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4 Years Old: Chapter 17 – Conversation

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Nahct and Wafflez


Whilst drawing a strange attention to myself, I followed behind after the King and Queen.


….. What have I done to deserve this? No, it’s certainly because they listened to his Highness’ audacious words, and for some bizarre reason, were pleased with it.


「If it’s here, this should be amicable」


Accompanying them, I was led into a room. As I had only walked a short distance and it wasn’t located deep within the castle, this was probably a drawing room or a lounge. As expected, the furnishings in the room had the same grand feel of the castle.  


Though I’ve projected an attitude towards his Highness, as expected, in front of the tops of our country, I was quite bewildered.


Ordinarily, I recognised my objective value as a cheeky girl but even for me, it’s a contradicting matter sometimes. In the case of his Highness who was a child, I have to say, I feel sorry that his Highness was pleased with me because of my standard of tolerance.


Therefore I’m not angry that it was mishandled, I’m just disheartened and peevish about it. Understand that every time we meet, you need to be self-aware of your extremely poor attitude.


Well that’s my stance, but it’s another story when it comes to his Majesty the King. For now, I have to avoid offending him and lacking courtesy. It would just cause trouble for Father and Mother.


「Ah, you don’t have to be so nervous」

「Ye– Yes」


Well, there was no such precedent for his Majesty the King to say this directly to a nervous person. Furthermore, towards a child.


As I stood upright on the side of the entrance, obeying respectfully, his Majesty the King gave a wry smile and beckoned me over.


「I do not demand courtesy more than required from a child. To begin with, being ceremonious is too bothersome. Therefore, I would like to – not as the King but as Julis’ father – talk with you」


I stared in amazement for a little at the change in his Majesty’s manner of speaking. After which, once again, I gave a bow and promptly sat on the sofa. His Majesty and the Queen sat down on the sofa facing me whilst directing a gentle smile towards me.


….. How did this happen? Though they were smiling, it felt like an interrogation. No, perhaps I’ll be asked with regards to my relationship with his Highness.


「Julis has been telling us all about you. Liz did this, Liz did that, in that fashion」

「It’s the first time I’ve seen that child make such a face」

「….. What has his Highness said about me?」

「He said『my most precious person』」


It’s an outttttttttttttt….. No, wait! Save? It seems he hasn’t yet lacked the common sense to propose a statement such as that I’m his future companion or his wife. If it was said, I would certainly have been checkmated.


In truth, if I got fed up, fleeing to another country was always a possibility….. However, this would inconvenience the Adelcian house greatly. It’s not like I dislike his Highness; I could come to like his Highness slowly….. I’m unsure though, as it would require a bit of effort.


But, I would like to avoid becoming Queen if possible. This would be the moment to put an end to his Highness’ childish prank.


「For his Highness to say as such….. I feel honored」


Saying precious, let’s pray that feelings turn towards friendship. Your Highness, that should be fine, right?


As I smiled, his Majesty the King and the Queen looked a little like they were deliberating over something. Oh well, if I was unlucky, I might really end up as his Highness’ future wife, huh? In my opinion, that’s an unwanted flag that should be smashed.


Being the Queen would elevate me to the highest position but I would like to be successful through my own efforts. In addition, I am not so fond of being so ceremonious.


「….. What do you think about Julis?」

「If I may be permitted, I think he’s a good friend」

「Let me rephrase my question. This may be impolite but….. what do you intend to do with Julis?」

「What….. What do you mean?」

「For some strange reason, Julis has easily accepted your words. Especially for us, we’re worried that Julis would be used as a puppet by the likes of you」


The King narrowed his eyes slightly, upon which I understood his strong concerns.


In other words, his Majesty the King just issued a direct 『warning』. To use such difficult words to a child like puppet, even if they understood would be dangerous. You could say, normally, that was incomprehensible. His Majesty judged that I am much smarter than that child and thus, acted in this manner.


His Majesty the King’s judgement was right. It would be dangerous if the future King became a yes-man. There was a possibility of the country collapsing should the danger be concealed. This was a situation that couldn’t be overlooked.


「Please be relieved on this point….. Though even if I said that, you won’t believe it, right? For me, I do not intend to be concerned with his Highness more than which is necessary」


Since it’s come to this, let’s speak frankly.


「I think his Highness is temporarily attracted to me. I do not, however, hold any feelings beyond friendship for his Highness」


I plainly laid it out. To speak about our relationship, I wish that we wouldn’t be engaged and it wouldn’t transcend beyond friendship.


Conversely, if this was said in front of his Highness, he would deny it with all his strength. I don’t want to cause trouble, but even if I died, his Highness would continue to pursue me….. What would I do if I was declared his mistress?


In any case, I have no intentions to accompany his Highness. This is what I want his Majesty and the Queen to comprehend.


「Perhaps from another standpoint, I could protect his Highness when needed. Still, I do not wish to be tied down to matrimony with his Highness」


「I believe even you, my King, wishes to impart that to his Highness. For someone of the likes of me to be his Highness’ partner would be awe-inspiring」

「….. ku, fufu, hahahahaha」

「….. Your…. Your Majesty?」


Somewhat unexpectedly, his Majesty started laughing. Something I said must have been agreeable, as he raised his voice excitedly. Observing closely, the Queen has a hand covering her lips and was laughing elegantly too.


….. ehhhhhh?


His Majesty happily gazed at me whilst raising the corners of his lips said to the Queen, 「As you said」, and gently held her hand. Seeing how those figures together formed a beautiful picture, merely for a few moments, was fascinating.


「Hey, didn’t I say we have nothing to worry about?」

「Fuuu, that’s right. Indeed, nothing less can be expected from Welf and Selen’s daughter」

「You are acquainted with my father?」

「Before I ascended the throne, we used to compete for the magician’s position together. Presently, Welf is one of my elite guards, though it’s only part-time」


A shocking relationship was revealed! Rather than Father being employed at the castle, he was under the service of the King as his royal magician…..!


Looking dumbfounded, his Majesty smiled meekly at me, 「I apologise for testing you」and uttered an apology. I absolutely did not notice I was being tested….. Pondering closely, if I had more faith in Father’s knowledge, he would already have known of my matter.  


「I know you do not harbour these thoughts. Welf has also spoken to us about it」

「I haven’t met Selen in a while but it seems she has a good child」


Listening to this, it seems that the Queen was a foreign princess who had came to train at our Magical Institution and was good friends with Mother. How did Father and Mother also gain the friendship of these influential people? That wasn’t my aim though.


「In the future, I would be grateful if a child like you were to support Julis」

「If I become a magician」

「That’s harsh」

「Fufufu, Julis will have a hard time」


I am not opposed to developing a relationship with his Highness as his confidant, but please spare me from supporting you as a companion. Knowing that his Majesty and the Queen weren’t forcing me into an engagement was a relief.


「I hope you would maintain a good relationship with Julis from now on」

「If as a friend, I would be delighted」


For now, it seemed to be over without any major events. The thing that I obtained was an authorization from his Majesty and the Queen. Somehow it might just be my imagination, but I had a hunch that my companionship and values had steadily risen frighteningly…..

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