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Happy Birthday Wafflez & The only H-doujin we’ll ever release!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WAFFLEZ! So many months ago, Wafflez and I had a discussion about some of our favourite H-mangakas such as my personal favourite, Mizuryu Kei. There’s actually still quite a few of Sensei’s works that haven’t been commercially available in English or translated yet. One such was the Sukebei Douwa series. In fact, did you know Sensei did an illustration for an R-18 adventure novel from Nocturne? I’ve been sorely tempted to translate it but I haven’t got the time. Anyway—— TLDR; I promised Wafflez to translate something of Mizuryu Kei’s work for his birthday. It’s been months since I’ve agreed to do it. I’m super blessed that we got this out in time. Kudos to all the contacts that Lexi (Alexfilia of NUF) hooked me up with (Some of which I knew from my ex-manga translation days) and for typesetting. A shoutout to Momiel for cleaning and creating the credit/disclaimer pages, Leha for QC-ing and Mztlplx for proofreading my shoddy translations. This was a really tough one to work. Definitely showed me how difficult it must be for people like Saha to crack this. I mean, did you know there are numerous ways to describe an SFX in sex? No wonder most groups just skip translating it. Can’t do it for this though due to the format. One thing to note is there is no feasible way for us...

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MM: The Magician Lacks Common Sense – Part 2

4-2: The Magician Lacks Common Sense TL: Krrizis Editor: Shirani QC: Lady Blue First published on Ainushi   「Leonard-sama, don’t you think it’s about time you let go of me?」   Right. Leonard-sama is still holding on to me! That must have surprised him~ ……   「Oh, sorry」 「No, it’s alright. Thank you for protecting us」 「Nn」 「…EHHHHHHH…」   Midway through our conversation, the boy reacted suddenly as though he had seen something unbelievable.   「What is it?」 「Uwaa! Eh, um…」 「What’s this? Did you just fall for Leonard’s maid?」 「N, No!」 「Sus~pi~cious~」   Ah, the conversation’s derailed since the men are poking fun of each other. Haa~ Well, whatever. Leaving that aside, there’s one thing that’s on my mind.   「Um, Leonard-sama. What does he mean by layers?」 「Hnn?」 「I don’t quite understand the mechanism. If when the barrier is destroyed, it sends out a response. Then why didn’t it do so when Amdo-san did the same thing yesterday?」 「Ah」   After he nodded his head and pondered for a bit, he suddenly traced a drawing in the air. With his fingertips lit by a faint light, the lines he drew remained transformed and remained there. Leonard-sama drew a simple house with an arch overlaying the top of it.      「This is the barrier」 「Yes」 「I erected it with my mana. Hence, it accepts my contractees. But...

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Happy Life: 12 Years Old: Chapter 51- Omen

12 Years Old: Chapter 51 – An Omen TL: Krrizis Editors: Nahct QC: Lady Blue First published on Ainushi     「Liz, you absolutely must not leave the house」   One day, whilst I was still quietly fretting away, Father suddenly told me that.   Once again, I was given a curfew. Nowadays, I was quite free to go wherever I wanted….. Well, with Gilles of course, but the point was that I could go out.     For a split second, I wondered if I had done something wrong and had to control my fears. There was a serious expression on Father’s face, so I knew right away that it wasn’t done for a perfunctory reason. Even Caldina-san had said it when I visited the castle.     「….. Can you give me one good reason why?」 「Because there’s danger」   If I were to ask who would be in danger, he would most likely say me. Well, I once was in danger of being assassinated, so he’s not going to let it happen again. Which reminds me, I absolutely will never come to a resolution with Abbot Georg and the likes.     …. Still, it’s too early to jump to a conclusion before I have all the facts. If that was the case, Father would have blocked the news from me like always or made him incapable...

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Happy Thanksgiving & Hello Isabel

Happy Thanksgiving y’all! May the turkey be with you! To celebrate this festive turkeylicious day, our team has decided to release a bunch of appetizers for the day. You can expect some sweet sugar desserts and bitter drinks for the entire day brought to you by a very, very adorable doggy. Do give a warm welcome and lots of love to our new staff, Isabel. She’s our first (official) Korean translator.  Her latest work is this super cute romance Kdrama novel about a girl who rescues a dog but wakes up to find a hot hunk in her bed! Ooolala! If you’re intrigued and want to find out more, read it!...

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