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Broken-Winged Angel: Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Translator: XHu Editor: Isabelle Quality Check: Kittsune First Published on Ainushi. Xia Mei Wei’s words kicked up an existential crisis inside me. I loved them? I truly loved them? I didn’t know, but one thing for sure was that I didn’t appreciate being toyed with here and played for a fool there. I did not want them to pick up an adorable wife without a snitch and live their lives happily ever after. Envy and hatred are really terrifying things. I decided to listen to Xia Mei Wei’s advice. Even though I didn’t have the courage to murder a person, and I didn’t have the self-confidence that I could make them love me unconditionally, I did have one thing up my sleeves that I could use. In society’s eyes, their relationship with me was taboo, and didn’t all rich and powerful families fear scandals? They always meticulously hid these ugly and repulsive activities in the dark. Even though they did it, they couldn’t say it. At this point, there was nothing I was afraid of. Even if I was willing to withdraw right now, Chen Yan Mei and Mrs. Zhao wouldn’t let me off so easily. I had lost my chastity and thrown away my dignity. What else was there to lose? Grasping my resolution, I decided that starting tonight, I’d begin to carry out my plan...

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Broken-Winged Angel: Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Translator: XHu Editor: Isabelle Quality Check: Kittsune First Published on Ainushi. I blankly laid on top of my large comfy bed and vacantly stared at the ceiling. Since the day that Mrs. Zhao came, I hadn’t stepped foot out of this room, and I also didn’t go to school. There was a huge frightening bruise after she had slapped my face. I didn’t want to go outside and make a disgrace of myself, but I also didn’t want to go downstairs and confront that poisonous woman when we mutually hated each other. After she came to the Zhao residence, Zhao Yi Bo and Zhao Yi Xuan did not come to my room even once. I did not step out of this room, and they did not take the initiative to come see me either. In fact, I hadn’t even caught a glimpse of them since that night. Mama Yu continued to deliver my food. Were they not interested in me anymore? I guessed this, but I did not feel excited or lighthearted about this prospect. Rather, I felt heaviness and pain lurking deep inside. I was confused. Didn’t I hate them? Didn’t I always look forward to the day I could escape from them? Wasn’t I always looking for my freedom? Why couldn’t I feel happy,now that my dream was before my eyes? The door was rudely...

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Broken-Winged Angel: Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Translator: XHu Editor: Isabelle Quality Check: Kittsune First Published on Ainushi.   “Stop right there!” An angry roar sounded, and a large hand tightly intercepted the palm that was in the middle of heading towards my face repeatedly. Soon after, I was pulled into a warm embrace into a chest. It was only then that I started to feel the stinging pain from all over my body. The feeling of being unfairly wronged surged, and I buried my face in that warm chest, starting to cry bitterly. “You dare to raise your hand against her?!” Ice-cold words seethed through Zhao Yi Xuan’s teeth, and his tone was so cold that it could freeze hell over. “Ouch! Let go!” The woman cried out in pain. “Coming to my home with such insolence, you should have been prepared to receive backlash.” Zhao Yi Bo’s voice was so frigid it could strike terror in a person. “I-I’m your own mother, how could you treat me like this? And what’s wrong with me teaching this little bitch a lesson?” Her voice was still snobbish in quality, but her words were faintly laced with fright. She was their mother? I lifted my head from Zhao Yi Xuan’s chest and gave this woman a glance over through my tears. From her outward appearance, it didn’t look like she already had two sixteen year...

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Broken-Winged Angel: Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Translator: XHu Editor: Isabelle Quality Check: Kittsune First Published on Ainushi.   In the end, I ended up passing my marketing economics quiz. However, it wasn’t all due to my own effort. My brain wasn’t as smart as the twins’, and in the past my good grades were due to how much harder I worked than everyone else. It took time and energy to work hard, and a pop quiz didn’t leave me with enough time to prepare. When I thought I would surely and mercilessly be failed by the steel-hearted professor, Zhao Yi Xuan gave me a notebook titled “Summary of Main Points and Exam Practice Questions”. The fine and carefully printed handwriting in the first half of the notebook was Zhao Yi Xuan’s, while the brazen and messy handwriting in the second half was Zhao Yi Bo’s. If I were a little more ethical, I would have refused to look at this notebook. If I hated them just a tiny bit more, I would have completely disregarded their expression of kindness. However, imagining the severe look on my professor’s face and the threat of the fifteen percent of my grade made me spare no regrets. I spent two entire days memorizing all the summary points and practice questions in the notebook. After the quiz, I successfully managed to maintain my academic rank at the top...

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Broken-Winged Angel: Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Translator: XHu Editor: Isabelle Quality Check: Kittsune First Published on Ainushi.   “Are you Shi Qing Xia?” A haughty voice suddenly came from my side. I lifted my head from my textbook and looked up at the unfamiliar beauty in front of me. “Yes, that’s me. May I ask who you are?” I politely asked. “I am Chen Yan Mei.” She proudly declared her name. Chen Yan Mei? That really was a name that would clap like thunder in one’s ear. She was the number one most influential figure at NT University. Together with the Zhao twins, she had skipped grades to enroll in the business school this year. Her score was second only to the Zhao brothers who had scored full points on every subject. Not only was she intelligent, but her looks were also absolutely stunning. As soon as she entered school, she was deemed the queen of a new era at NT University. Why did she come looking for me? I glanced at her with mistrust. “Your looks are only so-so. Ugly and old-fashioned.” She made a contemptuous remark after sizing me up with her eyes for a bit as she haughtily stood next to my seat. Her unreasonable and arrogant approach caused a flame of anger to boil up inside me. I didn’t even know her. What the heck was her problem, running...

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