Head’s up!

Posted a teaser for HeroVilla yesterday and I’m going to be uploading the chapter on Oniichanyamete soon~

Fufu. So if you’re a HeroVilla fan, please do look out for it.


TL: Krrizis

Editor: Nahct


Effortlessly striking with the pitchfork, the caterpillars vanished.

The remains of the caterpillars turned into a test tube filled with liquid.

「Green… Is that a potion, eh? Never mind, I can figure that out later」

Tucking away the test tube, I illuminated the passage again.

「Uwahh… *blech*」

The caterpillars were there.

Not just one or two.

The small room was packed with a lot of them.

Yup, they were everywhere.

Stupidly saying it wasn’t very gross, the caterpillars above started vomiting some sort of fluid.

Barely dodging the fluid, it fell onto the spot and melted it slightly.

「Ha… haha…」

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