Ossan Idol: Chapter 13 – The 3 who gives it their all, even when only playing

Hey guys, I have a piece of bad news D: Sorry to all readers, but I’ll be dropping ossan idol after this week, so this is the 2nd last chapter of ossan idol I’m going to translate. It’s just not my cup of tea, and it’s been making me cringe since like chapter 3 or 4? It’s especially tough since I’m not just reading it and have to type it out 🙁 If any translators wish to pick up this project, feel free to do so from chapter 15 onwards ^^

Chapter 13 – The 3 who gives it their all, even when only playing

TL: Januva
Editors: Puissansa

First published on Ainushi


Miroku, Yoichi and Shiju meet on days with the dance curriculum.

There are various reasons why they got along well. While there are many male members in this sports gym, they were the oldest bunch (lol) in the gym, and after chatting they also found that their personalities mesh well together.

Shiju is actually a serious fellow, despite his listless appearance. As he watched Miroku study various things in regards to dancing and practises them, he had a favourable impression of Miroku’s attitude.

Since Miroku’s dancing in the video was not bad, he just needed to work on his fundamental stamina and muscles, while polishing his dance techniques.

「Since you are going to do it, aim for perfection. Yoichi the ossan, protein powder is banned. It doesn’t look nice when you dance with a stocky body.」

「No- no way….!!」

「Let’s work hard, Yoichi-san. I barely have enough stamina to finish one portion of the combat dance, so the stamina-training menu is from hell….ugu….」

Shiju groomed his quirky hair and while posing as if Japan’s dawn has arrived, he stared them down with an imposing posture.

「The performance is 1 month from now! It’s an original choreography, with the use of props! I won’t allow your movements to slacken just because you’re using props! I’ll drill the movements into you!」

This sports gym conducts dance performances periodically.

Miroku and Yoichi never participated, but Shiju, who had too much time to spare, said 「Let’s do it」.

Miroku was initially against it, but relented and said 「Let’s dance to an anime song」. Yoichi gave his consent after Miroku pleaded with him with upturned eyes. Shiju, who was behind him, said 「That’s dangerous」 and got the upturned eyes directed at him too. Miroku did not understand what Shiju meant by dangerous, though when he asked them, the 2 ossans stubbornly kept their mouths shut.

「Shiju is going to choreograph it?」

「If we had the time, the three of us could have choreographed it together, but Miroku and ossan are busy, right?」

「I have no complaints if it’s the former dancer, Shiju-san doing it.」

「Well, I ended up working as a host though.」

「I think that’s amazing too.」

Miroku was honestly in admiration. It was an impossible job for him. Furthermore, Shiju had an easygoing and irresponsible appearance but was sincere and attentive. He was most likely popular at work, and could be said to be a unique host.

「Because Shiju is skillful. Ah, that reminds me, do you want to work part-time at my agency? We lack manpower since Fumi only works as Miroku’s manager now.」

「Can’t be helped. I’ll add a ban on muscle training on top of ossan’s protein powder ban.」


「Also, the instructor has given his approval for this. Since Miroku lacks stamina, the dance moves will be reduced, but in exchange, he’ll sing as well.」

「Eeh!? Won’t it still be difficult like that!? And the gekkan* opening song is difficult to sing too, you know!?」

(TL note: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun maybe?)

「Work hard!」




Miroku did not have any modelling work today and was having dinner with his family.

Mihachi, who was rarely at home, wrapped up her wet hair with a towel after just getting out from the shower. She was stuffing her cheeks with nikujaga* in this Arabian appearance. As she was doing so, a thought seemed to strike her and she started smirking at Miroku.

(TL note: Meat and potato stew. wikipedia link)

「Nee-san, what? You’re ruining your beauty, you know?」

「Shut up, ikemen. I’ve heard about it, you know? You’re going to participate in the gym’s dance performance, uhihi.」

「Eh!? Onii-chan’s performance?」

「It’s regrettable for the bro-con Nina, but it’s on a thursday so you can’t make it.」

「I’m not a bro-con!!」

Miroku smiled wryly and patted Nina whose face turned red with anger. She quietened down. Unfortunately, Nina’s bro-con has just been confirmed.

「Okaa-san wants to go watch! Can I video it or something?」

「I think the gym’s side will record the performance. They said that video is not allowed to be taken out of the gym. We are only allowed to take a video if the one performing is a relative….」

「Otou-san is probably working as well, so can you take a video of Miroku’s performance for me?」

「I’ll go ask them for permission to do so beforehand so it’ll be fine. Nina’s mood has improved too, that’s good, that’s good.」

「There’s nothing good about it!!」

As Miroku watched his family, he felt embarrassed, but he was also motivated to work hard.

He would definitely not hold Shiju-san and Yoichi-san back. Since he had to work tomorrow afternoon, he decided to wake up early and go to the Karaoke store.

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  2. Wait nuuuu! I’m an ossan who’s being inspired by Miroku! Lol, jk. Thanks for doing what you do – I’m in the process of losing weight myself and am of a similar age to Max so the first few chapters really affected me. Sad to see this one go but maybe someone will pick it up. Thanks again!

    1. I’m happy that it’s resonated with you. We love stories that touch our readers’ hearts. All the best with your weight loss and know that you’ll always have someone who’s got your back.

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