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The First Meeting with Ye Sanshao

Cheng Anya, female, 17 years old, 164 centimeters in height, 48 kilograms in weight, a great beauty, having no personality is also a kind of personality, 11th grade student.

Her attire consisted of a pale yellow shirt, jeans that had lost colour while washing, and plain and simple canvas shoes. She had a pretty, fresh, and pure appearance, and a pair of large eyes holding the innocence of the entire world.

Today was her boyfriend Wang Rui’s birthday, and she wanted to give him a nice surprise.

The things packed inside of her bag were exactly the fountain pen, handcrafted by a renowned expert, that she had selected with the utmost care. The price wasn’t cheap, and she had to live frugally for two months before she could even buy it.

Wang Rui was in the grade above hers, and was the most popular person in school. Every junior female in school’s dream lover.

Just as she entered the house, she immediately felt that things were somewhat strange. In front of the shoe cabinet there were a pair of red crystal high heels, and scattered all over the floor were red shawls, jackets, short skirts, long pantyhose……

A man’s shirt, trousers……

Inharmonious sounds came from the inside of the bedroom in short bursts.

Reality show?

If this place wasn’t her boyfriend’s house, Cheng Anya might have been interested and leaned forward outside the door to watch the show.

This male and female pair were already in a hurry. When they entered through the door, they were already clearly eager and impatient. The mess on the floor, the musky smell in the air. Regardless of how pure or naive Cheng Anya was, even she knew what had happened.

“Wang Rui, do you love me?” The seductive female voice dripped with an enticing flavour.

Chen Yingying? Her good friend? Eh……she had just been playing games too intensely these days. This was an auditory hallucination, auditory hallucination……

“Of course I love you, you’re too amazing, Yingying……”

She approached the bedroom one step at a time.

“Say, between me and Anya, who’s more skilled?” Her voice was exceptionally charming.

Hey hey hey, stop comparing the quality of our skills! Wait a few years, when I have actual combat experience, and I’ll take you on in a heartbeat!

“Of course it’s you, Anya is too old-fashioned. We’ve been dating for a year, and the most intimate thing we’ve done is hold hands. She’s a blockheaded beauty, and unromantic. How could she be as enchanting as you, darling……a little faster……”

Yeah right, your mouth is so smelly, only idiots would be kissed by you.

Really intense!

This situation’s also developed into too big of a problem, hasn’t it?

Fuck, how did this happen like this?

Chen Anya admired herself a little. At this time, she unconsciously studied her situation in her mind.

“An……Anya……” When Wang Rui first noticed Cheng Anya standing there with the space between her eyebrows twisting, he quickly pulled over the comforter to cover his and Yingying’s bodies.


After getting over her shame, Chen Yingyin calmly got up with ease, not at all caring about her naked body—completely naked—body. There were still marks of lustful scratches left on it, from the lascivious situation—sex.

Her stature was truly exemplary, and it had the means to fill the role of a bus[1], Cheng Anya gloomily considered.

Chen Yingying carelessly threw Wang Rui some clothes, and she herself put on Wang Rui’s own shirt.

Cheng Anya was quite calm. Even though her complexion was pale, her eyes just contained a smiling, fresh and pure, sweet expression. Mother said no matter what situation people were in, they always had to smile, as it was the best disguise.

“Anya, you saw it too! We’re together, so you should leave!” Chen Yingying flirtatiously held onto Wang Rui’s arm in many different ways. She demonstrated this for Cheng Anya, with a kind of aloof and remote attitude, and a pitying kind of tone.

With those kinds of shabby looks, how could Anya be able to match handsome, bright eyed Wang Rui? Only she, Chen Yingying, had the ability to match him.

“Wang Rui, why?” If you want to two-time, you still shouldn’t go for that particular acquaintance of mine. Moreover, that person’s reputation is also really crappy, because she’s a famous bus around here.

Wang Rui coldly laughed, and flung back his head. His young, handsome face filled with disgust, and he arrogantly said, “Anya, I’ll tell you the truth. When I originally pursued you, it was because I made a bet with a few brothers. Who let you be this difficult to chase after? To tell the truth, you should look at yourself. Looking up with a face bare of makeup, an entire body dressed in trash, are you able to match me?”

No matter how pretty she was, bringing her out would still make one lose face.

“So that’s how it was since the beginning……” Cheng Anya nodded her head in understanding, and laughed sweetly, “How much money did you bet?”


“Well, without me being with you it’s still impossible to win, so half of the bet money should be given to me!” Cheng Anya laughed even more sweetly, with both of her eyes giving off RMB[2].

Damn, even after deceiving me you still won’t split half of it, you cheapskate.

Wang Rui’s complexion became ashen.

See, this girl was just this tacky. The moment money is brought up, both of her eyes immediately light up with a conman’s glow. Fuck her!

He xxoo with another girl in front of her face, yet she was still laughing this sweetly? Furthermore, she had the mind to ask him how much money he bet, and even demanded her own share of the money?

Fuck! What kind of freak is this?

Chen Yingying was unable to restrain her anger, “Cheng Anya, do you or do you not want to save face?”

“Of course I want to save face. At the very least, if I were to go out and sell this face of mine, the price would still be higher than yours.” Cheng Anya laughed sweetly, “You’re really stingy. If you won’t give then you won’t give. One person wins and hogs all of the money. Be careful of heavenly thunder striking you.

As you desired, we’ve broken up. You have my blessings that you guys will forever bathe in the river of love.”

Both people’s complexions became ashen.

Cheng Anya smiled, before she turned abruptly and left.


When the first colored lanterns were strung up, City A became alive with noise.

In A City’s golden district of lively and extravagantly showy bars, an enchanting dancing woman’s waist flexibly turned and moved like a water snake on top of the stage. She wore heavy makeup that was colorfully smeared on her refined and gorgeous face, and her coquettish glances, like silk, were incessantly enticing, causing the men in the audience to cheer.

The music shook the heavens, and the smell of the wine was rich and fragrant.

This was a place of wine and women, a place to enjoy life.

Before the counter of a bar, Cheng Anya forced herself to drink alcohol one cup at a time, her complexion flushed.

Wang Rui’s affair on the side resulted in the both of them breaking up. Although she displayed a very natural and carefree appearance, in reality, her heart still sorrowfully ached a little. Really, it was only a little.

“Anya, you’re too well-behaved, come and forget all of your unhappy matters. Drink a little more, drink a little more.” Her older sister in name, Lin Li, encouraged her to drink more wine, at the same time as she slipped a pill inside her wine cup without batting an eye.

“You should stop chattering continuously at the side of my ear, alright? Let me calm down a bit.” Cheng Anya unenthusiastically said, tilting her face upwards as she drunk all of the wine.

Damn, if not for the fact that I wanted to drag you along to pay the bill, who would be able to stand your noise?

After Cheng Anya’s mother passed away, her stepmother brought Lin Li with her when she married her father. Even though the two of them had been together for three to four years, their relationship had always been bad. Lin Li’s circle of friends was made up of a mixture of dragons and snakes[3], and she changed boyfriends easier than she would flip the pages of a book. Cheng Anya had disliked her from the very beginning.

Only, she didn’t have the money to pay the bill for her intoxication, so she could only drag Lin Li along.

Lin Li endured her rage. Damned girl, in a moment you’ll suffer. Seeing Cheng Anya down that cup of wine, she proudly smiled to herself, and allowed the bartender to fill her cup with wine a few more times. Then Lin Li ducked out of the way, heading to a secretive, shady location in at the corner of the gate.

“How about it? That’s just my little sister, isn’t she pretty? ¥3,000,000, a fixed price!” Lin Li craftily said to a man with a wretched appearance. She was indebted to a loan shark, but she really couldn’t pay it back yet, so she could only trick Cheng Anya into going to the bar and sell her off to the underground market to substitute for the payment of her debt.

Who let her just so happen to be unlucky enough to break up and want to drink until intoxicated? Lin Li didn’t even feel a little twinge of guilt.

“Deal!” A man stroked his fat chin, his eyes exposing a lewd light.

Truly of the best quality, this kind of product could be auctioned off in the underground market for up to ¥10,000,000.

Cheng Anya had drank until she was a little intoxicated, but she wasn’t completely drunk. Damn, Wang Rui had called her old-fashioned and dull, and she just amusingly provided proof for him to see. For as crappy of a man as he was, she drank until intoxication. It really was stupid to an extreme degree.

Cheng Anya stood up, putting down her wine cup, and moved forwards in a daze. Suddenly her foot turned, and she ran into a man’s chest as she fell down.

He was a very young man, who seemed to be a little older than twenty years old.

Perfectly carved facial features, an extremely refined appearance; he was the kind of man who belonged to the archetype of a great evildoer. His body possessed the kind of disposition that was naturally graceful and respectable. However, his pair of excessively chilly eyes caused this kind of grace to contrast with his near indifference.

A gracefully indifferent man.

Ye Chen’s eyes chillingly looked towards the woman who had taken the initiative to throw herself at him, with a face full of loathing. He loathed these kinds of women, who took the initiative to wrap themselves around others, the most.

At the very same time he looked into her eyes, suddenly……

Startled, he came to a halt!

All of Heaven and Earth, brimmed with bright and beautiful colors.

It’s her?


Author’s Note:

This is, as always, an incomparably melodramatic beginning, but drift silently for a while, (*^__^*) hee hee……please believe in me, this story will be absolutely wonderful!

[1] Bus as in something anyone can get on. In other words, a slut.

[2] RMB is Renminbi, or Chinese currency, denotated with ¥ in this story.

[3] Dragons are good people, and snakes are bad people, in this analogy.

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