From Maid to Mother



Maid kara Haha ni Narimashita

From Maid to Mother

AuthorYuudzuki Seiya

Illustrator: Roji




In another world, I suddenly began raising a child!?

Lily, a former high school girl, is reincarnated into another world. She’s a bit lonely from her past life’s memories but with the life given by the Crown Prince, she’s running around as a dispatched maid to various households. One day, the court magician, Leonard suddenly approaches with a request. He wishes by all means for her to act as a「Mother」to his adopted daughter Jill. Immediately meeting Jill, Lily determines to love this pure innocent six year old girl with all her strength! Although she has decided to live and work at Leonard’s mansion, tons of troublesome affairs seem to break out around the magician–?

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