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Thousand Autumns – Chapter 9

Thousand Autumns – Chapter 9 Translator: MoMoePom Editor: Kiti, Puissansa Quality Check: Puissansa First published on Ainushi.   Translator’s Rambling: Sorry for the delay of updates. I should be back on track soon. This is more like a transitonal chapter, but ML will come in two chapters~ And man, I suck at action scenes. PS: I know the first couple chapters seem to be a little confusing without a prevailing main story, and I think it’s partly because, first of all, Shen Qiao has lost his memory and is still recovering from it, so he himself is not really sure what to do either. He just started to remember things after the fight in the temple, and then decided to travel down to find his memory back. Secondly, even though this is tagged as a BL novel, relationship does not seem to be the main focus of the story. It is rather a story of character developments in a big wuxia setting. So just a head-up for people who wants to get to the main story quickly. The male lead will come out again in chapter 11, and they really start to interact around chapter 14.   Chapter 9   Synopsis: You’re blind!   Chen Gong asked, “Why?”    Shen Qiao explained, “I saw that they weren’t bothered with you when you were trying to scrape together an acquaintance with...

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FRS – Chapter 17: Unknown Truth (8)

FRS: Chapter 17 – Unknown Truth (8) Translator: Momoe Pom TLC: Puissansa Editor:  Isabelle Quality Check: Kai First Published on Ainushi.          After Wu ChangBo finished settling the disciples of the Mount Tai Sect and the Longxu Sect down, he saw Song BoLin spacing out as he sat by the table as soon as he returned to his room. “How did you come in?” He remembered that he had definitely closed the doors when he had left. Song BoLin said, “I want to ask you about something.” “I just asked you something as well,” Wu ChangBo said irritably. Song BoLin ignored him and continued by himself. “If, I’m saying if, I found out that the murderer who killed Bu LouLian was Fan JiJing, what should we do?” Wu ChangBo was stunned and after quite a while, he asked, “Bu LouLian’s murderer is Fan JiJing?” “I’m saying — if.” Song BoLin shouted, trying to sound strong although he was in fact weak. Wu ChangBo closed the doors behind him and sat face-to-face with Song BoLin. He lowered his voice and asked, “But no one uses this sort of thing to make an assumption for no reason. How did you find out?” Song BoLin sighed, “I guessed.” “…” Wu ChangBo believed that his expression must have looked ridiculous now. Song BoLin added, “But he didn’t deny it.” “Fan...

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FRS – Chapter 16: Unknown Truth (7)

FRS: Chapter 16 – Unknown Truth (7) Translator: Momoe Pom TLC: Puissansa Editor:  Isabelle Quality Check: Kai First Published on Ainushi.          The next morning. Right as Fan JiJing stepped out from his room, he saw Hua HuaiXiu carrying a bundle, standing right there in his yard. He had his back towards him with his hands clasped behind his back. “Cousin.” Spotting the bundle on his shoulder, Fan JiJing let out a sigh of relief. But at the same time, he was also a bit disappointed inevitably. Hua HuaiXiu turned around. His fair and elegant countenance was now cold like frost. He pointed a finger towards him, then hooked it a few times. “Come.” Fan JiJing’s eyes narrowed in doubt. Hua HuaiXiu followed after and squinted his eyes as well, though instead of an attempt to size him up, it was a threat. Fan JiJing sighed, walking over obediently. Hua HuaiXiu did not wait for the other to arrive in front of him before he suddenly swung his hand for a surprise slap. This action was quite fast for Hua HuaiXiu; however, in Fan JiJing’s eyes, it was not any different from swinging after arranging it over a discussion. He effortlessly raised his hand and stopped the palm that was about to greet his face. Hua HuaiXiu glared at him. Fan JiJing looked back and, with...

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Thousand Autumns – Chapter 8

Thousand Autumns – Chapter 8 Translator: MoMoePom Editor: Draygan Quality Check: Kai First published on Ainushi.   Translator’s Rambling: Super Super Busy… So please excuse me for the occasional lay releases ;w;   Chapter 8   Synopsis: The current Shen Qiao is not the whole Shen Qiao.   When Shen Qiao woke up, he saw an old beam above his head. Rotting for years, it seemed ready to fall down at any moment.    Someone next to him was shaking him by his shoulders.    Unable to determine where he was at the moment, he murmured subconsciously, “Junior martial brother, stop it.”   “Who’s your junior martial brother?” Chen Gong was not in a good mood. “You slept for a good two days! I spent all of my money paying for you, but it was still not enough, so I took yours for now. Even that was only just enough for three days. If we can’t pay by tomorrow, they’ll drive us out! Then we have to go back to living in the shabby temple!”   Shen Qiao answered with an “oh” and spaced out for quite some time, staring at the beam across the roof with blank eyes. Chen Gong had no idea what he was looking at.   It irked him to see Shen Qiao acting in such a way, as if nothing in this world concerned him....

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FRS – Chapter 15: Unknown Truth (6)

FRS: Chapter 15 – Unknown Truth (6) Translator: Momoe Pom TLC: Puissansa Editor:  Isabelle Quality Check: Kai First Published on Ainushi.        Bian Feng asked, “Or, do you really want to bring the Jiuhua Sect to greater heights?” Fan JiJing said, “To have this sect reach greater heights, isn’t it a good thing?” “It’s a good thing, but not necessarily something that everyone would like. Then again, what everyone likes is not necessarily something that you would like.” What Bian Feng said was rather roundabout, but Fan JiJing actually understood his words. He asked, “How would Shishu know that I won’t like it?” “Because you definitely don’t want to become the second Bu LouLian.” There was obviously not much respect for the deceased zhangmen in Bian Feng’s words. Fan JiJing fell into silence. “I grew up together with him on Mount Jiuhua ever since I was a child. He was once an intelligent, sanguine person, full of fighting spirits — definitely someone totally different from what you have seen.” Bian Feng let out a sigh. “The reason that he ended up like this was nothing more than having picked the wrong path.” Fan JiJing’s body suddenly jolted. A grim light flashed across his eyes, as if millions of needles were darting out from his pupils. “He first killed my parents, then he tried to kill me. If...

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