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Chapter 86.3 – The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

This chapter is by Reika of BC Novels, published on Ainushi. Warning: NSFW, BL Previous Chapter      Table of Contents      Next Chapter Chapter 86.3 Doujinshi: These are the two most shameless people it has ever seen. Incidentally, the silly, cute reader was not able to escape his fate. After they finished their dinner, the Moe Lord enjoyed him. Du Ze practically bit his quilt, crying out and weeping. His waist was extremely sore. The Moe Lord’s dragon form was very strong. He would frankly speak of his **** and put it into action, without restraint. But what he used was strength, not coercion. Du Ze knew quite well that if he really refused, Xiu would never force him. Because of a silly, cute person’s social disorder and the Moe Lord’s unprincipled fanboy behavior, Xiu was always able to do such things to his family’s silly, cute reader. “There is still a little time before dawn.” Xiu licked the sweat from Du Ze’s neck. “Let’s do it again.” “…” All night long, even after his 0-point restore, they had continued to do this. Moe Lord, you have to restrain yourself! Du Ze did not dare to protest that he was too tired, because if he protested too hard, Xiu will feed him his blood. Dragon blood is one of this world’s most precious and effective potions. Not...

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Chapter 78.1 – The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

Previous Chapter      Table of Contents      Next Chapter Warning: BL, R18, Tentacles This translation is by Reika of BC Novels. Chapter 78.1 Reader: Why give up treatment? He likes Xiu so why not take the initiative? Du Ze reached out to embrace Xiu. Just like now, he wants the two of them to be closer and it’s better for them to act as equals. Then, shouldn’t he do something to dispel this bit of uneasiness? Du Ze pushed Xiu away. A silly, cute person wanted to take the initiative. He wanted to speak but did not know what to say; because he cares so much, he became too nervous and tongue-tied. What should I say? “Come at me right now?” That doesn’t seem quite right …This young man has seen a lot of things online. In this case, well, he should say, something like – Gazing into Xiu’s eyes, Du Ze, with an impassive face, uttered the first line that came to his mind. “Fuck me from the front.” (TN: 正面上我 – it’s a meme, please don’t ask me and don’t google it because the pics you will get … Anyway, it means exactly that, “fuck me.”) ………… …… …… WTF!!! Once, Du Ze thought that “meow” would be the biggest failure of his life, but now he knows that stupid people can become even stupider....

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Chapter 80.2 – The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

This chapter is by Reika of BC Novels. Previous Chapter      Table of Contents      Next Chapter Chapter 80.2 – Tower of God: Gnome Ruins (Warning: BL NSFW) Although the thought wasn’t appropriate, Du Ze thought that this kind of Moe Lord is somewhat pitiful and also … adorable? A silly, cute person suddenly had the impulse to reach out to pat the other person on the head. His fingertips touched something velvety soft. By the time Du Ze came to his senses and realized what he was doing, his hand was already on Xiu’s head, touching his round lion ears. Xiu’s ears twitched when they were touched. They felt itchy and trembled, either to avoid Du Ze’s fingers or to rub themselves against his hand. Finally, he broke down and softly rubbed his head against Du Ze’s hand. Growls poured out from Xiu’s throat. They sounded like suppressed roars which drew Du Ze’s attention to what he was doing to the beast’s ear. Just as Du Ze realized how much trouble he was in, he was suddenly pressed down to the floor by Xiu. The beastkin rubbed his body against Du Ze and something hard and hot slid back and forth along his thigh. “Let’s do it, okay?” Xiu held Du Ze and rubbed against the spot that had reacted. The beastkin’s golden eyes were shiny...

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Chapter 73.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

Previous Chapter      Table of Contents      Next Chapter (Warning: BL, NSFW content) Note: This translation is by Reika of (me). Ainushi is helping me out with the NSFW chapters by letting me publish it on their website. Chapter 73.2 – Protagonist: Are you comforting me? He found Xiu at a corner bookshelf, holding a book in his hands and reading it very carefully. Du Ze glanced at the title – “A Guide to Fusion Magic.” Aware of Du Ze’s arrival, Xiu closed the book and put it back on the shelf. Seeing that Du Ze...

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Chapter 64.2 – The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

Previous Chapter      Table of Contents      Next Chapter Note: This chapter is NSFW. Contains R18 content. Chapter 64.2 – Reader: Coach, his equipment is not the same as mine! Not waiting for Du Ze’s reply, Xiu immediately took hold of Du Ze’s body. The demon did not have the patience to take off Du Ze’s clothes properly. There was a “zap” sound, a small energy arc flashed, and Du Ze’s pants were heroically martyred, becoming the first casualty. Xiu caressed Du Ze. Xiu’s long fingers gently rubbed Du Ze’s sex; his black nails were a particularly vivid sight. Du Ze’s whole body was stiff. Xiu noticed this so he licked Du Ze’s ears and whispered: “I’ll make you very comfortable …” Du Ze’s sensitive ears were licked until they were red. When Xiu finished licking, Du Ze covered his red ears and watched as Xiu knelt in front of him. The demon grasped the thing that was gradually waking up. Xiu lowered his eyes and stretched out his red tongue, giving the top of Du Ze’s sex a lick. “Xiu …!” Du Ze’s voice was shaking. He gasped, only able to speak a name. The demon bent down his head. Whether physically or visually, the stimulation was too intense. Du Ze instinctively tried to shrink back but Xiu opened his bat-like wings, wrapping two people up...

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