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Hi all, I’m sorry to say that I will be dropping B1G1F.

School just keeps getting busier and, unfortunately, I like GG a lot more than I like this project, so. . . priorities!

Yes, I released a lot more of this project than of GG, but that’s mostly because it is easy to translate and the chapters are really short. That means that translating it in my limited free time goes a lot faster.

However, I’d much rather work on something I genuinely enjoy than to keep forcing me on a project I’d be dropping eventually anyway because of the path the story takes later on.

I won’t go into details (you can read spoilers for that), but the story gets quite a lot darker later on to an extent that I am extremely uncomfortable with where it all goes.

I will also be doing a few teasers on the side because, no matter how much I like a project, I still need to switch up what I work on a bit every once and a while. . . . (My brain can only take so much of something before it needs a break. . . .)

Before anyone freaks out, I’m dropping this after I release chapter 37, so there’s one more chapter. I did my best to make sure the cliff wouldn’t be too big, but, well, you know how it is with this kind of story. . . .

Once again, sorry everyone, and I hope you enjoy this second to last chapter!

Changes to Maid Mother - Usage of "it"
B1G1F — Chapter 036
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  1. It indeed gets darker when he started to remember who she is, meeting up his son and everything… it is a shock that that boy is a King, better than his dad 🤣🤣🤣. If you are dropping it, i want to thank you for translating so far, and wishing you all the very best in whatever you do aim high 🙂 a pity i dont know how to translate otherwise will love to continue under your flag

  2. Thank you for bringing the novel to our monitors as you did . Just from the previous chapters it does seem that it will get darker before there can be any break through of their past to perhaps a brighter future. Your text has brought us the anguish and pain that they have each experienced and the feeling that they each want true happiness.
    Thank you for sharing with us your great talent as a translator.
    Good luck in all that life offers you

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