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I’ve decided to pick up Happy Life or Tensei Shitanode Tsugi Koso wa Shiawasena Jinsei wo Tsukande Misemashou. As someone who read the initial teasers off HaruParty, I had hoped someone would eventually pick this up. Sadly, no one has. So I decided what the heck, why not?

Translations were all done based off the original syosetsu web novel:

I had to use this as I do not possess a copy of the printed material and do not possess a scanner to rip those glorious images for your perusal. (Sorry, folks! T_T). Therefore, the numbering of the chapters will differ from HaruParty’s although this does resume immediately after Chapter 1.1. In the web novel version, chapter 1.1 which covers the 4 year old arc seems to be built out of 4 1/2ish chapters.

Note that translations was done via machine translations using Mecab, Jparser and Excite. I do have some knowledge in Japanese so I’ve also taken the liberty to tweak words here and there to make it flow in English. Additionally, I have no editor so everything here is as RAW as it can be. If you like editting and think you could land a hand, please by all means contact me.

02/05/2016: New edited version is up!

TQ to my editor Nacht for all the corrections made.
Many thanks to Solistia for the name-check.

Without much ado, I present to you:


4 Years Old – Chapter 4: Workplace Observation


As Father lead me around the castle grounds, there were many passersby observing us. That’s to be expected as an amazing person like Father was bringing a child around.
Sometimes conversations were struck with father in order to inquire about me, during which a simple self-introduction and head bowing was given. First impressions, super important.



As though they’d walked for a while, looking out of breath, an unbelievably great looking person had rushed over and arrived. For this person to address father with -sama indicates just how amazing father is.


「What’s the matter, Nadia」


「Julis-sama has gone missing!」


「…..Julis-sama has escaped again…..」


The person called Nadia had a serious expression engraved on her face, in comparison father’s brows were twitching as he strained to hold back his expression.
From what I gathered, it seems this Julis-sama had a tendency to slip away causing Nadia to endlessly worry. This would be apparent judging by Father’s reaction.


Also, this might just be my presumptuous guess about Julis-sama, but he’s probably royalty. Because it can be surmised based of how a great looking person like Nadia-san addressed him politely. Father as well. Although Father has a better grasp of the situation, I think.


If not, Nadia wouldn’t have came to him. Though Father holds an extremely important post, he earned a honorary title with it. And considering the case of the restrictions on the escapee, in this matter physical restriction wasn’t necessary as the goal is to understand the mentality of the escapee in order to resolve this matter.


In other words, the answer was in plain sight. With all due respects… Well, it’s easy to conclude the Prince’s whereabouts.


「His Highness never learns…..」


A VIP sprung out unexpectedly. Never expected it to be royalty. Furthermore to have a habitual offense escaping like a criminal.


「A place where the King can walk freely without his guards within the castle…..」


Where the first Prince was unexpected to be.


…. Well, it’s not like I don’t fully understand. As royalty, there’s a staggering amount of expectations and pressure to be bared especially if you’re the eldest child. I think knowledge, education and behaviour appropriate for the next in line is required.


However to feel tired to the extent of running away….. it’s inevitable I suppose. Though whether it’s good is another matter altogether.


「Welf-sama, I would like to request your assistance in our search for Julis-sama」


「I’m sorry but I decline.」


「….. Father」


「Don’t make such a face, Liz. I know where Julis-sama is hiding. It’s where everyone usually is.」


Sighing whilst muttering the words, my eyes blinked with a snap. …. If you knew, why aren’t you bringing him back?


The words I wished to express could easily be read on my face since a wry smile could be seen gracefully rising to the surface.


「….. Originally I would leave this matter be. Because his Highness is getting worn out from his studies and the power disputes」


「….. The Prince has it rough」


「Liz is also a member of nobility, your debut in high society won’t be long」


「I understand」


I have understood to that extent. Unless another child is born after me, I have understood that it is my duty to inherit the family estate as the heir. Although I was worried, my anxieties are put to rest whenever I see my parents flirting together.


Desires smear an adult’s world. To think even I who was once an adult felt it was troublesome….. I dare say regardless of age, the feeling is the same for the Prince who had to endure it.


It’s natural to think of wanting to escape.


「For now, I can understand his Highness’s feelings. Nevertheless, that being the case, it is even more imperative that his Highness should focus on acquiring knowledge and education. By acquiring them today, they would serve as his armour and defend him in the future」


「….. Liz, sometimes I just can’t understand you. It’s okay to be satisfied」


「I’m anxious about his Highness’s future prospects. Taking it lightly now will only affect his Highness in the future」


Though not child-like remarks, Father has already grown accustomed and hardly questions it. On the contrary, Nadia’s mouth was gapingly wide opened as she looked over us.


….. Yes, I’m obviously a child matured beyond my age. It may have been better to behave a little more childlike on the outside.


Father gave a wry smile to Nadia who was still somewhat frozen. And then, kept staring here motionlessly. Ah, what an unpleasant foreboding.


「Liz. To say this much, you might as well persuade his Highness. Guide him」


「It’s impossible. After all, I’m an unacquainted child」


「It will be all right, Liz’s cuteness will guarantee it」


This isn’t a place where it’ll be useful.


「….. Then let’s do it this way. If you’re able to persuade his Highness, I will teach you magic」


「That’s unfair」


「Haha. Don’t worry. If it’s Liz, you can definitely persuade him」


Please don’t act so unreasonable.


Father didn’t even asked if I had any complains. If only I hadn’t acted in my usual unsatisfactory habit this time …..!


For the time being let’s pray not to establish any unnecessary flags.

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