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6 Year Old: Chapter 19 – A Slight Change in Circumstances

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Nacht and Wafflez


「Hmmm….. I’m not sure to what extent I am able to achieve it」

「Liz-sama’s already putting an adult to shame. Nay. Your handle of magical powers is greater than sorcerers from around here」


Sighing whilst boringly gazing at my palm, Gilles comforted me….. Perhaps there was some truth to his words. Even Gilles had became increasingly stronger and had better control than me.


Gilles said I was already full-fledged, but I don’t personally feel excited about it. In comparison with Gilles, with exception to Father and Mother, I can’t understand it too well. To put it bluntly, the three were monsters.




Since the attempted assassination by Gilles, two years had passed.


Since then, Father had marched into the Sévéne house and found them indeed guilty of the incident. Safely returning, furthermore, carrying back a promise was surprising. The present head of the family, Viscount Alfred, was personally spoken to.


Father’s courage was amazing, wasn’t it? If men were courage, then would it be charm for women?


The promise that was exchanged with Father was this:

・Gilles would be part of the Adelcian family, no one was allowed to interfere.

・If someone were to interfere, they would need to provide a suitable response.

・If under careful supervision, he was found conspiring, a punishment would presently be handed out.

・For laying a hand on the daughter, it would be similarly dealt with.


This was the feeling I got from Father’s story. It was fairly unilateral without the right to veto, giving the sense that it was closer to a decree. This was because, from a certain standpoint, the Viscount was below a Marquis, and yet, was publicly opposed excessively. 


Moreover, Father grasped the entirety of the Sévéne house’s plan. He did not tell me, though, in any case, but it was along the lines of an uprising. The Sévéne house had hardly any intentions to abide by the present King.


That is due to the King’s pacifism. To make matters worse, he was younger than Viscount Alfred, his outward appearance appeared a bit more different than his age. Therefore, Viscount Alfred felt he was taking instructions from a greenhorn and this was probably not a good feeling.


Well, deals were made so it ended anticlimactically without a hitch and we returned to passing everyday peacefully. Except for the circumstances of the meeting in the hallway at the castle’s party, where passing by, lightly clicking tongues and glares were dished out. How childish.




「Have some confidence in yourself, Liz-sama. I guarantee it」

「If Gilles says it, I more or less believe it, but…..」


By the way, I came to call Gilles-san, Gilles. As it had been decided for appearance’s sake, he was my servant; using the honorific -san did not serve a purpose. Gilles-san also spoke to me in first person, but only when he was outside, keeping precise appearances. This did not extend to when we are at home.


Also, Gilles entered a growth period and furthermore, grew larger. He has already reached 170 cm; much bigger than he used to be and his voice was already breaking. Privately, I was fond of his high transparent voice but….. Well, his current voice was fine too. His looks were also adult-like; it felt like his youthfulness was gradually fading away. It was inevitable that we are 8 years apart, but when Gilles-san lines up to take care of me, it feels complete. As it’s real, I can’t deny it.




Speaking of changes….. I now have a younger brother. He’s only one year old. It’s the long, cherished heir and son that my parents desired. With this, I’m no longer bound to the house….. To publicly become a bride gave me mixed feelings. If I was unlucky, under the supervision of his Highness, I would become his bride and that would be dreadful.


My mother, who gave birth, and my Father being a father were reasonably devoted to their baby son. Luckily or unluckily, I who was relied upon strongly, was partly left alone. That was nothing to be concerned of. It was the right decision but….. it wasn’t very pleasant. Well, when he gets older, it’ll return to the former state, I suppose.


With my parents preoccupied, I inevitably spent more time with Gilles. Earnestly practicing the usage of magic and gardening (obviously with sorcery), those were my days.




「Ha~~~, I somehow have a lot of free time. Father’s been taking care of brother」

「Ruby-sama is still young, don’t you agree. Being doted upon is understandable」

「I understand that」


Locking the flames into the water sphere, I let out a sigh for utmost time.


This was sorcery to develop control over my powers. I had to keep practicing the usage of two conflicting sorceries at the same time. Whenever it inclined to either one, it would immediately disappear, so it needed a reasonable amount of concentration.


Well, I had already become accustomed to it.


Without wasting time being able to juggle them, I was already able to control it. In order to prevent the impact from my palm from causing the flames to disappear when I brought the water along, I only had to disperse the impact and maintain the shape of the sphere. Not to forget, magical powers also had to be distributed evenly. It appears to have the same concept as oxygen, but burning up magical powers does not mean it easily disappears.


「Truly, nobles are always at leisure. As I’m no longer a heiress, it’s needless」


With a toss, I chucked the water polo out the window and watered the plants in the garden with it. Naturally, after putting out the fire.


Gazing absentmindedly at the sky as it split open and blessed the plants, I collapsed on the bed afterwards.


The soft and fluffy bed, the smell of the sunset, those depressingly reminded me of Father. ….. Inside was a woman exceeding her thirties but had returned as a child; it was simply laughable. It wasn’t even a Father complex.


「Gillllesss, let’s just take a nap today. I just want to sulk in bed」

「Well today’s practice has come to a close but….. I’ll take my leave—」

「Gilles should lie together with me, come on」


That place was half-opened so pushing his face onto my chest whilst squeezing it slightly, we hit the bed. Gilles subtly hardened, and then had an astounded expression.


「….. Liz-sama, I’m your servant, furthermore a man.」

「Then, it’s the master’s decree. As for gender distinctions, it is irrelevant to a child」


If Gilles thought it was a little girl’s pastime, then it was different, but that wasn’t what Gilles meant. When he heard it the other day, it was denied with a serious look. Indeed, it’s not like he’s a lolicon.


「….. Haaaa. Well, it doesn’t really matter. Please don’t ask this of others though.」

「I only asked it because it’s Gilles. Besides Gilles, after we sleep together, don’t you feel relieved?」

「That’s a story from the past. Now, if Welf-sama discovers us, I’m anxious about what he’ll do」

「It’s alright, he doesn’t really pay attention to me now」


As both of them were devoted to Ruby, it wasn’t a problem since Ruby was certainly cuter than me. I apologise for not being cuter.


Grinning and laughing, Gilles resigned and laid sideways beside me. Cheerfully reaching and embracing his chest, he let out a sigh and hugged me close to comb my hair.


….. Compared to the time I was four years old, I had a hunch that I would cling onto Gilles, but that’s fine. On the contrary, it was good to be childish again. It’s because there was something about Gilles that was calming. He probably looked at me.


「Gilles really likes that place, huh」

「Perhaps. Liz-sama has surprisingly turned into quite a spoiled child」

「So far, I’m just claiming back my share of being fawned over, you know….. It’s lonely」


I didn’t think I would be this lonely and it would be this dull when my parents no longer cared about me. In my previous life, I was the youngest. There was a large age gap separating me from my elder siblings, so it wasn’t something I took mind of. Did my elder brothers have this feeling too?


Burying my face in his chest whilst grumbling, turning my body, I drew my hands back towards me.


「Liz-sama has me as well」

「That’s true….. Somehow, Gilles is like an older brother….. Ah nooo touching~~」

「Please sleep quietly」

For some reason, my cheeks were pinched lightly.

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