To those who subscribe to my blog, I apologise that this isn’t a Happy Life update. Rest assured though that a new chapter will be up middle of this week.


Instead, I’ll like to formally announce the release of My Sister is the Heroine and I, The Villainess! Affectionately, I call it by the pet name HeroVilla but you kids can call it Heroine Imouto just like the author.


So please head down over to Oniichanyamete to check it out. If you’re unsure where to find it, I’ve included the link here as well: READ ME, CHAPTER 1 YO!


Do leave a comment if you like my translation and would like me to do more HeroVilla. I’m currently trying to gauge readers’ response to the series. If it’s encouraging, I’ll pick up the pace and translate it a little bit faster.


Also, er… please don’t highlight the entire chapter… *shy* Hope you guys enjoy it and see ya in the next Happy Life update!

P.S. Credit goes to Nahct and Esti for helping me edit the chapter to perfection. Huhu!

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