Sorry, guys! Things in my life have swirled a bit out of control so I hadn’t had much time to myself to spend translating. It’s not a good excuse but I hope everyone can be a bit understanding. Hopefully things get back on track by next weekend when work’s settled and I’ve found a place to move in to soon. 🙁


On another note, when I had a moment, I saw PersonaJXT’s review on Happy Life. I’ll just like to kindly address the review that was written. Please understand that reading it made me feel frustrated. So what I’m going to write will sound aggressive and angry.



No, it’s not machine translated rather I use a dictionary to translate with as I still have really bad grasp in grammar beyond the basic N5 (Never went to a Chinese school and frankly, kanji’s always been a weakness of mine).


No, I do have knowledge in Japanese up to roughly N3 based on my knowledge of Japanese grammar but it’s not that adequate enough. It WAS good enough to get me through translating manga once upon a time back when I used to proofread for a manga BL group. But this is my first time using it to translate novels. IDK if you’ve read UD but UD’s much easier to translate than Happy Life because it’s shorter and uses simplier Japanese.


Also, it’s been years since I’ve put it to good use. The last time I had to use Japanese was in 2011, on the day I sat and finished my Japanese 5 test in uni. That also meant I never got the chance to actually sit for the Japanese translation classes as I graduated prior to taking Japanese 6. By then, you’re expected to have learnt ALL the Japanese grammar that’s sufficient to translate news articles. (Yup, there were classes for those). So yes, my translations whether it be grammar or kanji sucks. I also don’t use it to translate colloquial Japanese with their extra onomatopoeia because I barely encountered them prior to this.

Frankly, I did put out a recruitment post for people with better Japanese skills to come and edit my pieces for me when I started out. I, myself, am aware that I translate literally. It’s something that happens when you’re still unfamiliar with using the language constantly on a daily basis. However, I have yet to get someone who can whip my works to the same extent as the Japanese version. Since I can’t, then I can’t do anything about the mistranslations except keep translating and improving as I go along. Though it would still be better for someone to ACTUALLY point out my inconsistencies instead of sitting on the sidelines and just nodding disapprovingly. Fark, at least my Japanese is good enough to get me through all my mobile and 3DS games. (>.>;;; Then again, I also prefer more audio based Japanese games as listening to the words makes it easier to understand them rather than the reading. Like how it’s still taking me forever to finish Dai Gyakutan Saiban).


TLDR; I do have Japanese knowledge. It’s not a machine translation. Just give me suggestions instead of making me feel I’ve wasted my 6 hours on a chapter FUCKING trying to translate. =.=;;; If this was a bloody machine translation, it would have been … IDK? Less than an hour?!

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