With this 20th entry, Underground Dungeon is officially dropped.


TL: Krrizis

Editor: Nahct


Afterwards, I kept up the search and found the stairway leading to the next floor.

「As I thought, it was a dungeon…」

Level: 1 HP: 6/10 Ability: Appraisal

「Oh, my HP has decreased」

Having gone all out to smash the bats to bits was refreshing, but 4 HP had diminished.

It couldn’t be helped as it was puzzling and I had no idea what happened.

Putting my feelings aside, I looked back at the stairway.

「Yosh! When my level goes up, I’ll head down!」

As I had no idea what could possibly occur, I didn’t want to risk venturing into an unknown territory.

Hence, just for a little while, I switched gears and continued hunting bats.

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