Maou no Utsuwa



Maou no Utsuwa

Caliber of the Lord

Author: Kannai


A world of magic and swords.

Born into an aristocratic family of a large country, a boy with insufficient magic power bade farewell to his unlucky daily life. Because of his encounter with a Demon, his fate began to change. This destined meeting changed the boy’s life, affected his surroundings, and soon after, shook the entire world.

This is his tale.     

Edit: Dropped. Continued by Infinite Novel Translations

Prologue: The Destined Meeting

Manga Illustration: Prologue

Prologue-1: A new life. Not reincarnation
Prologue-2: Start of a New Life
Prologue-3: The Fated Encounter
Prologue-4: The Golden Generation
Prologue-5: Return to the Orphanage

The Imperial Academy Arc

Chapter 1 – The Classmate’s True Identity
Chapter 2 – Words of Oath
Chapter 3 – I made a Female Friend
Chapter 4 – Can This Be Even Called a Date?
Chapter 5 – I Was Summoned
Chapter 6 – It Doesn’t Seem Like Getting Along with the Imperial Princess-sama is Possible
Chapter 7 – A Great Noble Has Taken An Interest In Me
Chapter 8 – Joint Lessons are Meaningless, You Say?
Chapter 9 – A Date With The Object of Admiration of The Academy