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6 Years Old: Chapter 20 – The So-Called Observation Trip

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Nahct

Lizbeth Adelcian, 6 years old (mentally in my 30’s). For the first time, I found myself on the streets of the castle town. 




Except for the castle, there was never an occasion where I’ve left the estate. Or rather, Father wouldn’t let me leave.


Even if the castle town was under His Majesty the King’s protection, nonetheless, unseen shady sections still exist and so does slave trading. He probably thought it would be dangerous if I were to be seen in those places.

But now, Father is devoted to Ruby. His mind is filled with Ruby. As for neglecting his daughter, it was somewhat unamusing, but that was understandable. I was quite reliable, therefore, I was left alone and Gilles was left in a situation to manage everything.

In the past, I wasn’t very interested in anything outside the estate. This was because I was preoccupied with sorcery studies, and I received Father’s various teachings and care.


Now that Ruby’s in that position, I gradually obtained a lot of spare time. Also, my studies in sorcery was now nearly at the final stages, I only needed to improve my control abilities. It seems that because I had did my best, my magical power progress, had again, increased.

Therefore, I was totally free. Making ice with sorcery, carving with the wind; I started working on specific sculptures and exchanging sorcery shots with Gilles. Even so, my boredom merely grew everyday.


「If you’re so free, how about exploring the castle town?」

At that moment, Gilles made a proposal.

「I believe Welf-sama would permit it if I come along」
「….. Really?」
「I have said that soon, Liz-sama would wish to see the outside world. Whether this request is permitted…..」
「I’ll negotiate with Father!」

Promptly, I dashed over where Father was and requested for permission. He seemed hesitant in the beginning, but when I added that Gilles was coming along, he quite readily gave his consent. Whilst I was at it, I also received a little bit of pocket money. Thank you, Father.

Therefore, in high spirits, Gilles and I set forth for the castle town together.


「Oh— It’s quite lively」

Enjoying the sight while controlling my inner feelings, as it would cause quite a bit of trouble, I walked beside Gilles with a calm face.


By the way, my attire was the less inconspicuously looking commoner’s dress. Matching with the surroundings, Gilles also wore a modest outfit. However, it could not conceal his beauty. From time to time, it drew the young ladies’ gazes.

「Liz, where do you want to go?」

In order to not lose sight of me, we were holding hands and walking when Gilles asked that question. No honorific title was used as it was for the sake of hiding my status.


As expected, I would immediately be discovered in this fine place as a young lady if someone older had called me with -sama. Well, going by my appearances, one could clearly see that I was raised in a good household.

「I want to see the magic tool store」

If I was a little bit older, perhaps it would look like a date from another’s viewpoint. However, I was obviously a child and do not harbour feelings for each other. No matter how you look at it, we look just like siblings, although we don’t resemble each other. To begin with, Gilles was older than me by eight years.


No matter how inappropriately childish my suggestion was, to some extent, the anticipated wry smile,「I understand」and brush off occurred. As expected of Gilles, he knew where these places existed. As a young lady that was sheltered throughout her peaceful life, it was extremely reliable to have someone who knew the town.

「Does Gilles also use magic tools?」
「I don’t really use them but….. If I need to use them, then I will」

Gilles doesn’t seem fond of magic tools. To begin with, mankind’s magic was certainly reliant on their possession of magical powers, using sorcery through their own power to pull out the results of their desires.

In the first place, magic tools can be said to be tools imbued with sorcery. The inner workings were special, sorcery can’t reproduce magic that’s possessed; hence, the existence of magic tools, but….. Fundamentally, sorcery normally can’t be altered.


Humans who can’t use magic, for the sake of controlling the consumption of magical instruments and economising labour or using unsuitable sorcery, used magicians instead.

I didn’t experience this much, but every person seems to have a reasonable sorcery. It also seems that there’s an affinity to certain attributes. If your affinity was poor, your power to invoke would be inferior. For me and Gilles, to be able to invoke sorcery as we pleased, was considerably strange.

….. It has to be the blessing from Father and Mother’s lineage.

「Because Liz and I do not especially need them. It would have an immense result, if needed」
「Uh—- ….. But I really want to see some」
「I know….. Look, we’ve arrived」

Ever since following Gilles, we entered into a few alleyways and, indeed, came upon what appeared to be a store. Like a witch’s house appearing in a tale, with that similar appearance, it was easy to agree that it sold magical instruments. Of course, my first impression was not stained with the idea that this was a witch’s house.

Opening the door, I heard a nostalgic clink-clonk sound like in the coffee shops. It was gloomy inside but here and there, there was a faint dim light and the merchandise was visible. The chilly air was a little dusty, having a stale smell.


Displayed on the shelves and tables were various objects. Pots, ocarinas, pens, sorcery books, robes and carpets, it wasn’t coherent. Ah, the carpets drew my interest a little, I have longed to fly in the sky with a carpet. I was unsure if it involved the use of flight sorcery though.


Feeling the signs of magic emitted in the area, I glanced around restlessly everywhere and heard a casual voice speaking from deep within.

「Elza-san, it’s been a while」
「Oh my! It’s little Gilles, isn’t it?」

The voice sounds like a young woman.


Lured to looking behind the counter….. I became speechless.

With ash blond hair which sketched elegant waves and emitted a sense of majesty – even inside the dim atmosphere of the store’s interior – to the point that I questioned why I hadn’t noticed until now. The similarly coloured pupils were loosely narrowed. The milky white skin didn’t seem wholly warmed by the fire and I felt it was slightly pale.


With the lustrous hair flowing to her rear, resting languidly behind the counter with her chin on her hands was a beautiful woman. 


By the way, loosely speaking, a certain part could be seen. How should I put it, by other’s standards, it was huge. Those ripen fruits formed a deep shadowed valley as it was flaunted on the counter. Because they were clothes that were opened to emphasize the breasts, it released a destructive power that would cause girls to lose their confidence. I….. I’m still a child so this had nothing to do with me, yup!

「When did you gave birth to a child?」
「I didn’t」
「Not acknowledging is pitiful, you know」
「Like I said, she’s not my child!」
「Don’t get carried away too, Liz-sama!」

Ah, the return of the -sama use.


The older girl cackled and gave a weird smile; Gilles looked at her, unamused. I have a feeling Gilles’s pessimistic nature has yet to improve, huh.


After Gilles looked at the girl’s destructive weapons, he calmed down. Rather, he glanced with an indifferent expression. Gilles, is there something wrong with you as a man?

「Little Gilles has grown up, yah. I heard it. You’ve left the Sévéne?」
「….. Be that as it may, I’m not a household member of the Sévéne, I’m just Gilles. Please don’t mistake that」
「Haven’t I always received little Gilles from the very beginning?」

*smirk* and well, Elza-san lifted the ends of her mouth. It appears she’s an acquaintance from Gilles’s past.

「And that miss is?」
「Ah. Nice to meet you. My name is Lizbeth Adelcian」
「Adelcian….. Ahhh, young master Welf’s daughter? He also seems to have grown up. For such an immature boy to come this far, hah」
「Fa— For Father to be treated as an immature boy….. 」
「Liz-sama, Elza-san’s age cannot be judged by her appearance alone」

No matter how I looked at her appearance, I could only picture her in her early twenties, but according to Gilles, she was older than she appeared ….. For someone to able to treat Father like a boy….. At least, forti— ….. Let’s just leave it at that.

Enduring my stiffened cheeks, I bowed my head and Elza-san gazed at me pleasantly. Her forefinger pointed towards the store’s merchandise.

For an instant I wondered what it was for and the next moment, several merchandise came flying towards the counter top from the store’s interior, before resting quietly on top of the countertop.


I repeatedly blink several times; before my very eyes, they were sorted and descended in front of me.

「Well, I wonder if this seems to be what the Miss requires? Gilles, choose」
「We have not come to a decision to purchase yet….. Liz-sama, Elza-san is the necessary person to see if you want magic tools that correspond to you」

….. These were the magic tools that corresponded with me?

….. Or rather, I can’t understand and attest to their usefulness.

「This is a robe of concealment, that is a wand that enhances attributes, and over there is a flute that gathers animals…..」

Elza-san gave a simple explanation of the magical apparatuses on the table. There seems to be a variety of magic tools, I was also informed easily about their effects.


Amongst them, there were only two that caught my eye. For some reason, I was attracted to them. They were not explained, but I would like to think these were agreeable.

「These are?」
「The ribbon has a concealment spell and the ring….. That’s right, it’s an item that creates a connection」
「Yes. It’s a pair, isn’t it? If each party carries it, they’ll mutually be able to find each other. You can also transmit the voice of your heart. Well, that’s if the person desires it」

In other words, it’s probably like a transmitter for feelings? No, in my previous life, this would resemble a mobile phone. The type for children that’s embedded with a GPS function.

「….. These are fine」
「Will you have these?」
「But what will I do with money? My Father only gave me this much」

Because I didn’t understand the value of money, I couldn’t understand how much it cost. How much would ten gold coins cost if they were converted to Japanese Yen?

Producing the small sack that was tucked away into my inner pockets, Elza-san was startled upon looking at the contents inside ….. Was it insufficient?

「For young master Welf to pass this amount of money to his daughter was a mistake」
「He’s quite doting….. That being the case, I’ll pay for these」

Not leaving any excess, pinching a suitable amount from a leather bag, Gilles handed it over to Elza-san. One….. Two….. Three….. Erm, five gold coins and three silvers coins?

「Ohh, how generous—, the disinherited boy has quite a lot of money to burn」
「Ehhh, Gi— Gilles, that expensive? If that’s the case, take my money—」
「I don’t mind; even if I kept it, I won’t be able to use it. Besides, the wages that I received from Welf-sama can’t be compared to this」

Even if Elza-san made a delighted whistle. If I knew how expensive it was, I would have restrained myself from taking out my pocket money. Gilles produced the required money and before I could meddle, had bought them.


….. I’m sorry, it’s inexcusable for me to make my valet buy them for me.

「Please don’t take it to heart, Liz-sama. I did it voluntarily on my own」
「But….. !」
「A woman should not hesitate when being given a present….. This is a present from me to the always hard-working Liz-sama」

Airily laughing, he brushed my hair and tied it up together with the ribbon. Combing my hair with his considerably large palm, it was comfortable but I felt somewhat embarrassed.

….. For this to be done in public was excessively embarrassing. Elza-san grinned and laughed as she watched attentively.

After pulling myself together a little, Gilles finished my hair and gently smiled, 「It suits you」and praised me. 


….. Handsome guys are sly, I can’t return a blow to that face, I thought happily.

「….. I pray that Gilles won’t become like that in the future」
「I have my hands full looking after Liz-sama, so I’m not interested」
「You’re wasting your life, Gilles…..」
「It’s alright, little Gilles has already exchange saliva with a little girl」
「Please stop joking. I’ll get angry, Elza-san」

The teasing voice made Gilles’s smile and face stiffen but as for me, it wasn’t like that.


What should I do? I received something expensive and am greatly indebted to Gilles. If this keeps up, I will keep on depending on Gilles. Though it was bought with kindness from Gilles but….. I had a lot to consider. Even if it’s just a little, I should express my feelings of appreciation.

Looking at the cold war between the two, and then I looked at the pair of rings that I had purchased.

「….. Gilles, give me one of the rings please」
「The ring that creates a connection, if that’s the case, it should be sufficient with Gilles. I want to be connected to Gilles」

With Gilles always by my side, he would be able to find me. Wherever I am, Gilles would always be able to find me. Wherever Gilles was, I would always be able to find him – is what I would like. Perhaps it might be a bit uneasy, however, if Gilles doesn’t like that, I will not try to persuade him.

Looking at me grasping the hem of my dress, Gilles stiffened and Elza-san bursted out laughing as she held her stomach ….. I don’t understand why it’s laughable, what was the problem? And looking at Gilles, Gilles had a complicated and troubled expression with slightly blushed cheeks.


Looking puzzled at him, 「Using that expression can lead to misunderstandings」, Gilles responded with a furrowed brow.

….. Expression? There wasn’t any expression, I only wanted to be connected to Gilles…..


「Wa— Wait! I didn’t mean that!」
「Ahahaha! What an audacious miss! Aren’t you glad, Gilles? In future, it’ll be a reverse Cinderella story!」
「That-isn’t-true! This isn’t what it is, I have no feelings for Gilles, I said it’s different. Ahhhh please, I already said it isn’t true, please stop laughing」
「Liz-sama, I understand already. That’s why, please calm down」

As expected, whatever I said was understood. With a bashful bright red face, Gilles brushed my head gently and calmed me down. However, Gilles also had a slightly red face. For a child’s misspoken words to cause Gilles to feel awkward was rare, but now wasn’t the time for that.

For a while, Elza-san kept laughing. I clung onto Gilles from behind, glaring whilst on the verge of tears. I wasn’t crying in particular, it’s just my tear gland were loosen.

「Elza-san, please don’t tease Liz-sama excessively. As an adult to laugh unexpectedly at her innocence is very childish」
「Haha– ….. Hi….. phew, sorry, it was just so worthwhile teasing her」
「….. I am dissatisfied with that assessment, however」
「It’s what I understood from these past two years」

Restoring his expression, Gilles was brushing my head gently whilst calmly responding. Pouting, I scowled displeasingly at Gilles. Well, it was ignored, however.

While Elza-san looked astonished at Gilles, he picked up the ring and handed one over to me. The counterpart was already in my palm.

「Well then, thank you for giving me the offer to be your counterpart」
「….. Yes」
「Phew, ah— That’s right, here’s a freebie」

It seems that Gilles didn’t dislike the ring itself as he smiled broadly. Till then, remembering that laughable lingering memory that remained due to Elza-san, would have made me throw the ring away.


Besides matching, in mine and Gilles’s palm was a silver chain.

「Be careful not to lose it. You too, Gilles」
「I know that already」
「Well, if the magic tool recognises its owner, it will conveniently return to you. It all depends on you.」
「….. Thank you very much, Elza-san」

Quickly bowing my head in gratitude as I said that, she waved her hand, 「Not at all」and responded again casually.


…. Perhaps Elza-san’s a somewhat eccentric and irresponsible person, but I sensed she was a good person.


TL note: I’ve been translating most honorifics with a dash in front but this chapter was literred with additional words that whilst translated in English, felt like they may have lost their original playful tone.


When Elza’s speaks, she addresses the trio with the following in Japanese:

  • Gilles – bouya (means boy or sonny and is usually used for young boys)
  • Welf – bocchan (commonly means young master and usually used by servants of a household)
  • Liz – ojouchan (means lass, girl, miss. Can also mean daughter)


I kept Elza’s speech slightly formal as I noted the way she called Welf hence why I picked miss instead of lass for Liz, and used little instead of either boy or sonny for Gilles.


Granted, this is just a style preference. If you prefer me to keep terms like bouya, ojouchan and bocchan in the text in the future, please leave me a comment here or Twitter. These will help me decide if I should keep translating those terms or sticking to the original Japanese words.

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