It’s Wednesday. My usual Happy Life release day. orz;;;

In case nobody’s following my Twitter, I uploaded a teaser for next chapter so if you want to see Chapter 19’s one liner teaser, do find the Ainushi twitter account. Fufu.

With that, I also bring sad but happy tidings.

Wafflez will be taking a break from editing as his finals, graduation and Nationals (yep, he’s participating in some sports event) is coming up next week.

As sad as I am, it just mean the quality of Happy Life’s release will drop a little. If everyone’s alright with this, I’ll release Happy Life chapters first and when Wafflez’s back, I’ll upload the “wafflezedit” version up. :DDDD

(Honestly, it’s not too different. Just minor changes, rewordings and grammar issues). orz


TL: Krrizis

Editor: Nahct


A cooking knife was held by my belt, the pitchfork was over my shoulder and the headlight was equipped…

Adding to the equipment earlier, I included a kitchen knife.

Descending the stairs until the last step was illuminated, I found a rat.

It was huge, roughly about 60cm?

「That’s bloody huge, ain’t it…」

Timidly, I illuminated the ceiling but the bats weren’t there.

Phew… I let out a sigh of relief.

But this is where it starts.

「Ssss… Haa… Yosha!」

Setting up my pitchfork, I hunted and took down the mouse.

There was no counterattack, although the feeling my hand was covered in was revolting.

The mouse ceased to breathe and after a few seconds, turned into light and disappeared.

Left in its place was a glittering object.

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