Author: Kiseki

Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter — Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Discovery — As if the red scarf around his chest had become even more vivid. 💍 The blogger who’d sent the private message was called ‘Professor, Please Take Medicine,’ while their profile picture was a Q-version of a girl with beautiful, curly hair that inexplicably caused him to think of Yang Wei. He stared at the profile picture for several seconds before opening their Weibo. Their location was listed as A City, and they had listed ‘art teacher’ as their profession. Fang Cheng Ran’s eyes lit up as he continued to browse the Weibo. Posts where they roasted their students, complained about their principal, shared illustrations… Fang Cheng Ran unconsciously skimmed through the entire first page of posts. When he opened the next one, the first post immediately captured his attention. The post had been sent during Christmas last year and had a group photo attached of two people in front of an extremely large Christmas tree. There was a man and a woman, one of whom was Yang Wei, while the other was… Fang Cheng Ran’s brow slightly wrinkled; the man in the photo’s face was one that could easily be remembered. In his opinion, such a man could easily attract the gazes of countless women. In the photo, Yang Wei was holding onto his arm and happily laughing. However, the man was expressionlessly staring at...

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Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter — Chapter 6

【DTTM Team】  『 Translator 』— Kiseki → Buy Me a Coffee ♥ 『 Translation Checker 』— Midnight → Buy Me a Coffee ★ 『 Editor 』— Kidyeon → Buy Me a Coffee ♠ Chapter 6: Negative Score — Furthermore, looking at the author’s writing, it’s easy to tell how ugly they are. 💍 Yang Wei looked at him, slightly surprised. She racked her brains, but no matter how much she thought about it, she didn’t recognize such a handsome guy. She asked, puzzled, “Do we know each other?” Fang Cheng Ran’s eyes flashed with happiness, and he somewhat excitedly walked over to her. “Don’t you remember me? We were classmates in primary school. Back then, we were the only two Chinese people in the class.” Yang Wei blanked out. Indeed, she hadn’t attended primary school in the country. Back then, it was due to her and her mother following her father because he’d been sent to work at his parent company. They’d stayed there until she graduated primary school. Back then, there had only been two Chinese students in her class; thus, their teacher had intentionally seated the two of them next to each other. Their relationship back then had always been very good. She suddenly recalled that his name was Fang Cheng Ran, at last placing his face to the small boy in her memories. “Ah, you’re Fang Cheng Ran!” “That’s me; that’s me!” Elated, Fang Cheng Ran...

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Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter — Chapter 5

【DTTM Team】  『 Translator 』— Kiseki → Buy Me a Coffee ♥ 『 Translation Checker 』— Midnight → Buy Me a Coffee ★ 『 Editor 』— Kidyeon → Buy Me a Coffee ♠ Chapter 5: Meeting? — Student Liang Ming Hao, you’re staying behind after school today. 💍 As she’d stayed up late last night reading novels, Yang Wei took a nap until ten till two, which was when classes started. She massaged her somewhat numb hand and patted her face; then, she packed up her class materials and left the office. When she reached the classroom for class 5-2, she stopped in front of the door, took a deep breathe, and put a smile on her face before opening the door and stepping into the classroom. When the class prefect saw her enter, they enthusiastically shouted, “Stand up!” The students all stood up simultaneously. “Hello, Teacher——”   “Hello, students.” Yang Wei let everyone finish sitting down before she began her lesson, a smile ever present on her face. “Today, we’ll be learning about shapes. However, before we start, we need to first understand what type of shapes there are.” She picked up a couple differently-shaped fruits from the table in front of her and then began explaining to the class what types of shapes they were. Seated in the last row, little Liang Ming Hao stealthily took out his...

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Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter — Chapter 4

【DTTM Team】  『 Translator 』— Kiseki → Buy Me a Coffee ♥ 『 Translation Checker 』— Midnight → Buy Me a Coffee ★ 『 Editor 』— Kidyeon → Buy Me a Coffee ♠ 「Chapters 1–3 of DTTM」 Chapter 4: School — Is your face really -__________________- that big? 💍 It was exactly seven o’clock in the morning when Yang Wei’s alarm clock rang. She groped around her pillow and subconsciously called out, “Curly…” As she’d just woken up, her voice carried a much softer tone than when she normally spoke, but no one responded to her call. Yang Wei frowned. How come Curly-bae hadn’t woken her up to eat breakfast today? She finally found her phone once she’d flipped over Qi Xiao Yan’s pillow. The instant she turned off the alarm, however, she remembered that she and Qi Xiao Yan were divorced. She simply lay there on the bed, tired and at a loss, for two minutes before wildly springing up from her blanket cocoon and rushing to the bathroom. Study hall started at 7:45AM. Originally, this had nothing to do with her; everything was fine so long as she managed to arrive at school before 8:20AM. This semester, however, the homeroom teacher responsible for the second class of fifth grade students had taken three months of maternity leave. Yang Wei had unfortunately been chosen as the substitute teacher for...

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