Merry Christmas & Happy New Year (’18)

Hey Ainushians, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year~~~ It's been a wild ride this year. From just a 3 man team with 2 collaborators, Ainushi has swelled to a huge number of 20++ people. (You can check almost everyone out on our Team page). This year, I had the honor of...

Happy Thanksgiving & Hello Isabel

Happy Thanksgiving y'all! May the turkey be with you! To celebrate this festive turkeylicious day, our team has decided to release a bunch of appetizers for the day. You can expect some sweet sugar desserts and bitter drinks for the entire day brought to you by a...

Happy Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween from everyone at Ainushi! To celebrate, we're chucking out a bunch of chapters from our vault: Debt Girl c14 & c15 BWA c12 ~ c18 Autumn c4 FRS c12   Oh! And did you know, we have a Facebook now? GEHEHEHEHE! Come on over! If we hit 1K likes on our...

volare Labour Day Bonanza Results

ANDDDDDD the results are out! Thank you everyone for participating in the event! Thanks to you, there have been more than 50k votes gathered during the event. We were pleasantly surprised that we garnered quite a number of votes from that. Thank you so much! We look...

B1G1F Announcement

Hi all, I'm sorry to say that I will be dropping B1G1F. School just keeps getting busier and, unfortunately, I like GG a lot more than I like this project, so. . . priorities! Yes, I released a lot more of this project than of GG, but that's mostly because it is easy...

Changes to Maid Mother – Usage of “it”

Hi everyone, I've read everyone's concern about the use of "it" in the first chapter and will be reverting the description to "they" and "them". Again, please note that I did not mean in any way to use it as a means of demeaning Jill. It was just a hard choice trying...

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Merry Xmas & Happy New Year.

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