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4 Year Old: Chapter 18 – Oath

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Nahct and Wafflez


When I returned to the grounds, you could say I that understood that I naturally drew an awful lot of attention. The girl whom his Highness spoke intimately to and was summoned directly by his Majesty and the Queen. It’s not strange for them to have their suspicions.


In fact, the ladies who looked at me were whispering whilst merrily gossiping. There were even more girls slightly older than me present at the ground, all of whom looked displeased. Hmm, I guess to the girls aiming for social status and wealth, I was just an eyesore.


As I had deserted his Highness when I left to convene with his Majesties, his Highness was not by my side. From afar, I could see him surrounded by adults who were attempting to curry favour from him. Although he wore a smiling face, I knew very well that he was bored of their antics. 


Persevere, your Highness. After all, this is yet another obligation of royalty.




Which reminds me, looking around the grounds, I tried to search for that green hair.


Since I parted ways with Gilles-san, I wonder where he went? Though it has been mentioned that he doesn’t like to be conspicuous in crowded places, could he be at the edge?


Boldly, I walked in the opposite direction of his Highness with the purpose of looking for an attendant. To put it bluntly, I want to leave soon. The amount of gazes that brought out this fatigue was incomparable to his Highness’.


Whilst exposing myself to public scrutiny, I checked around for green hair….. Ah, found it!


Gilles-san was at the terrace and beside him was….. The person I had glimpsed sometime ago that caused Gilles-san to hang back when he caught sight of him; a man who looked visibly aged. Perhaps, it was Gilles-san’s real father, Viscount Alfred Sévéne. Both were mutually facing each other but Gilles-san’s complexion wasn’t good.


Since it was evening, the twilight colours were illuminating, however….. Judging from his appearance, I understood that he was frightened. Unable to look directly at Lord Alfred, his gaze lingered at his feet. In contrast, looking from a distance, I could tell Lord Alfred’s eyes were chilling.


Making my way past the eager nobles striving to engage in conversation with me, I drew closer to the terrace. To avoid them noticing, I made a slight detour so as to not be visible from the terrace. But….. While I was at it, I suppressed my surge of magical powers because it would normally be discovered by Gilles-san. The basis was not to cause a commotion with that person, right? As he would be able to perceive everything. Only that itself is excellent.


「Do you understand why I let you go?」

「….. I am aware. But I…..」

「Cloy. You, the youngest bastard of a child, were given this last role to perform. At the most, be of use to me」


His cold voice was in accordance to his outward appearance, even my heart felt like it was grasped by that feeling. Compromising wasn’t bad to begin with. Mainly, it was the cold way that he treated his son, Gilles-san; slovenly handling him as though he was nothing but an insect. And with that, I had a violently pleasant premonition.


I was well aware that I was blessed with the people in my surrounding, but there were also a lot of people who were unhappy with me. Father said, I had「Developed a good judge of character. Whether people wounded my feelings or not. That’s the power that will protect Liz」and could be depended on.


….. And while I would continue my observation, my instincts were warning me. This person was not good.


「….. Understood?」



Instead of replying, Gilles-san kept silent. So as to not be discovered, I stood hidden by the shadow of the curtain. Therefore, I couldn’t get a glimpse of Gilles-san’s face. Still, he was undoubtedly gritting his teeth with his head hung in shame.


Hearing footsteps, I quickly concealed myself inside the curtain. Fortunately, it was the petite body of a child, so it was easy to conceal myself. Also, the nobles who looked suspiciously at my conduct averted their gazes, convinced it was child’s play.


After that, until Viscount Alfred had passed, I couldn’t stop my cold sweat. I must be overly blessed for that sort of people to not exist within my vicinity.


「….. Liz-sama, it’s fine to not hide yourself anymore」



Relieved and taking a breath; coming out from behind the curtains, I emitted a strange voice from the inside of my throat unconsciously. The overturned voice surprised Gilles-san but even I was surprised. Or rather, Gilles-san noticed, didn’t he? That I was nearby straining my ears wholeheartedly.


「It would be advisable that Liz-sama spends a bit more time to calmly circulate your magical powers within your body. Even if you hid, a minuscule amount leaked out」

「I’m being reprimanded, aren’t I?」

「While there are a lot of absolute quantities of magical powers, I think control over it is still difficult….. Therefore, it’s certainly ill-suited to be used for spying」


Feeling the sting of those words, I needlessly felt guilty. However, Gilles-san seemed even more depressed. In this situation, I couldn’t speak vigorously.


Quietly, I touched Gilles-san’s hand though he grasped it back tightly and conversely. His hand trembled a little.


「How much did you hear?」

「Not much….. I only heard from when you were asked if you understood why you were let go」

「Though you didn’t hear the heart of the matter but, what does Liz-sama imagine it could be?」


That is, though not quite a fool yet, I somehow understood and was always in fear of it. I also knew that it wasn’t Gilles-san’s desire.


「Liz-sama, what do you wish me to do? This, I…..」


Looking at those eyes shaking sorrowfully and a smile full of self-mockery, I was at a loss for words. Knowing that I had pieced everything together, Gilles-san still asked that question.




「Liz, so you were here. I was looking for you」


Unable to give an answer, from out of nowhere, Father sprang out and started a conversation.


「Father. I should be the one to say that in return. Until now, where were you?」

「I had some minor business to take care of. Gilles, did you escort her properly?」


Abruptly touching on the subject, Gilles-san looked slightly troubled; his eyebrows lowered. Escort, the previous problem.


「Father, previously whilst escorting me, his Highness pulled me away and I ended up stuck in a conversation with his Majesty and the Queen」

「Diaz did?….. I mean, his Majesty, how was his Majesty’s business?」


Addressing him nonchalantly without a title was my daring Father, but as expected, in front of the public’s gaze, he hurriedly corrected himself. Father and his Majesty were really intimate, huh? Usually, you would be caught for incurring lèse-majesté for not addressing him by his title ….. Well, I also can’t talk about others either.


「Just a bit about his Highness 」

「Ah~ Because of his Highness’ infatuation with Liz. But his Majesty understands now, right?」

「As expected of Welf and Selen’s daughter was the response」

「That also makes us proud」


Father, who pleasantly loosened his lips, had an atmosphere that resembled his Majesty earlier. Perhaps Father and his Majesty were unexpectedly birds of a feather, huh?




Though Father’s appearance meant the conversation was over, I was still thinking about it for a while. What should I do with regards to Gilles-san?


「Father, I have something to discuss with you…..」


Returning immediately from the party; after Gilles-san had returned to his room, I paid Father a visit.




After that, this occurred on the next day.


「Welcome, Gilles-san」


The night curtain had been lowered a long time ago, everyone was already fast asleep at this time. Well it was in the middle of the night, when at this time, Gilles-san appeared in my room.


I sat on my bed and smiled at Gilles-san, who opened the door quietly. To be honest, it was quite hard to wake up, so I had used sorcery to forcibly compel myself to wake up. A child’s body is considerably bearable, isn’t it?


Either him getting up at such a time or me predicting his appearance at such a time or possibly both? Catching my appearance, Gilles-san’s eyes were wide opened.


「You understand what I intend to do, right?」

「I believe so. When we first met, I had some misgivings」

「I see…..」


Seeing my gentle expression, Gilles-san looked depressed and grimaced. In his hand reflected a dull knife. The blade was not even the length of Gilles-san’s palm but it was sharp enough to take my life away.


Dimly, I had foresaw this occurring. When I first looked into Gilles-san’s eyes, I vaguely knew. Well, it was just a kind of intuition. For it to be proven right, it had to become like this, right?


「What will you do to me?」


In the similar way as Gilles-san had asked 「What should I do?」, I began to slowly question Gilles-san.


Gulping, Gilles-san made a painful grimace and his shoulders trembled. Eventually, I compromised peacefully, as is by pushing his shoulders, I pushed him onto the bed. Being thrust at was a dreadful feeling.


「Are you….. going to kill me?」


Whispering my question, Gilles-san rattled. His hand, tightly grasping the knife, trembled. The tingling pain that began to ache was where the sharp blade had pierced the thin skin on my neck.


Even if I felt fluid streaming down my neck, without paying any heed, I continued to look at Gilles-san. 


Gilles-san looked like he was filled with various feelings. Fear of his father, conflicts of murder, pity towards me. After this, would his future despair lie here?


It does not mean that he doesn’t have a choice, being able to understand that was enough.


「Gilleraide Sévéne. Are you going to kill me?」


Deliberately questioning slowly, *thunk*, the knife dropped onto the sheets. The rattled hand which trembled held my eyes.



….. The answer, from the beginning was always there.


Aiming for me, Gilles-san had came as a tutor. He was Viscount Alfred’s sacrificial pawn. Even if Gilles-san were to kill me, the matter would end if the Viscount asserted that the boy had been disowned from the Sévéne house. There would also be the testimony from others about the poor relationship between them.


Whilst no fault would be found with him, it would be the former noble who rampaged wilfully that would be finished. If it suits him, after killing me, the Viscount could dispose of Gilles-san secretly. If he was found in the midst of it, he could obstinately say that he was taking responsibility. It would be such a scheme.


However, there was one miscalculation.


Gilles-san hasn’t grown up yet; he was still young. There may be a change of heart; the conflicts of murder was also present.


In sum, Gilles-san was an object of denial and I sympathetically hugged him.


「I….. I don’t want to kill you…..」


Gilles-san insisted with his tiny voice, tinged with moisture.


From the beginning, it was never his desire. Only, Gilles-san was still young. He was too beautiful to be covered in a cloak of darkness. For a person whose heart had not matured completely to command an innocent child (I think) to murder was strange. That it could not be executed wasn’t strange.


「I understood that much….. Gilles-san…..」

「If I kill Liz-sama….. I would be punished」


Either way there’s no future for me, Gilles-san seemed to think as he smiled while crying ….. Why did that man cornered him this far? Even though I’m just a child.


Recalling that cool-headed face made me angry, but I suppressed it and stretched out a hand quietly. Coming into contact with his cheeks that were wet by his tears, I gently stroked them.


「Please don’t cry. It’s alright, there’s nothing to be afraid of anymore」

「But I–」


To Gilles-san’s expression that held tortured feelings of guilt and remorse, I smiled and seized the knife nearby. I know the knife cuts really well.


「I will make Gilles-san at ease」


Holding the knife with one hand, I pointed it at his neck. For an instant, Gilles-san held a frightened expression. However, he immediately resolving himself, he closed his eyes.


Because it was delicate to get the right length, half raising my body, I brought the knife close to the back of Gilles-san’s neck. With my other hand, I gathered his hair into a bundle quietly.


And then, I twisted the wrist with the knife.




「With this, Gilleraide Sévéne is dead」


*snip* and the bundle of green hair fell down.




「From now on, your name is Gilles-san. As just a sorcerer, you will live your life as my servant」


Stroking his considerably short hair, I gaze honestly at him. Looking at the dumbfounded Gilles-san, I smiled sweetly at him.


It’s not like I think bad of Gilles-san. I didn’t want him to be played by Viscount Alfred any further. Virtually, I had no intention of demanding Gilles-san to take responsibility for wounding me.




After that, I had consulted with Father. About Gilles-san, Viscount Alfred’s conversation and from there, we derived a solution.


Somehow, Father seemed to have grasped that Viscount Alfred was somehow involved with an unrest movement and was investigating him at the party. The method seemed to be a secret.


Therefore, upon grasping my story, Father asked me a question.


『What do you intend to do, Liz?』

『…. I have been in Gilles-san’s care and I like him as a person. If possible, without being accused, I would like him to continue as my tutor』

『…. If that’s the case, then Gilleraide has to die』


『Ah, that’s wrong! Gilleraide Sévéne whose name was once connected as the lowest of the Sévéne house. As expected, if he was employed using this method, when Alfred tries to utilise him again, Gilles will no longer be silent』


Just for that sake, to have the once 『Gilleraide』disappear was troubling. That’s what Father said.




「Fortunately, it has also been announced formally that they’re unrelated to Gilles-san. Now if the assassination attempt failed, they would attempt to silence you….. Even this, countermeasures have been prepared」

「….. Countermeasures?」

「Gilles-san will be formally protected in this house. Furthermore, it’s been decided that you will be employed as a valet」


In any event, it can’t be helped that I had to rely on an adult for this, so I borrowed Father’s power.


The King also knew about the suspicious movements made by the Sévéne house. Or rather, it seems Father had reported it and the King was convinced.


In the middle of the origin of the dark rumours that ceased from the Sévéne house laid the protected and disinherited Gilles-san.


From the standpoint of the King’s loyal retainer (and today, I knew for certain whether it’s a neutral party), the Adelcian house had pleasantly accepted their status whereas the criticisms from the opposition swelled. I think that if people were to arbitrarily investigate Gilles-san’s disownment, they would think it was an internal dissension.


If, in the middle of it, Gilles-san were to be silenced by being killed, the Sévéne would only merely inquire into it. Thoughtless conduct would not be tolerated, right? Besides, Father won’t let that slide. Just chopping off the hand that spined out of control was enough to elicit a strained smile from Mother.


After all, Father took a liking to Gilles-san. A partial person would always be sweet, hmm, Father.


Ah! By the way, a bobbed hair represents a fresh start. So far, the present Gilles-san or rather Gilleraide Sévéne has disappeared, the only proof has simply became Gilles.


Like a Buddhist monk shaving his hair as he steps into priesthood, abandoning a symbol of worldly possessions, this religious belief had no relevance to Gilles-san. However, as an act to sever the bonds, I thought I should shave his hair. However, as expected, it was too pitiful to shave it off, so I chopped off his hair instead.



「Ah, consider this a favour….. Live, work and return the favour, ok?」


Perhaps it was a little bit condescending, but it’s fine like this. If grudges were to become his sustenance to live, that was fine too. Well, I estimate that’s beyond Gilles-san’s personality.


「….. Ojou-sama is a sweet person. What would you do if I were to attack you again?」

「What should I do? Maybe if I die, my wounded parents would explode equally and get mad, annihilating the entire clan? That would be the social punishment that they would inflict」


Ah, his face turned pale. And now, he was staring at the nape of my neck ….. You might say it was just an unforeseen circumstance; I had no intention of talking about it to Father.


….. Well, Father and Mother should be getting up by now. If I had die, this would be troublesome.


「After all, I believe in Gilles-san」


「Looking like this has some benefits, no?」and tilting my head to the side, I displayed an impish smile whilst Gilles-san was still smiling while crying. However, this time happiness was showing through.


「Haha…. You’re really a sweet person, aren’t you, Liz-sama?」

「Will you stay by my side?」

「…. With pleasure」


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