Hey guys!

You’ll probably be seeing this pop up every so often as I go back and re-edit my works periodically.

Today’s update focuses on the following terms:

国王陛下 – kokuou heika – his Majesty the King
国王 – kokuou – King
陛下 – heika – His Majesty
殿下 – denka – Your/His Highness
王妃 – ouhi – Queen

So in Chapter 16 – 18, there’s a few instances where I took the liberty of using King instead of his Majesty the King or his Majesty as I had trouble wording it without sounding pompous (You may recall I used the term my king in a few places). That itself, was strange, considering I’d after then been using Your/His Highness whenever I addressed the Prince. 

Today, this became an issue when I tackled Chapter 28. In the upcoming chapter, the term kokuou heika, kokuou and heika appear in the same paragraph on different lines.

It was inherent at this point that I should edit those posts as I felt this makes a significant difference in the reading of the text.

This also means that whilst my choice of the usage Your/His Highness isn’t wrong, it does however confuse non-native English readers when reading the text. Moving forward, unless in speech form (because really, Liz never calls the Prince anything but His Highness. See how distant and formal she is with him?), I will be using Prince where possible.

Please look out for the changes in the past chapters within the next few days.


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