B1G1F — Chapter 035

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It’s Only My Heartbeat (2nd Edit)

Had he just come from Yun Ruoxi’s place?

This thought lingered in Cheng Anya’s mind like a demon. A faint and weak, but distinct, sour feeling welled up in her heart. She had certainly known that this man was fickle in love.

Women were like clothes, something to be changed often. Anyway, he had a very serious regular girlfriend and they got along. It was an appropriate match, the ideal couple.

Only. . . the daytime arrogance he only had towards Cheng Anya was fading away along with his concealed pride.

It seemed like it was all too easy for true feelings to bubble up.

Everyone said that night was the best mask, yet she still thought that night could make people’s true selves shine through.

During the day, the sunlight was bright, glittering, proud, unrestrained, and boundless.

At night, after the day’s brilliance was removed, people’s darkest side would be exposed unconsciously. After all, night really was secretive and could conceal ugliness, so people weren’t worried about being exposed.

Seven years ago, they only had a one-night stand and they didn’t even know each other. Cheng Anya only remembered Ye Chen as a beast.

These past seven years, she didn’t necessarily think about him much, but when she saw Ning Ning’s face, a brief thought would flash through her mind concerning that beast’s location.

What was love at first sight?

A fairytale, of course.

It didn’t exist in the cruel reality of life. Cheng Anya’s personality rejected the idea of something as melodramatic as love at first sight being a possibility.  

However, she had still recognized Ye Chen the day she became his secretary despite not seeing him for seven years.

Apparently. . . .

Her heart was beating a bit.

But it was only her heartbeat; she was very rational. From youth to adulthood, aside from that hot-bloodedness at the bar, Cheng Anya hadn’t done anything too unexpected her entire life.

Ye Chen’s fickleness in love strangled her emotions.

It wasn’t only their affection.

She, Cheng Anya, wasn’t cherished!

In the end, maybe every woman thought about a wastrel, hoping they were his destined one.

To Cheng Anya this seemed like a stupid dream.

Because even after the wastrel returned, he was still a wastrel.

Raising Ning Ning alone for seven years made her break away from others her age at an earlier time. Even though the Cheng Anya from seven years ago also hadn’t emerged from such silly thoughts.

As a result. . . .

Heartbeat, it’s only my heartbeat, nothing else.

* (Author’s Note)

2nd edit (^o^)/~…………I want bookmarks, o(╯□╰)o

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  1. Ty for the update! I’m really finding it hard to like or understand the ML at the moment… I hope it will get better soon. How can he say he loves the other woman, and then still come to Chen Anya? I think I will re-read again to see if I get a better understanding…

  2. Uhh because he can.. You know like those emperor back then… But it is good that CA is not that girlish2 girl with her head on the cloud…

  3. thanks for the update! and wow I am starting to fall for the deepness of the MC, the author knows how to built this character!

  4. What does YeChen remember about their night together?What does he remember about his car accident? If there were answers to these questions maybe they could at least talk. Each of them is searching for the answers.But if they don’t finally ask or do something with one another they will both choose other partners.

    1. And both somehow resent each other for not choosing them anyhow. They really do need to talk.

      And Ning Ning. He’s probably the only real pathway for these two. That’s a bit much to put on a child no matter what sort of genius he is. I hope his opinion of his father is able to improve so that he does not actively block their non-working relationship…
      Then again, I still can’t like Ye Chen much yet. He needs to figure out what he wants. I am concerned he may be married and uptight about social standing before he even works out that he doesn’t want that. Or maybe he does want that, in which case, forget you, dude. He can’t have it both ways.

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