B1G1F — Chapter 029

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The Lips are Ye San’s Forbidden Area

Ye Chen’s gaze was peaceful and heavy. His mood couldn’t be read just by looking at his refined evildoer face.

He couldn’t keep the face of the woman beneath him from turning into that of Cheng Anya’s face with that paralyzed smile that was also quite fresh and pure.

Compared to Yun Ruoxi’s, it seemed even more so.

It even had a kind of beauty that Yun Ruoxi lacked.

Ye Chen couldn’t help but think, if it was Cheng Anya underneath his body right now, what kind of expression would she make? He’d really seen enough of her billboard-style paralyzed smile.

“Chen. . . .” The vibrations of a sweet voice woke him from his wandering thoughts as if he had been dunked in cold water, completely extinguishing his mood.

Ye Chen got up off of Yun Ruoxi’s body, his clothes only a bit messy. Expressionlessly, he went to stand in front of the window, gazing at the waning lights outside, completely indifferent.

What was wrong with him?

How could he think of Cheng Anya?

Yun Ruoxi didn’t know why he’d stopped. Getting up, she hugged him from behind and tried to kiss him in an attempt to provoke his passion.

From the start, Ye Chen didn’t even move, so Yun Ruoxi’s lips fell on his chin.

The woman bitterly laughed. This kind of result was apparently nothing unexpected.

Ye Chen’s lips. . . were his. . . forbidden. . . area.

No matter how intimate they were, he never kissed her.

He also wouldn’t let others kiss him.

* (Author’s Note)


(TL: After this, for some reason, the entire chapter above chapter was repeated. . . . No, I’m not putting it there. Yes, this was on the official site of the raws.)

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  1. Wow. Ye Chen is fixated on Anya even though he has the beautiful Ruoxi under his body. He needs to do something about this feeling or let it go. I know he won’t let it go.

    Thank you for this. Thank you for not posting repeats of the same pages over and over.

    1. Post
      1. He may be rich and powerful, but he is loathsome. It is going to take rather a lot of explaining and reforming to improve my view of this male lead.

  2. Thank you for the chapter.

    he slept with other woman thinking of MC? oh lord, this ML is disappointed me.

    1. Post

      IKR O.O
      I hate him so much O.O
      . . . it’s bad when the TL is this biased, isn’t it. . . .

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