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4 Years Old: Chapter 15 – Nightmare and…..

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Nahct and Wafflez


The following day, as if nothing had happened, Gilles-san gave me his usual smile and announced, 「It’s time for your sorcery lessons」.


He seemed to be alright….. I thought. However, the smile on Gilles-san’s face looked troubled for some reason. It had the same usual expression though. The angle of his lips that shaped into a soft arc was identical; the narrow gaze he gave was the same as always.


Even so, I wonder why I thought that?


And there was a slight change to the sorcery lessons.


It was unusual but Gilles-san stroked my head.


When I first began studying under him, he did it as well. However, I despise being treated like a child. To be fair, I’m still a child so I guess it can’t be helped.


Today, hmm….. It didn’t feel like I was being treated like a child, nor did it resembled Father’s loving caress. I wonder what it meant….. Rather than for my sake, Gilles-san might be trying to recall something by touching me.


If it’s about the matter yesterday, I recalled that he was unconscious when I checked him. Then I wonder what’s going on?


By the time our lessons drew to a close that day, I didn’t know the reason behind the caress.




「Liz, a letter has arrived for you」


Returning home with Gilles-san, Father who had returned home early called out to me. To call out to me when I was with Gilles-san was strange.


….. Letter.


Yup, I had a bad feeling. No no, it’s impossible that the results of yesterday’s visit transpired today. It would be….. highly unlikely for his Highness to be able to persuade his Majesty to deliver a letter within a day. Unless the letter was delivered by his Highness’ subordinate directly, it wouldn’t have arrived immediately from the castle. It would be good if it was delivered by sorcery.


「It’s from his Highness」


「As I thought–」, that thought escaped my lips. Father being Father seemed pleased, or more precisely, he was smiling. Thinking it’s someone else’s problems…..


Carefully, I decided to avoid frowning as I obediently received the letter.


Do I have to break the seal here? Well, if I’ve truly been invited, I’ll need to consult Father ….. Father would be pleased. Definitely.


「….. What does it say?」

「It seems that I’ve been invited to his Highness’ birthday party」


Opening the letter with a paper knife, I removed the content and took out the invitation. It seems to be written by his Highness, judging by the handwriting style.


To summarise, it read, come by hook or by crook. Just like love scenes transpiring one after another, I’ve been issued a formal invitation letter. His intention has been transmitted thoroughly through this…..  


「Is it already at this stage? His Highness sure has grown up…..」

「Father is also attending, right?」

「Of course, I’ve been invited….. Or rather, I’m more or less attending as a noble in the castle’s service」

「….. Then why did his Highness send out an invitation solely for me?」

「That could be the embodiment of his Highness’ innocent goodwill」


In the sense, you meant that his innocence is cute and his actions were praiseworthy, Father?


Certainly, his Highness exudes a cute appearance, but he’ll turn into a splendid-looking man in the future, probably. If it’s the latter, as Father says, there’s nothing I could possibly say. Well, it would be strange for the unrelated party to say anything, right?


At present, I am not at a stage to be romantically engaged with his Highness. I’m still just a child…..


「Oh, that’s right! A letter has arrived for you as well, Gilles」

「….. For me?」


Gilles-san looked surprised and puzzled at us when the topic abruptly changed. As expected, he started speaking casually in front of Father.


I never expected a letter to come for Gilles-san, so I peeked a look at Father.


「It’s from the Viscount」


Just from that sentence, Gilles-san froze.


Somewhat turning pale, Gilles-san received the letter with a stiff expression whilst watching Father intently. Father returned his gaze with a quiet look.


It was a look that Gilles-san couldn’t endure.


Tucking the letter into his breast pocket, he bowed and exited the room. It was obvious that he was shaken.


「….. Father, what type of man is the viscount?」

「That’s Gilles’s real father. His name is Alfred Sévéne」


Viscount….. If I’m not mistaken, that’s the second bottom rank in the peerage. It’s a good lineage nonetheless. After all, a person’s language, mannerism and demeanour could be felt from his upbringing.


Incidentally, I’m a marquis. To put it bluntly, Father is indifferent about the peerage, he just succeeded it.


However, for Gilles-san to make such a face upon receiving a letter from his real father.


「What I’m about to say is cowardly, but Gilles and Alfred have a bad relationship. Their dispositions are complete opposites….. Well, it’s best to hear the details from the person himself」

「….. I understand」

「If Gilles-san is going through a difficult time, it would be good if you could help him. Although I don’t admire you wandering about in the middle of the night」




I had even suppressed my sorcery’s reaction as best as possible. As expected of Father, he isn’t called the No. 2 of the Magic Institution for nothing.


….. Gilles-san hasn’t noticed it, has he? I mean, I did it selfishly so if it was noticed, it would leave me feeling complicated. Demanding gratitude was never the intention.


「You’ve handled sorcery considerably well, that’s admirable」


Blowing away the gloomy air and cracking a smile, Father tousled my hair as he stroke it which made me grumble a little while smiling. However, in my head, I was filled with the thoughts of Gilles-san’s matter.


….. I wonder if Gilles-san will be alright.






That night, Gilles-san had another nightmare.




Gilles-san was deliriously entreating someone in his sleep. In response to his bad nightmare, he was grimacing and breaking out into a cold sweat. Seeing that sight was painful.


Vaguely expecting this, I intruded into his room in the same way as yesterday to apply some sorcery. It was merely a temporary consolation.


If he couldn’t be separated from the source of his nightmares, there was nothing I could do. As for the cause, it was unwise for me to meddle with it.


Wiping off the unusual amount of sweat that Gilles-san was perspiring was the only thing I could do.


「-Ah….. !」

「Hyaaa !?」


The moment I applied the towel to Gilles-san’s forehead, he had leaped out of the bed. Tha– that scared me….. I was wondering what had happened. Seeing that dreadful expression with widened eyes really surprised me.


Gilles-san had leaped to his feet whilst gasping and breathing heavily. Only after that did he realise my presence and gave a different wide-eyed expression.


「Why….. is Liz-sama…..?」

「Umm….. It’s because I heard your groans, so…..」

「….. Yesterday as well?」


「As I thought. After all, I had sensed Liz-sama’s magic」


As expected, it was discovered. Well, he had a shallow dream and wasn’t sleeping well; not being able to sense any presence would have been strange. Furthermore, to not be able to sense my magic.


「….. Umm, are you feeling well?」

「I’m alright. It was just a bad nightmare, that’s all」


Declaring that, Gilles-san gave a firm smile.


….. Generally, people who aren’t well will always say they are. One can tell easily by looking at their poor complexion.


I understood it easily because it was a habit that I personally exhibit as well. And yet, did Gilles-san wished not to show his vulnerable side to me?


It’s not like I was asking him to depend on me. To Gilles-san, I’m just the child of his employer, a student he was instructed to teach. I had no relations to this after all ….. However, just for a bit, it would be great if he would stop being in denial.


「….. Gilles-san」


With a squeeze, the petite body hugged the slender line of the boy’s body.


Directly looking at the widened eyes with surprise, I mustered a gentle smile as best as possible.


「I’m not scared」


Slowly transferring my magic into an enchantment, I loosely converted it into healing magic.



Gradually, I became accustomed to Gilles-san’s body as the fatigue and agony melted away. Even his fear was washed away, turning him calm.


In the beginning, Gilles-san was surprised and perplexed. Now from his eyes, you could see his emotions settling down.


That, and he sought the hand rubbing his back on his neck. As is, it was like luring a flat bosom over. His Highness seems to favour this, how is this flat-chested bosom even likable?


I knew it was done when Gilles-san leapt out of my arms with a start. It’s alright, I’m flat-chested after all.


「….. It’ll be alright」


Crumbling down, Gilles-san, who I had tried to support, dragged me down with him.


Even though I was on top of Gilles-san, it did not develop into an erotic scene. Naturally, I am just a four year old. Certainly, Gilles-san would be suspicious.


Shifting my posture slightly to lie down, we slept in that position, with my face resting against the area close to Gilles-san’s heart. His heartbeat’s rhythm was a comfortable melody which lured one to sleep.


Thump thump thump. The sounds of my pats was transmitted one by one to Gilles-san, which I felt it weakened his quivering.


….. Honestly, I wish this hadn’t happened. My circumstances, but I couldn’t just ignore it.


It may have been the motherhood I left in my previous life.




Matching the rhythm of his heart, I felt the pats resonating from his back. With a constant rhythm – thump, thump thump thu–.


I somehow remembered when I was little, this would calm me down easily. I wonder if Gilles-san would have mixed feelings for being treated like a child?


And thus, boldly speaking, I felt sleepy….. The early bird catches the worm and secures his breakfast – was my motto for leading a healthy life as a child, so waking up at this time, my body felt sore.




Recalling the gentle rhythm that had put me to sleep and having poured my magic as much as possible to invoke the spell into that back….. Yup, there was no hope to win against the sandman.


By the time I realised that I had carelessly fallen asleep, it was already morning.






「….. nyuuu…..」


With the chirping of a small bird, my consciousness dimly returned.


My body was still in a dormant state so I couldn’t open my eyelids. That’s to say, it didn’t want to open.


Nn? ….. Huh, since when did I fall asleep?


Groggily, I opened my eyes slowly and found myself being being quietly gazed upon by those green eyes.


「Good morning, Liz-sama」

「….. Ish Gillesh-syan….. Goo…. mor–ning …..?」

「Are you feeling tired? It’s still early so you can go back to sleep」


Smoothly, Gilles-san was gently stroking and combing my loose hair with his fingers. Combing affectionately and courteously, there was nothing to be said in that comfortable moment. Furthermore, it lured me back to sleep.


Thump, thump – lulled the pats from the back….. Uh? Wasn’t this what I did last night?


Shaking off the sleepy feeling, I strained my eyelids to open.


Before my eyes, smiled a calm Gilles-san. Our position had changed. This time, it was Gilles-san embracing me in this situation ….. Huh, huh?


「….. Um, why has Gilles-san been observing me since you’ve risen?」

「Because you look really young when you’re sleeping and I’ve just realised for the first time that you lisp when you wake up」

「….. Ugh」


At any rate, I have to correct this habit of mumbling when I wake up after a tiring day. That’s to say, why did I feel so tired.


「Ah, it’s better not to get up by force. It seems that you’ve been pouring healing magic constantly all night」


….. All night. Being able to control it was surprising. Also, to be able to maintain it with my magic. Even though my body isn’t prepared for this, good job me! Suffering from the magic conversion burden was fine but….. No, to risk the burden and train should be good?


Just as Gilles-san said, my body felt a little heavy. Maybe I used my magic too much? Since I fell asleep, my control seems to have improved.


「….. Are you feeling well, Gilles-san?」

「Fufu, I’m feeling good. Liz-sama made it settle」


Giving a meek smile, Gilles-san was combing my hair and was playing with it with his fingertips. He also played with my hair strewn against the bed sheets. That could be said to be seductive. It was not an age where an elementary and junior high school student could cross the sexual boundaries.


「….. Why is Gilles-san embracing me?」

「Just returning the favour. This is calming, isn’t it? Also, Liz-sama’s child body temperature feels good」

「I’m just a child….. With that said, please stop. I’m really starting to feel sleepy」

「It is for that reason. Please rest sufficiently so you can recover your magic」


Whispering into my ears, Gilles-san’s palm covered my eyes. Sensing Gilles-san’s magic for a moment….. Huh? Sleepy….. Ah, forcing me to sleep….. You….. should have….. told me first…..


Seized by a sudden drowsiness, I felt myself sink into a lake. With the sensation of slipping downwards, I lost consciousness.




Several hours later, Father caught me and Gilles-san sleeping together in that position which transpired into an argument. Although, that’s a story for later.

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