TL: Krrizis

Editor: Nahct


「Ability… Appraisal?」

Level:1 HP:10/10 Ability:Appraisal

「Uh huh, it increased, huh… 」

Recalling the time when my character stats first surfaced and thinking about it, I decided to consciously use my appraisal skills on some items.

Mouse Fang: Large Mouse Fang

「Ooohhh… A fang. Then what’s this?」

Acid Worm Acid: Acid Worm’s Acid Spit

「Close!! Thank god, I didn’t drink that~!」

I had always seen green colored healing potions in games, but I’m glad I didn’t verify the contents by drinking it.

「As I’m able to appraise, can this be used to investigate?」

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