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Broken-Winged Angel: Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Translator: XHu Editor: Isabelle Quality Check: Kittsune First Published on Ainushi.   A deep and nasty wound was left behind by the letter opener knife that I slashed across my wrist. Fresh blood gushed forth from the gash, quickly dying my flimsy clothes red. However, I didn’t feel the slightest amount of pain. Perhaps this was because the wound in my heart hurt even more than anything else. “Hehe…” I unexpectedly laughed as I watched the scarlet blood dribble out from my body. “Dammit! What the hell are you doing?” Zhao Yi Xuan, who was the closest to me, was the first to regain his senses. He seized my forearm with panic, and quickly pulled off the tie that was hanging from his neck. Then he forcefully wrapped the area above my wrist, trying to compress the artery and lessen the amount of bleeding. “Don’t get close to me…” Despite my open wound, I pushed with all my strength against him, and my blood dyed his shirt red as well. However, after losing so much blood, my resistance felt powerless and weak. “Hold it! If you keep resisting, I won’t go easy on you,” he barked at me. “Bo, get the car.” He picked me up and rushed towards the door. Zhao Yi Bo also rapidly recovered and grabbed the keys on the table before rushing out....

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Broken-Winged Angel: Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Translator: XHu Editor: Isabelle Quality Check: Kittsune First Published on Ainushi.   My premonition turned out to be correct. When I saw Zhao Yi Bo standing before my eyes, I knew that my journey had ended. “Let’s go. We’re going home.” He spoke flatly as he stood next to his flashy black sports car. His appearance was extremely calm, but based on what I knew about him, I knew that his insides weren’t anything close to how peaceful he looked. His heart was probably surging with fear and urgency. The inhabitants of the village had never encountered a luxurious sports car that cost tens of millions of dollars, so they all put down their work and came to watch with intrigue. Even the apathetic doctor squeezed his way into the crowd to get a good curious look at Zhao Yi Bo dressed in an expensive suit. “Lil’ Sissie, is this your boyfriend?” Aunty squeezed her way to my side and whispered inquisitively. “Mm.” I responded with a quiet sound. I didn’t want to leave a bad impression on the villagers. If a man who wasn’t even my boyfriend drove such a long distance to this remote and tiny village to find a woman, it would definitely start very many bad rumors. “He’s such a great man, and you want to leave him?” Aunty asked with shock. A...

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Broken-Winged Angel: Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Translator: XHu Editor: Isabelle Quality Check: Kittsune First Published on Ainushi.   When I woke up from the haze, my head felt like it was splitting open with pain. I groaned as I collapsed on the bed; everything that happened to me gradually began to clear up in my mind. Those two despicable bastards! I furiously clenched my hands into tight fists. I had submitted to all this humiliation, compromised with them to live this life, but when was all of this going to end? If I continued to live like this, the hatred in my heart would accumulate more and more, and one day it was bound to explode. At that point, it’d end in mutual destruction for all of us. I’m going to run! Even if I run away, the worst outcome is that I die! Enduring the pounding pain in my head, I walked into the closet and began to pack away the clothes that I had arrived with into a traveling bag. Then, I pulled out all the physical cash from the drawer where all the expensive trinkets were. I didn’t plan to bring my bank card or the credit card they gave me, because if I used them, it’d be extremely easy to trace me. I returned to my room, grabbed a piece of paper and pen from the desk next to...

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Broken-Winged Angel: Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Translator: XHu Editor: Isabelle Quality Check: Kittsune First Published on Ainushi.   “Hehe… hehe…” I giggled nonstop as I laid on the sofa. “Senior, what’s so funny?” Zhao Yi Bo leaned close against my body, and inappropriately extended his large hand underneath the hem of my dress, and continued to ascend improperly. Zhao Yi Xuan’s hands also entered from the top of my dress, and began to explore under my undergarment. We had already returned to the Zhao residence, which is why they dared to be so unbridled. “Don’t call me Senior, it’s too funny…” I giggled as I allowed their hands to ravage my body. To be honest, I didn’t know why I was laughing either; I just wanted to giggle. “You’re drunk.” Zhao Yi Bo lightly licked my ear and enticed me with his deep-pitched voice. “I’m not drunk… I’m not drunk… I just drank a bit too much… hehe…” I firmly denied my intoxication, but the words that came out of my mouth were without rhyme or reason. “Right, you’re not drunk.” He dutifully played along as he lifted a cup of some kind of drink to my lips and said, “Be good. Open your mouth and drink this.” Almost as if I were hypnotized, I obediently opened my mouth and allowed him to pour the liquid inside the cup into my mouth. In...

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Broken-Winged Angel: Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Translator: XHu Editor: Isabelle Quality Check: Kittsune First Published on Ainushi.   At six o’clock sharp, I arrived at the Man of the West Bar. This bar wasn’t that far from NT University. Its interior designs were rather simple, and a couple of indie bands frequently performed here, so it attracted many students. “Qing Xia, we’re over here.” As soon as I walked into the bar, I saw Xia Mei Wei standing by the pub counter waving frantically at me. I hurried over to her. “Where are the others?” I asked. It was then that I noticed the strange attire she was wearing. “Isn’t today just an ordinary mixer? When did it become a masquerade ball?” I speechlessly stared at her. What the heck was she wearing? It was a soft, purple-colored dress, with the top consisting of faint leopard prints. The hem of the dress was embroidered with several strange-looking red roses. I had no idea what kind of material this floor-length dress was made of, and under the illumination, it had a metallic, glossy sheen to it. Her ordinarily supple and pleasant long hair was currently dyed purple, with several streaks of silver highlights. She had stuck a row of glistening crystals onto her forehead above her eyebrows. She was dressed for a masquerade ball, right? She unhappily shot me a glance. “You don’t understand....

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