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7 Years Old: Chapter 31 – Various Insecurities Kept Coming

Translator: Krrizis
Editors: Nahct & Wafflez



For the time being, to calm the situation down, Father dropped a punch at the perverted-looking woman.

Father was also disgusted by the high-spirited woman and for now had her restrained to a chair; she was still in a dripping wet state to which she pouted her lips in response. I thought Father was relatively feminist ….. but he didn’t seem to hold back with her. If she continued her excessive behavior, he showed her that he was prepared to punch her again. Therefore, the woman sulked and settled down.

Leaving aside the woman, the one who attacked me earlier was now grossly crying. As expected, even that was unpleasant for me. Although, since it was coming from the same sex, it wasn’t as bad when compared to the earl’s son.

「If you guys make a move on Liz, I’ll expel you all from the Magic Institution, got it?」
「Hahaha. It isn’t as if I’m Caldina-san, there’s no way I would lift my hand」
「You’re the most concerning one. If you even think about dissecting her, I’ll seriously dismiss you」
「….. Hahaha, no way~」

The man from earlier who had an interest in women was met with a denied smile from Father, and for a brief moment, had a somewhat delayed response. I had thought that he seemed like a gentle, straight-forward man but ….. I feel it was better to keep my distance.   

When I took a step back instinctively, the man with a smile on his face said no no and waved his hands as if he wanted me to come back. Yup, he couldn’t be trusted.      

「Cecil, you come over here too」

It’s not like I wanted to pull off an unconcerned attitude, but the aura of that person compared to the trio was like heaven and earth. How should I put it, a clear distinction could be made based upon his appearance alone.

He had silky fine-looking silver hair and golden eyes. With well-proportioned looks, the young man ….. No, the kid was seated on a chair by the window reading.

With his back turned away from us as he rested against the edges of the wall, I thought that his figure was that of some cool guy as he turned over the pages of his book, flipping it with one-hand. However, it’s regrettable to call him handsome when he’s not of age. I bet that the boy’s age wasn’t any different from mine.  



The boy called Cecil glanced over here for a moment before returning his gaze back to his book. I felt like I’ve seen that figure somewhere before. Eh, but even so, I don’t think I recall seeing him before.

「Liz, this is Cecil. He’s a misanthrope so he doesn’t associate with a lot of people, but he isn’t a bad fellow. Please get along with him」

Well, I want to talk to him as long as it’s not to the degree that he dislikes it. If he does dislike it, then I’ll stay as far away from him as possible. However ….. if his misanthropy isn’t corrected, I believe he’ll have a difficult time ahead of him.   

「All that remains is the names of these fellows. That dripping wet person is Caldina, the foolish person laughing over there is Felt, and the person in tears is Melphondo」
「Name’s Caldina Harvis~. I’m pretty much the section chief of the Third Laboratory. Nice ta meet ya~」

Whilst still tied up, Caldina-san winked as she introduced herself. Caldina ended her speech in a lively tone filled with playfulness as though she had affixed a star to the end of her sentence ….. This made her seem youthful despite being in her twenties. Even if she was a pervert to a certain extent, she must have ability, otherwise she wouldn’t have been made the section chief.  

「I’m Felt, delighted to make your acquaintance. By the way Liz-jou, may I draw some blood from you?」
「I’ll dismiss you」
「I refuse」
「Harsh, aren’t you?」
「Liz, if they assault you, I give you permission to let loose your sorcery」

It’s unbearable if I allow this person to analyse and furthermore, wanting to learn more by dissecting me. I mean, drawing my blood …..

I was becoming increasingly reluctant to be acquainted with them. Why is there such an abundance of eccentric people here ….. Ah, Father had said it was a gathering of weirdos.

The girl whom Father had introduced remained hesitant and was sniffling. Melphondo-san, right? She seemed relatively respectable. However, she carried the facade of a victim.  

「There’s still one more person but ….. Well, that person is usually outside so they’re nothing to be concerned with」
「Outside …..?」
「He does various things outside of the capital like hunting monsters and experimenting. It would seem he won’t be returning for the present so there’s nothing to be concerned with ….. Cecil, could you please guide Liz? For the time being, she’ll be lodging in your room」
「….. Ah?」

At Father’s words, Cecil-kun responded in a threatening voice that one wouldn’t expect from a child and stared intensely at him. Nevertheless, I thought he had a lovely voice, but his reactions obviously weren’t agreeable for a child. Despite having a lovely face, the nasty look in his eyes gave off an intimidating aura.

「Cecil is the most trust-worthy, you know. You understand me, don’t you? The ones who can be trusted amongst these faces」

Caldina-san, Felt-san, Melphondo-san, Cecil-kun. Melphondo-san aside, the other two are hopeless ….. Something is bound to happen to me physically and sexually while I’m sleeping.

It doesn’t seem like Melphondo-san heard the conversation as he’s crying, and it’s … Cecil-kun, isn’t it? I think of Cecil-kun as more or less of a boy.

Cecil-kun seemingly clicked his tongue energetically at Father’s orders whilst glowering at me. Seeing as how I was being provoked, I sighed. Closing the book he was reading, he stood up without attempting to conceal his listlessness.

He made his way quickly towards the door beside me and left just like that, so I rushed out and pursued after him. Well, it seemed like he wasn’t very eager to guide me. Since if he wanted to do so voluntarily, he would have just called out to me to follow him.






It seems that Cecil-kun had every intention to leave me behind. He was also walking at a quick pace. Judging from appearances, he wasn’t any older than me, therefore it wasn’t like I couldn’t keep up with him.

Seemingly unpleased that I had trotted along, he quickly attempted to pick up his pace to leave me behind. Although I’m actually fine with running.

After walking for a while, Cecil-kun stopped and entered a room. This is probably is Cecil-kun’s room.

Travelling to and from home whilst working at the Magic Institution is troublesome, and there are a number of benefits to living in the dormitory. It appears that it was also ok to stay overnight at the laboratory. Cecil-kun as well was no exception.

….. I think it’s awfully wonderful to be able to work at the Magic Institution at Cecil-kun’s age.

Entering the room after Cecil-kun, Cecil-kun didn’t even give me a glance as he gathered a lime colored stick from his desk. Oh, it seems he had fetch something that resembled chalk as a line was drawn on the floor with it.

On one side, there was the sofa and on the other, the bed. The furniture in the middle acted as the partition whereas the desk was moved to the side of the bed.

With a whistle, Cecil-kun pointed at the space beside the sofa. Since he wasn’t using words, I guessed that he was indicating that I can use that side.

Well, it’s not like I planned to stay for long and even though I wouldn’t be able to sleep on the sofa, I had no intentions of getting upset. After all, I am borrowing it.

「Got it. I’ll just use that space over there」

For the time being, I excused myself and placed my light luggage on top of the sofa. Just in case, I had brought spare clothes to change into tomorrow. If I didn’t have enough, it seems that Father would bring them over for me.

Cecil-kun glanced at me before leaving the room. He was probably returning to the laboratory.

I’m beginning to worry whether Cecil-kun and I could cohabited together in the days ahead …..

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