Guys, I do read the comments on NU, ya know.

With regards to UD, I’ve mentioned before that the author originally wrote this as a cell phone novel hence the short paragraphs. Every 5 chapters actually combines into one.

I’m gonna keep posting till chapter 20 and do a poll then. If you guys still feel like you’ll rather a larger chapter than the ones I’ve been posting, I’m happy to oblige but will probably just reduce the posting day to once a week.


TL: Krrizis

Editor: Nahct


「Is that the so-called item box…」

It did not look like there was much capacity, but it could fit a reasonable amount.

「Hang on, before that, where did the necklace disappear to?」

That’s right, the necklace that I had worn on my neck had disappeared.

Although I’m a little complacent, it was as though I had never put it on in the beginning since it was difficult to imagine that I had lost it in my sleep.

Recalling what I had seen yesterday, I projected my level and HP in front of me.

It was here that there was a new entry, a gained ability…

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