TL: Krrizis

Editor: Nahct


「Yosh! This should do it for today, eh。」

Supporting the pickaxe on my shoulder, I murmured.

Tidying up the farming tools, the slightly extensive field could be seen from the porch.

「Hmm、stones are still jutting out, but it ain’t half bad。」

The faucet murmured as the sound of ice clinked in the glass of roasted barley tea.

And then, that night ….


After what seemed like a forceful tremor; beneath the tatami, a sound like a huge boulder being moved could be heard.

Timidly, I tore off the tatami and ripped the floorboards apart.

Underneath it was a staircase leading into the darkness ….

「Oi oi oi… What is going on…」

Even with a lamp and a torchlight, I couldn’t see the bottom of it.

How the heck did this appeared under my house?

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