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7 Years Old: Chapter 27 – I Decline

Translator: Krrizis
Editors: Wafflez & Nahct

Regarding an individual noble, I do not have any intentions to make distinctions between like and dislike. Even my household’s association in detail — whether I’m pleased or displeased with it — is also pointless.


Conversely, I do not intend to be on good terms with them beyond what is necessary. In the case of a noble’s association, its foundation only resides superficially. Generally, it’s not about likes or dislikes as long as they’re able to get into a good group.

To me, that stance, this is the first time in my life… No, this is the second human being who has appeared before me that I’ve come to dislike.

「It is regrettable, but I’m unable to consent to the matter of the engagement」

Letting Gilles wait at the side, I firmly responded back to Earl Emmenthal’s son.

Having just met, I thought that it was amazing that I came to loathe him to this extent. Mainly, “whatever” and “it can’t be helped” was how it ended up, but he was simply being unreasonable.

By the way, the first person I disliked was Lord Alfred. I want to personally tell him off and render him speechless, yup. It’s not as instinctively repugnant as Earl Emmenthal’s son, though.

The opposite of like is indifference. Therefore, the earl’s son has yet to fall to the absolute lowest reputation, hence I’m able to treat him in that manner. But to me, it honestly doesn’t really bother me if he provokes Father and Gilles’s wrath. It just means I’m indifferent. Even though I said I dislike him, if I don’t deal with it and leave it alone, it would become a danger to myself.

「M–May I inquire as to the reason?」
「I decline being married to a gentleman who acted rudely. Acting friendly and touching a woman’s body without permission is impolite」

Half serious, half giving face. Frankly, saying that I hate him with visceral disgust would be a problem. There isn’t anyone who would promptly plant a kiss on a woman’s hand upon meeting them; it’s not like they’re a prince from a fairy tale. His Highness is a different matter that I’ve resigned myself to, though I don’t find it unpleasant.

In the first place, this conversation should have been presented via letter instead of being addressed directly. In addition to that, he would have to appear before my father to ask for permission, and then, after having dated and obtained a promise would this finally occur. To suddenly barge in and demand for my hand in marriage is strange, isn’t it? Could he have been aiming for the moment Father was absent to propose?

「Isn’t that man also the same! Isn’t he being overly familiar touching you!」
「Because I have received Liz-sama’s consent. Therefore, it is alright even if I touch you?」

Essentially, a servant should not be touching his master intimately, but this isn’t a public place. And now Gilles looked like he was about to get angry, so with a smile as I nodded in agreement, I entwined my hands with Gilles.

With a gentle smile on his face, Gilles stroked my head, and the earl’s son was unable to conceal the shocked look on his face. As expected, Gilles had grown tired of him and, in his own way, had seeked revenge.

Seeing our intimate scene, the earl’s son was taken aback for a moment before his face turned red like a tomato. I wonder if he understood that he was being made fun of. Actually, instead of an idiot, he’s just a fool. Do you know what will happen if you anger Father and Gilles? Even when there’s a prime example of that earlier on…



Perceiving me with eyes filled with inconcealable greed, the earl’s son then took off the pure white glove worn on his hand and threw it at Gilles’s feet. …. No, seriously ….. He’s plunging himself in the deep end. Does he not know Gilles’s current status?

「I challenge you to a duel! Should you refuse, you will lose your rank!」
「I’ll decline. In the first place, I’m not a noble」

That’s right, dueling is a way of resolving problems amongst fellow noblemen. Unfortunately, the present Gilles, however, is no longer a noble. He’s just a valet attending me.

In any case, am I such a desirable existence that must be possessed by all means which, from that point of view, makes me a superior good?

「Not even knowing that and throwing out a duel is ridiculous」
「Gilles, proceeding further is useless as it’s pitiful」

Gilles spoke toxically with a smile. Recently, I’ve began considering that Gilles is black-bellied but, towards me, whilst he’s a bit mean, he’s also a gentle and dependable person.

The earl’s son shook at Gilles’s words while his shoulders trembled. It was obvious that he was being made fun of.

Now then.

It starts from here. If he withdraws as is, I wouldn’t challenge him to a duel. His obsession towards little girls is a nuisance for me so I wish for him to cease his advance.

「Well then, Zerais-sama, how about I handle the duel that you’ve issued?」
「Wh– Liz-sama!?」
「I mean, if you leave it like that, you wouldn’t be able to withdraw」

Gilles said no and advanced to control the situation but, like I said, it was unlikely for this man to withdraw meekly as is. Obsessed with me, he seemed like he would kidnap me if an opportunity arises. I don’t want to be kidnapped anymore.

If that’s the case, I would rather duel and refuse his request publicly.

「Without using a substitute, if it’s just me and Zerais-sama, how about we duel?」

「Haha, as I expected」

Looking at my body, the tip of the earl’s son’s lips curled lasciviously and nodded in agreement. Well, from appearances, I do look ill and furthermore, I’m obviously a child. In addition to being treated like a fragile ojou-sama since being rescued from the kidnapping, the thought of losing never occurred to him at all.

For me, it’ll be good that he remains careless. It’s fine if he thinks that I’m a meagre and protected child who’s unable to do anything. Also, it would never have crossed the earl’s son’s mind that a child would propose such nonsense and not have an ulterior motive.

The disgrace of losing a duel does not vanish easily. But even if I were to lose, the fact that the earl’s son immaturely won against a child would also circulate, as well as the shameful fact that he challenged a child to a duel.

Well, I have no intentions to lose, however.

「Liz-sama, if Welf-sama finds out about your rashness…」
「If that’s the case, I don’t mind as I want Father’s intervention to stop this affair」

I was certain to be scolded but as long as it’s resolved, that would be fine. In the first place, it was Father who opened the doors of our house that allowed these people to intrude and refuse to remain silent.

「Can you decide the date, time, and venue of the duel? If possible, even the witness. I only ask that you vow to find someone impartial」
「That wouldn’t be a problem」

Agreeing to my words, the earl’s son laughed happily. Probably, while thinking about what would happen after he won, he must be imagining a scene that would be censored if a commoner were to see it or something. That feels disgusting, however, so let’s leave it at that. That way, I’ll be able to indulge in a happy dream.

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch — is a phrase which that person doesn’t know.

Beside me, Gilles held onto his forehead and sighed. After which, he looked on sympathetically. Well, who are you sympathising so obviously with?

After all, aren’t I Gilles’s best pupil?

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