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7 Years Old: Chapter 30 – Father’s Request

Translator: Krrizis
Editors: Nacht and Wafflez


「My… assistance?」
「That’s right. Could you come and assist me for a bit?」

It’s been several days since the duel ended. Father finally came home and had asked for my help.

To assist the Magic Institution. Until now, I would have never considered that Father would propose such a request to me. After all, I’d been prohibited from entering the institute and Abbott Georg certainly loathes me. Father was also aware of it. Since then, he’s never brought me along.

Therefore, why the sudden change of mind?

「During the duel, Liz’s abilities were exposed to the guys from the Magic Institution. And so, they want you to assist them in their research」
「….. Specifically?」
「They want you to assist them with creating a magic tool」
「Creating a magic tool?」

I blinked my eyes at the unexpected direction the proposal took.

Previously, I have explained that magic tools are tools imbued with sorcery. To magicians, such tools weren’t really necessary. Even so, the Royal court still carries them.

To begin with, there are magic tools created by our ancestors and the abundance of newly made ones were from powerful magicians. Even an ordinary magician could create an instrument with a weak effect.

「If we have Liz’s sort of magic power, we’ll able to make something good. Of course, simply saying that isn’t enough; if you help, you’ll be given a reward」
「A reward?」
「Create a section of a magic tool prototype and you’ll receive a Magic Institution entry permit. With it, you’ll be able to visit the Magic Institution’s library whenever you like to —」
「I’ll do it!」

If all I need to do to get it is to just help out, then I’ll do it. I’ve always wanted to go to the Magic Institution’s library but, without permission, I couldn’t do so. Thus, I want to go.

It’ll be a good change of pace for a hikikomori like myself and since it’s Father’s workplace, I wouldn’t be in any danger ….. No, there is, but it’s unlikely to happen in a public setting. If push comes to shove, I’ll fire off my sorcery.

Bumping into His Highness would be a bit troublesome so naturally, I’ll just run off. His Highness is scary. I don’t dislike him, but he’s scary. Being tangled and picked upon is scary.

「So, you’ll help?」

I, Lizbeth Adelcian, was easily lured in.





Has it been three years? Though I haven’t once stepped foot in the institute since then and can barely remember it, it doesn’t seem to have changed much in these three years. If the building had changed, then I’ll be surprised.

「Welcome, Lizbeth-sama」

When I stepped inside, the receptionist greeted me with a smile. Father probably informed her beforehand as the onee-san wasn’t surprised to see me.
I’m not sure if it’s a good thing, but she bowed and Father, who was accustomed to this, simply announced,「Third Laboratory」, leading me away by the hand. Somehow right now, Father looked like a bigwig. Is he actually that great?

When Father dragged me away, I waved my hand to the onee-san. Having smooth human relationships was important. Onee-san also waved back as she secretly smiled.

Onee-san was a beauty….. I was probably imagining it, but she had a subtle sympathetic smile on her face.






「Liz, we’re heading to the Third Laboratory and ….. Erm, how should I put it ….. Don’t pull out from this」
「Pull out?」
「Liz, they’re researchers so there’s no question about their high abilities and trifling personalities」

At Father’s grim-face, I replied with an 「Ahh, is that so?」and was convinced.

To sum it up, the people who I’ll be facing at the「Third Laboratory」were complete oddballs. That’s why the onee-san at the reception was pitying me. I agree.

Excellent but with a semi-problematic personality and behaviour — no matter where you went in the world, these sort of people were constantly around. These people were all gathered together in one place at the Third Laboratory.

And I’ll be joining that colorful lineup…..

「Also, it’s difficult, but to expedite the matter, we will need to stay over for a while」
「Well, I have asked Gilles to tend to the garden so I guess it’s fine …..」

I had forgotten to mention, but Gilles was house-sitting. He had work to do at home and for some reason, after the duel, there was an increase in marriage proposals that he had to reject, so that kept him busy.

It was probably because they wanted me to give birth to a child who would inherit my talent in sorcery. Being a spectator and watching me defeat my opponent — that was how they understood that I had talent. As I desire a love marriage, I have been declining all of it.

「Do you want to stay in Cecil’s room? ….. Of all the members, he’s the most truth-worthy」
「Hey Father, what do you mean by trust-worthy?」
「Liz, it’s alright. These guys aren’t bad」
「You didn’t answer my question, nee」

Father wouldn’t look me in the eye. Hey Father, what do you mean by safety? My body isn’t in any danger, is it?

Even as I fretted and pulled my clothes uneasily, he only stroked my head and didn’t give an explanation. Are you refusing to answer? Is that what it is?

If I was assaulted and injured, I’ll blame it all on Father. I’ll report it to Mother and Gilles. It’ll be good for once if Father was rebuked severely.

Given that Father was a bit untrustworthy, I brushed off his hand that was — once again — joined to mine and looked the other way. Even if he was shocked, I wouldn’t know. Please don’t deliver your daughter to her doom.

「….. We’ve arrived. Ooi, this is the helper I had mentioned—」
「Uhyaa~aaaa! Isn’t this the exemplary girlllll!」

As soon as Father, who was somewhat depressed, opened the door on which hung the plate indicating the Third Laboratory, I received a shock upon which I screamed and fell on my butt. Someone had approached to hug me, and I was slow to understand it.

The person who came swooping at me was a woman in her early twenties. With a flushed makeup-less face and excited eyes, she rubbed her cheeks against mine. Breathing roughly, her hands reached out, crawling through my upper arms and thighs which made me shiver violently. No, in many ways, I sensed danger.

「Fuohhhhhh~~~ Such smooth and bouncy skin! I’ve seen that outstanding talent! Nee nee, how bout taking your clothes off for a bit so onee-san can feel em—」
「Stop that, Caldina. Don’t touch my daughter」
「Iya~nn! You’re so cruel …..」

It was a blessing when Father tore the woman off me with one hand and although I was flung into  a complete state of confusion, I survived without further problems. Unaware, the top three buttons on my blouse had been unfastened. If this keeps up, the only thing I’ll remember is the dread. Why am I a magnet for people who have a taste for little girls?

Fearing the danger to my body, I arranged my clothes whilst having a stiffened face. Then, I quickly hid behind Father. I had already become quite disgusted by this point in time.

「Liz, Caldina might seem abnormal, but she’s not a bad fellow」
「May I leave?」
「Yaa~ Don’t say such things, Liz-cha~n」

If that’s the case, what is with those wiggling hands*? And please do something about those massaging fingers. What are you massaging? There’s nothing but a smooth chopping board here.

「Caldina-san, I’ve brought my daughter along. Please settle down」
「I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry, I did it because Felt-san told me to! I’m sorry!」

As I stood without any intention to approach her while Father acted as a shield, the woman gave up and sidled over ….. When suddenly, she was drenched with water. I knew it was a very small scaled『Splash』when I saw it attack the woman.

Feeling surprised, I turned around and saw two boys gazing at the attacked woman.

「Mou~ You’re so heartless, Mel-chan. A child like that will get spanked~~」「Hyeeeeeeeee!?」

The sopping wet woman thus became angry. It seems the earlier『Splash』had made her change targets, throwing herself at another.

I’m a girl who’ll like to sweetly scream before running on the verge of tears, but that perverted-looking woman was nimble and had successfully hugged my body. Earlier, she wasn’t able to successfully utilise her wiggling hands all over me. Yup, I think that was extremely pathetic.

「Father, may I leave?」
「I’m begging you, please endure it」

I’d relatively petition earnestly; however, Father didn’t acknowledge it.

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