Incoming double chapter release.

Had an unfortunate incident at work that affected me mentally so I couldn’t release my scheduled UD chapter yesterday. Thankfully, it’s nothing major. Just slight differences.


TL: Krrizis

Editor: Nahct & Wafflez


However, no matter how I looked at the shape of the box…

「That’s a… treasure chest, right?」

There doesn’t seem to be a key though…

Afraid of what it could be, I moved around to the back of the treasure chest, hooked the lid with the pitchfork and propped it open.

The lid opened with a creak; no traps in sight.

Timidly looking in, I saw a necklace inside.

Upon retrieving the necklace by hand, a mysterious thing appeared before my very eyes.

「What the heck’s this??」

Level 1  HP 10/10

「Errr… Isn’t this…」

That’s what’s called a level, ain’t it?

A system usually found in games…


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