Hey kiddos~


So I’ve been feeling fairly bored during lunch break. Or rather, I can’t understand how people enjoy long 1 hour lunch breaks. I can’t. I’m just itching to do something. Decided to take a look at the Syosetsu listing to see if there might be any interesting novels that were short and I could pick.


Lo and behold! I found Underground Dungeon. 


A bit of context behind this project: there’s no light novel equivalent of it. The author pens rather short chapters capping at 200 – 250 kanji characters. That’s roughly 10 lines. His/her goal is to combine every 5 chapters into 1. Naturally, I discovered this when I snooped around the author’s page and found a web novel page titled Underground Dungeon +. LOL! + for the beefier chapters, I suppose.


TLDR Q & A’s

  1. Almost daily chapter releases on weekdays except Wednesday as it’s Happy Life’s day.
  2. Totally sponsorship driven for additional chapters beyond current scope. They’re going for $3 USD each since they’re fairly short and does not require a lot of translating manpower. Plus side to sponsorship for this is if you sponsor 2 chapters in a row, you get an additional 1 for free. What I can promise you is that you get your name honored for all sponsored chapters… and I get a free meal or two from it. 😛
  3. Chapters are guaranteed to be more frequent than Happy Life due to the sheer magnitude and size of it.
  4. It’s fantasy? Surely it’ll go somewhere.
  5. ???
  6. Profit

Anyway, just to let everyone have a taste of what’s to come, I’ll be posting the first three chapters in the next few days. If you like it and want me to continue, feel free to comment on the chapter page or down here.


Again, I’ll say that people AREN’T obliged to donate. But hey! If you do, I’ll love to make it worth your while and mine! 😀

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