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4 Years Old: Chapter 11 – Father and Gilles-san

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Nahct & Wafflez


Once I got the hang of it, sorcery wasn’t that difficult. Well, Gilles-san was only teaching elementary sorcery after all, so it’s not something proud to say.


By the time my awareness had returned, a day had passed and I was scolded severely when I woke up. Don’t overexert yourself and you’ve tried too hard. Instead of being praised, I was yelled at instead.


Later, I received a hug and the words 「Thank you」, which left me feeling pleased with myself. Mother had a gentle scent that made me happy in her embrace.


「How about we start on this sorcery today?」


Gilles-san’s tutoring was progressing as well. Since I thought he taught straight forwardly with a genius temperament, I didn’t expect that he could provided logical answers.


While there’s no mistake in saying that he has a genius temperament, he did his job and taught me the information and vocabularies sufficiently. His explanation with sound effects were scary, but in the end, it turned out to be a baseless worry.


Today’s lesson was on the water sorcery,『Water Rain』. Well, judging from its name, it’s a sorcery that calls down the rain. In other words, a magnificent sorcery that makes watering easier. As expected of Gilles-san. Nice choice!


By the way, the offensive version of this sorcery is called 『Splash』. The feeling was like a water jug being thrown out with force from above.


「Once we have finished, may I pay a visit to the garden to check on its condition?」
「After you finish your assignment, Liz-sama, you may do as you please」


After that, with Mother’s help, I planted various seeds alongside the Rishia flower garden. The terrifying thing about using 『Green Thumb』is that it makes everything grow rapidly. Amongst the various flowers, a fruit which looks like a strawberry – for snacks – was growing in the garden shrubs, bearing fruit. I’m fairly certain its name was Fraise.



As it was a French name, I wasn’t certain…..


For that reason, I had converted the backyard into a plantation. Fully motivated when learning sorcery, I felt even more enthusiastic than during my free time. Today’s watering spell was just what I wanted to memorise, so let’s practice it.




Motivated more than usual, I opened the sorcery book with familiarity to the designated page. As I flipped the pages running through the water sorcery chapter, something caught my interest.


「What is this『Tidal Wave』sorcery? 」
「If you don’t want to destroy this neighbourhood, please never use it」
「It’s a sorcery that summons a tsunami, okay? Of course, the strength and image is dependent on the practitioner’s abilities. However, with the quantity of Liz-sama’s magical powers….. if summoned, it would be disastrous」


Why is such a dreadful spell written in this book? Dangerous! Even if I tried it for a bit, it wouldn’t have been a joke if it became a catastrophe. I wouldn’t be able to face Father again.


That reminds me, since then, I haven’t seen Father’s figure….. For some reason, since I had been involved in the case of the liquefied touchstone, he’s been caught up in some troubles. I felt guilty that he’s been cleaning up for me. He’ll be coming home soon though…..


「Even if you could control the spell, it would be better for Liz-sama to try it in a deserted land where there’s nothing around. However, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. For now, let’s focus on learning basic sorcery」
「I understand. After all, I’m not particularly fond of killing others」


Indeed it wasn’t a cute impression to give. However, because I didn’t want to fall into ruin, I answered in this manner. I mean, I don’t want to degenerate into a criminal.


Leaving this talk aside, I turned my focus towards practicing 『Water Rain』 for the rest of the day.




「Liz, I’m home!」


Today’s sorcery practice… Ah, it was a success! Under Gilles-san’s watch, I headed into the rear garden to visit the Rishia flower garden which I hadn’t seen for two weeks.


Resisting the urge to run to Father, I approached and hugged him with a slightly loose cheek. Ah, I’m sorry that I made it so difficult for you.


「It’s been awhile, Father. Due to my mistake…..」
「That wasn’t the reason….. Okay, perhaps a little, but as various studies had developed, in the end, it was alright!」


I was grateful for his words….. However, I still felt exceedingly apologetic towards Father.


Embracing whilst stroking his cheek, Father whom I was worried for, tenderly smiled in return and caressed my cheek. Father was really sweet with me…


Wanting to express my thanks, I moved my hands and neck to embrace him and after I received a pat on my tummy, I let go. Perhaps he had been confined in the Magic Institution for a bit too long so being under the sun’s fragrance would do him some good. I really loved this smell. It’s frightening to think that one day it’ll change into an old man’s scent.


「And you must be….. Gilleraide-kun, right?」


After talking with me, Father became aware of Gilles-san whom I had left behind. Carrying me, Father approached him.


Turning around for an instance, Gilles-san gave a stiff look to Father and I. Was it my imagination that….. he faltered….. No, looked intimidated? That look left us pondering over it.


「I would never have expected you to come」
「….. because of my Father’s life」
「….. Father?」


Why was Father’s tone eerie? Glancing at his face, his smile hadn’t changed. It was the usual tender smiling face.


Although that was the case….. An intimidating pressure hung in the air.


「Was this under your Father’s orders? Or…..」
「I’m unable to answer you…..」


I somewhat understood what Father wanted to say. I didn’t understand the full circumstances, but I was able to guess. This tied in with my initial uneasiness.


Lowering his eyebrows, Gilles-san gave an apologetic head shake. Even if Father didn’t say what he wanted to, someone would have commanded it.


Based on the present conversation, Father had not hired Gilles-san directly to be my tutor. However, to accept this notion….. Father must have sent for a talented person through his connections, and the person who ended up being sent was Gilles-san.


For Father to be concerned of my acquaintance with Gilles-san, perhaps it would be better to stay vigilant of him. His personality didn’t make a difference. The problem most likely resided with his family.


「Gilleraide-kun, you…..」


Drip drop.


Whatever Father wanted to say, in that instant, the『Water Rain』spell I had learned earlier and casted had activated in an extensive range. It had already covered the entire span of the estate. Continuous, moreover, extensive raining wasn’t an easy task.


Well, with this body that was uselessly overflowing with powers, it would be utilised and spread in one go.


To my surprised Father, I smiled sweetly.


「It looks like it’s about to rain. How about we head home. Hmm?」


The rain was deliberately obvious, but Father, after looking at me with a slight grumble and a wry smile, nodded his head. Gilles-san was surprised by my conduct. However, it was because I was guilty of intervening between them, furthermore, as the reasonably concerned party.


For now, I had a debt to repay. Originally I didn’t like to get involved….. Just, it was in repayment for the opportunity to make Mother happy. Besides, he didn’t seem like the type of person to stir up trouble suddenly.




Not telling Father and Gilles-san that I had used sorcery to cause it to rain, we simply returned home to escape from the downpour.


I hope nothing seriously bad happens. Yup….. Well, if anything happens, I will handle it by myself, one way or another. For that sake, I need to quickly brush up on my sorcery.

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