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4 Years Old: Chapter 8 – Tutor


Translator: Krrizis

Editor: Nahct

Guest contributor: Solistia

Unfortunately since the incident, I’ve been prohibited from entering the Magical Institution. It seems Monk Georg secretly made the necessary preparations. Despite possessing an impressive quantity of magic, as expected of I, who had perpetrated the act of melting the valuable touchstone, lacked control and therefore was deemed dangerous. Yup, I had a hunch that something like this would happen.


To me, it was such a huge shock being unable to visit that mountain of treasure….. Oh well, you reap what you sow. Besides, I’m reluctant to meet and manage the messed up prince. I hope the latter doesn’t become reality.

「Liz, do come down」


Ah, I was about to read that book over there. In response to Mother’s soft voice humbly calling, with my face buried under a pillow, I let out a sigh. Strange. It was rare that I was called for when I was usually reading unless it was to eat.


「What is it, Mother?」
「Your Father….. That is to say, you have a visitor」


From the start, I had no neighbourhood playmates. The reason being, there was no profit to gain outside, hence I have no acquaintances. However, despite knowing this, Mother still claimed that I have a visitor.


….. Hold on, surely it can’t be his Highness? No no, it couldn’t be. As the heir to the throne, it would be next to impossible for him to easily visit the castle town.


That being the case, it was most likely to be Monk Georg, bearing hostility. I had the impression that the stubborn man would inquire what I did to the touchstone, then yell and scrutinise me. He would definitely falsely accuse me of destroying the touchstone.


「…… Understood. I’ll be there shortly」


Unwilling to cope with a heightened terrible feeling, I left the room reluctantly and descended the stairs.



And then, a totally unexpected pattern occurred.


「You are Lizbeth Adelcian-sama, am I right?」


Waiting in the parlour was an unfamiliar person. What does this mean.

It was probably a man, wearing a hooded robe that concealed his entire body. His height was a bit short, probably about the same stature as Mother’s. It’s a small impression overall.

Fumbling the words to ask him who he was, whilst staring fixedly at him, he gave me a wry smile. It was a passing look that a child was unaccustomed to.

「My name is Gilleraide Sévéne. I have been asked by your Father to teach you sorcery」

Realizing he still had his hood up, Gilleraide politely lowered his hood. From the back, glossy green hair tied in a bundle spilled out.


…… For a moment, I thought of the name Blue Beard, which was extremely impolitely.

Thankfully I didn’t say it out loud. Although their names were a little similar.

I huddled absentmindedly.


Slowly, Gilleraide raised his eyes. Oh my, he was a real beauty. For the coming of age ceremony, in this world, it’s 15 years old. From his appearance, he couldn’t possibly be at such an age; the boy was most likely 12 years old. Rather than calling him a beauty, wouldn’t it be better to call him a handsome boy?


The same color as his hair, his pupils relaxed softly with a smile praised on his lips. Staring fixedly at the vivid green eyes, I locked my impressions inside of my heart without saying anything…..

「I am Lizbeth Adelcian. Did you come here intentionally to greet me?」
「I was specifically requested to teach in your house」

Gilleraide nodded his head with a smile. With a, ‘is that so’, I shook his hand which came out from his short sleeves with downward cast eyes.


To my actions, Mother gave a wry smile before continuing the conversation.

「Did it take long to arrive here? If you live far away, it must have been quite troublesome…..」
「No. As it was quite a distance, I’ve taken up lodging at an inn」
「But the charges are absurdly high are they not? As you’re teaching my child, how about residing here instead?」

Worrying about the inn charges, despite being a noble, Mother was the spitting image of a housewife. Well, before she married into the house, Mother was part of the middle class. It’s a splendid thing to be in a love marriage. Although personally, it has it’s own challenges.

Gilleraide seemed cheerful about the proposal, further inquiring 「Is that alright?」and waited for our response. That is extremely convenient for Gilleraide. If I was in his position, I would have taken it up instantly.

My kind-hearted Mother nodded in response, Gilleraide looked somewhat relieved.
….. It wasn’t like anything in particular had been decided, nor were there any objections.

「This child is very shy, please forgive her rudeness」
「That’s fine. I was also awkward at that age…… Lizbeth-sama, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance」


Approaching closer to me with a friendly smile, I shyly raised my head and replied 「I’m in your care」at Gilleraide. Okay, this seems shy.


Mother, don’t assume I’m shy, even if I certainly don’t have friends and even acquaintances of the same age. Ah, that excludes his Highness.


….. After this, I began to suffer hardships.

In various ways.

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