good book so I’ll recommend it.」

「I see…… Then, since Andou-kun is the one recommending it, will you buy it for me?」


Andou-kun, in the beginning he’s always alone in the class so he has a gloomy image, but now that we’re talking like this he has an unexpectedly different image. But, if it’s about an impression of opposite sex, frankly he’s 『not』 my type. The thing is, my type is a man like 『Red butler』!

Ah, but…… Like this, perhaps it’s a 『yes』 for a conversation partner about books during lunch break? (Class Rep)


「Andou-kun, thank you for always telling me recommended books. If you’re spreading your kindness to your classmates, I think even someone like you can make friends.」

「Well, well, class rep too, thanks for the usual meddlings. If you fixed that worthless meddlesome attitude, perhaps you can find a boyfriend at least once.」




You bastard…… (Andou & Class Rep)









Andou-kun…… That girl, who is she? (Asakura)


TL Notes:

  1. 『Roujo Senki』, or in Japanese 『老女戦記』 means 『Old Woman War Chronicle』 is an obvious parody for 『Youjo Senki』 which you can read here.
  2. 爆撃 which can be transliterated as Bakugeki means ‘Bombing’.
  3. A new character~! But don’t worry, the heroine is still Asakura-san!
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