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SILENT READING: Chapter 9 – Julien Eight

Chapter 9: Julien Eight TL: cici, Editor: Lady Blue Synopsis: “So…” Wang Hongliang smiled, “he’s lucky!”   First Published on Ainushi.    Wang Hongliang was in the summer of his life, but since he spent half of his life in drowning in alcohol and sex, there were already signs of aging on his face. The fat on both cheeks was slackened and grew at its own will to the point that it reached his chin. At first glance, he looked like a shar-pei dog plotting to subvert mankind. He leaned forward and observed Ma Xiaowei, who was detained while holding a cigarette and smoked to create some part of the North Gate of the heaven (1). Ma Xiaowei was so thin that he looked pitiful and clumsy. And he was tense even when alone. His pair of eyes, which looked like was about to jump out from its sockets, seemed to have difficulty on focusing on the same spot for longer than a moment, so that it had to look everywhere up and down. Wang Hongliang stared at him with head inclined, and said to those next to him: “So, they brought him back to the Bureau in dejection?” Standing next to him was the head of the Sub Bureau Criminal Investigation Team, who kept a low profile when investigating cases–He gave commands basically by following the trend and always...

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SILENT READING: Chapter 8 – Julien Seven

Chapter 8: Julien Seven TL: cici, Editor: Lady Blue Synopsis: When Luo Wenzhou heard his remark, which goes against all law and morality, he couldn’t help but feel his palms itching to pick up this scum Fei and beat him soundly.   First Published on Ainushi.    Lang Qiao carried a folding umbrella and ran into the office building by using two steps to cover three steps distance, leaving a long trial of wet footprints. When she was climbing up the staircase, she slipped and almost fell into the ground. She hurriedly grabbed the balustrade, looked up and saw Luo Wenzhou walking down from the floor where the office of the Director was. Luo Wenzhou looked into her eyes wearing a rare dignified expression. Lang Qiao stretched out her hand to twist the bangs affixed to her forehead: “Big Boss, what on earth happened? You are so serious. I am a bit nervous.” “Today, according to the clues given by He Zhongyi’s roommate, Tao Ran and that little glasses in the Sub Bureau deduced that He Zhongyi may have contacted a mysterious figure,” Luo Wenzhou whispered. “It is said that for some reason, that man has had conflicts with He Zhongyi during his working hours. After that, in order to make an apology, that man gave him the phone.” Luo Wenzhou was tall, had long legs, and walked very fast....

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SILENT READING: Chapter 7 – Julien Six

Chapter 7: Julien Six TL: cici, Editor: MochiMochi95, QC: Lady Blue Synopsis: “The night before yesterday, were you in Cheng Guang Mansion?”   First Published on Ainushi.    “Vi-Vi-Vice Captain Tao!” As soon as Tao Ran looked back, he saw that little glasses, Xiao Haiyang, who was surprisingly good at “Guankou” (1) running towards him. Xiao Haiyang’s glasses were broken yesterday, however, he did not manage to find time to get a new pair. As a result, the glasses were crooked and fell under his cheekbones. He breathlessly stopped in front of Tao Ran and inhaled acutely with an abnormally severe expression. Even Tao Ran felt his chest tighten a bit when looking at him. Xiao Haiyang’s face was stretched as if he just had a face-lift. He wiped the sweat from his palm onto his pants and corrected the position of the glasses that were lingering about. Then, he deliberately cleared his throat, pulled out his cell phone from his pocket and opened the memo: “Vice Captain Tao, I want to report a situation to you.” Tao Ran waited amiably until Xiao Haiyang’s breath evened out: “Don’t hurry, tell me slowly.” “When we visited the Western District yesterday, I found that the population there consisted of different groups, and was quite transitory and seasonal in their lifestyle. It is not uncommon for tenants to change jobs or move out. In...

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SILENT READING: Chapter 6 – Julien Five

Chapter 6: Julien Five TL: cici, Editor: Puissansa, QC: Lady Blue Synopsis: “Fei Du? I told you before, it’s better not to involve him in this kind of stuff.”   First Published on Ainushi.    Early the next morning, Luo Wenzhou first returned to the Bureau, spoke to Director Zhang for a bit, then headed towards Huashi District Sub Bureau with Tao Ran. Lang Qiao, who arrived earlier, came out to welcome them as soon as they parked their car. Lang Qiao passed them two cups of coffee and said in a low voice: “Why are you so late? They arrested Ma Xiaowei and accused him of committing murder. He was stuffed into the police car early this morning and was driven here directly. Cars of online press followed them all the way here, and were scattered just now.” Tao Ran was immediately anxious: “What?” Luo Wenzhou stretched out a hand and pressed his shoulder: “Did they follow the right procedures?” Lang Qiao sighed, and said with a voice that was nearly too soft to be heard: “Captain Luo, Wang Hongliang, that old thing, was monitoring. They will not have made this kind of mistake.” Luo Wenzhou asked in a low tone: “What is their evidence?” “It’s a cellphone,” said Lang Qiao swiftly. “This is extremely fishy. The cell phone of the deceased, He Zhongyi, was with his roommate Ma Xiaowei....

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SILENT READING: Chapter 5 – Julien Four

Chapter 5: Julien Four TL: cici, Editor: Lady Blue, QC: ISALEE Synopsis: If the international society gave awards for being a playboy, Young Master Fei would have already received the Nobel Prize.   First Published on Ainushi.    That person was tall and slim. His black shirt was paired with crisp suit pants. He put his hands in his pocket and crossed both of his legs in front of him relaxingly. His long hair was draped over his shoulder. His eyes were like two bowls of smiles, doled out freely to anyone who gazed into them. In her entire life, Lang Qiao had never seen a man who deliberately flirted with people at the entrance of Public Security Bureau before: “Vice Captain Tao, your friend?” Tao Ran felt like he had a toothache. Lang Qiao was very sharp, she immediately sensed something wrong in the atmosphere and asked doubtfully: “Is something wrong?” Tao Ran was about to go over and talk to that man when Luo Wenzhou, who was silent until just now, suddenly stretched out one hand to grasp Tao Ran’s elbow. Raising his jaw towards that man, he said, “Fei Du, what are you doing here?” Fei Du curled his legs, and lifted his eyelids to glance at him: “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know this area of land had the family name Luo (1).” Luo Wenzhou squeezed his eyes...

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