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4 Years Old – Chapter 6: His Highness’s of Marriageable Age 


In the end, his Highness never let go and firmly held my hands ….. or rather, it became a situation where it was impossible to separate because it was grasped. Even if – for an instant – the son of the King acts completely unreasonable, for now, our joint hands were getting along splendidly.


As I looked troubled at his Highness, without intending to separate, he entwined his fingers tightly against mine. This is referred to as a couple’s connection right? Ugh no, as long as it’s separated by the time I meet Father, I’ll much appreciate it.


Well when it comes to Father, you might think he’s smiling, but let’s not cause him to weirdly misunderstand. It’ll be troublesome.


Whilst feeling happy despite reluctantly connected, upon exiting the library, we found Father laying in wait for us where I last left him.


Father’s eyes brightened upon seeing the two of us together, but froze when he noticed our entwined hands. The moment he laid eyes on Father’s figure, his Highness frowned.


「….. So, your Highness?」


「Why is Welf here?」


「And why is your Highness holding my daughter’s hand」


Daughter. Those words caused his Highness to blink. Seeking a confirmation, he glanced my way, so I nodded while smiling wryly.


Didn’t his Highness found it strange that I could easily enter the castle? Furthermore, for a child who exist to possess unusual red eyes should have been clear indicators. Amongst the nobility, only our lineage had red eyes. Generally they were blue. Even so compared to royalty, ours had became impure and diluted.


「I apologise for the late introduction. My name is Lizbeth Adelcian. Welf Adelcian’s daughter」


Expressing the business smile which I had cultivated in my previous lifetime, his Highness’s eyes were wide opened, after which he began comparing me and Father with mixed feelings.


If anything, I take after Mother’s looks, but inherited Father’s characteristics. This red pupil is an obvious example. It would be extremely unlucky if the red coloured resembled blood. However the colour resembled a high quality ruby called blood pigeon. Therefore I was suitably pleased with it.


「This time there is no use escaping. Look, it’s Father」


「Ah, right. ….. Your Highness, I have a favour to ask of you. Please do not try to escape from your training」


「….. It can’t be helped. This fellow has already persuaded me」


Ah, he understood, that’s great.


….. By the way, why does Father looked so surprised.


「….. You won’t go back on your word?」


「That is correct, I will endure my training and studies!」


When his Highness scowled at Father through the raised corner of his eyes, Father nodded his head, later bursting out smiling with a broad grin. That’s a rather tenacious teasing smile, isn’t it?


Because it assumed a beautiful shape, could it be solely to tease his Highness in the capacity of a follower? I had a foreboding that I was going to be dragged into this.


「Liz, does Liz wants to follow in my footsteps to become a Royal Magician?」


「Eh? Ah, that is, yes. It is for that purpose that I came here」


「You don’t want a husband as strong as me?」


「Eh? Eh? Hasn’t this digress somehow?」


「It’s fine. Isn’t it?」


「Well, not to make a fuss ….. I don’t know what that future holds for me. Moreover, even if my husband is weak, as long as I’m able to protect him is fine」


Rather it would be inevitable to talk to a four year old child about marriage. Also, on the assumption that I will inherit the Adelcian estate, marriage proposals would be regarded as political marriages…..


Only the partner that Father approves may be allowed to marry me though there’s none (what with him being so devoted). As for a partner I’m in love with, I don’t consider any currently. That being the case, an arranged marriage would be useful.


Father hardened for an instance from my response before stifling a sounding laughter from his throat whilst sending meaningful glances at his Highness. Wai– Father. What’s with the provocation now.


「As you heard it, your Highness」


「I, I have nothing to do with this」


「I see. My daughter likes men who are kind, calm and chivalrous. By no means is she fond of men who escape from their training」


「Tsk, like I said, this has nothing to do with me! That’s enough, I’m going back to training!」


Taking the bait from Father’s provocation, his Highness somewhat roughly shook loose of my hand and ran off somewhere. Because his face was red, he must have been considerably embarrassed by Father’s teasing.


When I sent Father a reproaching gaze, Father laughed pleasantly. Mou, this isn’t someone else’s problem.


「Father, please. What do you intend to do if his Highness loses his head because of this thoughtless mistake」


「It’s already too late, all I gave was a push. What did you think it was, Liz」


「What it was….. It sounded like a pep talk」


「Well with his Highness’s attitude, I’m worried for my daughter’s future」


「….. His Highness has misunderstood something. Because I encouraged his Highness by chance, I was seen in that light. In the first place, wouldn’t puppy love fade away before long?」


I’m not stupid, I know that his Highness likes me, but that’s just the suspension bridge effect. His anxieties and worries, because I happened to intervened, had settled them by chance. Attracted by that image, it led to this misunderstanding.


Therefore, his Highness doesn’t truly know me very well; it would be impossible for his Highness to come to like my true self. Moreover an uncharming woman as myself.


In the first place, opportunities to meet his Highness is scarce. Casually meeting the heir of the throne is impossible, much least intentionally. The world we live in is different, troublesome connections aren’t needed. It was just an encounter.




Shrugging my shoulder, Father’s face twitched a little, though I didn’t do anything. Certainly the return is big if I’m acquainted with his Highness, but the risk is scarier. Considering the risks as much as possible I would like to avoid the thought of utilising his Highness.


「Leaving that aside….. Father, you will keep your promise, right?」


「Ah, yes. You properly persuaded his Highness, huh」


「Thank you!」


Because of Father, a weird flag had been triggered, but my original objective was to measure myself against the magical aptitude test. Simply put his Highness was work. It’s not like I hate him but with my original objective in front of me, perhaps he would be considered trivial.


「…. I’ve come to feel sorry for his Highness」


Finally achieving my long-cherished desire, I smiled naturally, whilst Father let out a magnificently long sigh.

Author’s note: To Liz – His highness < Magic

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