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7 Years Old – Chapter 25: Lonely

Translator: Krrizis
Editor: Nahct and Wafflez


「Gilles, I want to go outsid—」
「You can’t」


Being bluntly rejected immediately for the 38th time in a row, I acknowledged my fate.

It has been three months since then; another year was added to my age but the days of being unable to head out still carried on. Though I was granted permission to come and go as I pleased to the gardens, but if I were to take one step out of the estate, the maid would immediately inform Gilles ….. Mostly Gilles anyway. And he would come flying and drag me back inside.

Of course, when I think back to the matter that happened several months ago, I understand their concern, but I just want to go outside the grounds for a little bit. As expected, until I’ve learned my lesson, I can’t visit the town even though I only wanted to take a stroll along the noble quarters. The noble quarters were tightly guarded which I thought it meant that it would be all right but …..


「Gilles, you tightwad」
「Whatever you say, I prize Liz-sama’s safety above all else」


Though my parents were also overprotective, but the person who was the most overprotective was Gilles.

Gilles, who had personally witnessed my near-death moment, began to meticulously pay closer attention towards me. It wasn’t like I was imprisoned in my room; however, when I did something dangerous, I would be immediately reprimanded and stopped. Like when I used sorcery to construct an ice castle (1/300 scale), the inside felt nice and cold to cool off, but it was dangerous when it collapsed. Or the time when I used『Green Thumb』to produce an imitation of a jungle gym that I could ascend and descend from. No matter how much I was thought of as a dangerous child, it wasn’t like I was injured or anything.

I’ve already exhausted all of the sorcery books in my house, been scolded for creating play equipment, and been dragged back every time I venture outside. Maria became my only amusement.

However, Maria was also busy with her job as a maid, so it was impossible for me to steal her time.


In summary, I had too much free time.




Tragically rejected — I somewhat anticipated this vexing result to occur and sulkily returned to my room.


….. Being unable to do anything was irritating. Why am I just a kid. If I was a little older, it would have been alright. If that had been the case, I wouldn’t be treated like a child and I could protect my own body by myself.


Lately, Gilles has been reducing the amount of surrounding guards and hasn’t been paying much attention to me. Even if I approached him, he would immediately disappear off to somewhere. Father being Father and understanding my moodiness hasn’t been interfering much. Overprotective being as is, it was like being handled with great caution.

That’s fine with me. As Father had Ruby, I was taken care of just fine. I’ve even devotedly considered becoming a rebellious heiress. Rather, it was better for my mind’s sanity.


The problem was Gilles. He is unduly overprotective and had a blunt personality.


「Gilles, you id—iot!」


I probably had an adorable sulky  look. It was really immature. I could gradually feel that my childishness began to overlap both in my body and soul. It was likely that I’m beginning to adjust the imbalances in my body.

Well, it’s not like my knowledge is particularly disappearing, having the previously tempestuous and undulated emotions was my current state. Saying that my emotions were more expressive ….. Somehow, only in front of Gilles do I easily express myself. Perhaps by clinging onto Gilles in tears and behaving like a spoilt child, the shackles came off?


「….. Free」


Gilles didn’t care, I can’t go out, I read all of the books, and sorcery being dangerous was prohibited. What should I do?

Fundamentally, what brings me joy is reading, sorcery, and playing with Gilles. After which is eating. That’s how it is. Though this is usually within my reach, I don’t know what else to look forward to.


Like all women, I like dressing myself up, but that’s a story for when I’m an adult, right? I don’t dislike being fashionable, but being unable to move as I please as a child makes it annoying to be dolled up. There were not that many places I could go dressed up to anyway.


Therefore, how or what should I do? Gilles is so uncaring. Weren’t you going to stay by my side?


「….. Uuuu—」


Groaning whilst retaining my sulky expression….. Let’s just dive back into bed.
Grasping the ring we shared tightly, I curled up. When there’s nothing to do, the only thing left is to sleep. Let’s raise a well-slept child. 
And when I become older, I’ll be able to protect myself automatically and someday become a magician that works in the Magic Institution. As well as building a happy family for all to see. Ah, would His Highness object discretely?




『….. Liz-sama, you occasionally do act very childish, huh』
『But that’s what makes you so adorable. Though you earnestly said you were lonely, I’m still by your side』


Dozing off mid-way, I heard Gilles’ voice mingle with a strained laugh. While my thoughts were slipping away and being drowsy, a personally complicated feeling washed over me. Due to sleeping, there was a sense of my body and consciousness being disconnected from each other. However, I had a feeling that my hair was being combed gently.


「….. Gill ….. es…..」
「What’s the matter, Liz-sama」


Half-awake with a particularly fluffy bed hair, I heard a gentle voice reach me. Even if I was drowsy, I slowly opened my eyelids ….. and expressing a quiet smile, Gilles stood by my side.

The soon to approach the coming of age ceremony Gilles, his hands already had the palms of a man. Slightly bony fingers were smoothly and proudly combing through my hair. Sometimes, my cheeks were stroked. When I closed my eyes in embarrassment, Gilles would laugh tenderly.


「….. Gilles, is this a dream?」
「Of course not. It’s the real thing」


Taking advantage of my pulled out cheeks, the pain reverberating from them sobered me up. The only person composed enough to do this to me was only Gilles, therefore it had to be Gilles.


「….. Why is ….. Gilles here ….. ?」
「When I heard Liz-sama shouting 『Gilles, you id–iot!』 audibly from the ring, I thought of scolding you a little」
「That’s cause…..」
「Fufu, however, after that, hearing 『It’s lonely』, 『Doesn’t care for me』, 『Shouldn’t you be my side?』spilling out from the ring, I decided not to」


Ce-Certainly it’s as mentioned, however, to convey those, what sort of harassment is this, ring!

Gilles’ gentle smile held a slight roguishness as he tickled my cheeks. That smile was like one to comfort a child.


I’m ….. de-definitely being mocked …..!


Feeling angry all of a sudden, I brushed aside the fingers that were caressing my cheeks, but my hand was seized instead. As I had just woken up, it couldn’t be helped that my movements were sluggish, so Gilles stopped it quickly with such ease. Please just receive it contently.


Turning slightly sullen, I escaped from Gilles’ constraint upon which I found that Gilles’ usual earnest smile had a slight mixed expression.

I felt somewhat bewildered as he slowly raised the back of my hand up ….. and pressed his lips down.


「….. Huh …..」
「….. I will always be by your side if that’s what you desire」


Just like that, he had left a kiss on the back of my hand. But it was exceptionally embarrassing, like in stories with knights, being kissed like that. Nope, Gilles is a servant, not a knight.


The kiss on the back of the hand meant respect, affection, and honour. Gilles did it because he understood that.


「….. Do as you please」


Why does this make my heart beat faster when I’m only seven? Let’s calm down, me. Gilles is just attending to me as his master. Hence, the meaning for the kiss on the back of my hand. Right, Gilles is my valet. That won’t change.

The smile on Gilles’ face didn’t change. Having a hunch that he said that statement as though it was natural for him, I turned around and hid my face in the bed.


Ah geez, why are there lots of beautiful people surrounding me and taking on such suggestive behaviours?

Gilles, you id–iot!

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