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Waiting Upon You – Chapter 2 Act 5 Magic

Waiting Upon You – Chapter 2 Act 5 Translator: PKitty TLC: Momoe Pom Editor:  Lady Blue, Puissansa Quality Check: Noa First Published on Ainushi.    Act 5, Magic     The movie was a nationwide box office hit. There all sorts of announcements followed. Ling Lang had always disliked attending any kind of promotional activities, but there will always be that one or two promotional activity that can’t be rejected. When it came to times like these, he would silently stand aside like a piece of stage equipment – luckily, the media had long been accustomed to it.   At the broadcasting studio, Ling Lang sat in the corner of the three-person sofa, leaning against the side. Feng Hao sat in the center seat next to him, and the other side was empty. The lack of distance between them counts as having invaded into Ling Lang’s personal space. He didn’t understand what the other party was even thinking. As a professional actor, he clearly knew that sitting like this would display an imbalance on the television screen, but it was as if Feng Hao did not know about this; even the director of the program did not correct him.   After a short phase of routine questions, a montage of exciting highlights from the movie started being broadcasted on the big screen. Naturally, the first interaction between the both of them...

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Waiting Upon You – Chapter 2 Act 4 Mass

Waiting Upon You – Chapter 2 Act 4 Translator: PKitty TLC: Momoe Pom Editor:  Lady Blue, Draygan Quality Check: Noa First Published on Ainushi.    Act 4, Mass   At that moment, as he turned around, it gave Ling Lang the illusion that Feng Hao’s image overlapped with that of the character he played in the movie. The overbearing feeling of oppression that pervaded the air was considerably overwhelming compared to when they were filming.   The feeling lasted for only a blink of an eye, before vanishing so quickly that Ling Lang felt that it was just his imagination.   Feng Hao once again recovered his usual grin, “Senior, I have told you before that I am your fan. Look! Here is proof, I didn’t lie to you.” Ling Lang stared at him closely, wanting to find a crack in that perfect smile of his.   “Why do you have that photo?”   Feng Hao lifted his head to look up at the enormous picture of Ling Lang that was on the wall, “That’s because this photo was taken by me.”   “What?”   “The day of the performance, the one in charge of taking photos was a senior from the same club. However, something cropped up at the last minute and he was unable to make it to the play so he asked me to take his place,” Feng...

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Waiting Upon You – Chapter 1 Act 3 Picture

Waiting Upon You – Chapter 1 Act 3 Translator: PKitty TLC: Momoe Pom Editor:  Kai Quality Check: Kai First Published on Ainushi.    Act 3, Picture “You want to continue working under me? Okay, ” Feng Hao spread his legs widely, “ Just crawl through my legs and you will still be my dog.” Ling Lang had never experienced such a great humiliation, right at this moment, he could have stood up and took the completely unguarded Feng Hao as a hostage. It would allow him to retreat safely from the green dragon gang and go back to being a cop. However for the sake of eradicating the evil forces, for the sake of avenging the wrongful death of his girlfriend, he trembled as he made the first move, then the second… Everyone in the hall laughed loudly without restrain. Ling Lang had just crawled a few steps, but without any warning, Feng Hao firmly gripped his legs, causing Ling Lang to be unable to advance nor retreat. Feng Hao ‘s charming voice slowly resounded throughout the huge IMAX theatre, “Did you think that it would be so easy to be my dog?” A close up of Ling Lang’s face was being broadcasted on the screen, he had his eyes closed, brows furrowed, with an expression of pain. A moment later, he slowly lifted his head, as he opened his...

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Waiting Upon You – Chapter 1 Act 2 Duel

Waiting Upon You – Chapter 1 Act 2 Translator: PKitty TLC: Momoe Pom Editor:  Isabelle Quality Check: Kai First Published on Ainushi.    Act 2,Duel… Ling Lang opened the cubicle door to which his heart skipped a beat. He was unsure if it was due to the fact that he was too absorbed into the act or maybe the other party was just light footed. He had not heard anyone entering nor did he have any inkling of when he had came in or what he might have heard. That person stood with his back facing him, however you could clearly see his face from the mirror’s reflection. Feng Hao had obviously saw him and hurriedly turned around, greeting him “Teacher Ling.” Ling Lang shook his head, “I do not like it when people address me as Teacher.” “Well….Elder?” Feng Hao asked, testing the waters. “Just my name will do.” “No that won’t do, it is too disrespectful,” Feng Hao was put in a difficult spot, “Ah, would it be alright for me to address you as Senior?” It was only then did Ling Lang directly cast his gaze on him. “Like you, I am a student of the Lake Shuo Film Academy,”Feng Hao happily did a self introduction, the two of them had been working together for a full week yet this was the first time they privately interacted,...

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Waiting Upon You – Chapter 1 Act 1 Secrets

Waiting Upon You – Chapter 1 Act 1 Secrets Translator: PKitty Editor: Lady Blue Quality Check: Shirani First Published on Ainushi. Act 1, Secrets… Feng Hao used a lighter to slowly light up the joss stick in his hand, which he then inserted into the incense burner in front of 2nd Lord Guan using three fingers. As he was doing so, the corner of his lips was raised in a mocking smirk.   Since the very first day that Second Lord Guan’s statue had been erected, the only people with the qualifications to stand in this position and offer incense were the Green Dragon Gang’s leaders. They could shake both the underworld as well as the ones that upheld the law and their influence extended everywhere. They commanded countless men but when it came to worshipping the deity, Second Lord Guan, they would always use both hands to offer the joss stick, being respectful and reverent. It was probably only this new young master of the triad who had recently assumed the position of leader that would dare to be so disrespectful. He made offerings to God, yet didn’t believe in God. He firmly believed that one’s destiny lies in their own hands. Due to a feud of his father’s generation it had resulted in the unexpected death of his father who was the previous leader. As such, he, the...

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