Now, I owe it to Solistia for kick-starting my interest to translate Happy Life. Monogusana Kenja was one of her few teaser projects that I’d also hope someone would pick up. But it’s been months now and no one has.

Thankfully, one of my editors wanted to try a hand at MTL. This gave me an opportunity to push this project forward.

Whilst my Japanese isn’t superb, I assisted with the TLC. So if there’s anything amiss (though some sentences were changed to fit English contextually), feel free to let me and MystEd3 (affectionately known as Me3) know and we’ll get on to it.

Please note that we’re following the LN version although chapters are split like the WN version for translating purposes.

Without further ado, we present Chapter 1-3!


Chapter 1-3

MTL Translator: MystEd3
TLC: Krrizis
Editor: Wafflez


Moving through the shopping district, I arrived at the plaza with a water fountain, where there was certainly a lot of people.
It was a good place to relax and refresh oneself and it seemed like a popular place to sight see for travelers. At the heart of the square, there was a circular fountain with magical inscriptions in a geometric shape on the tiles below. I don’t understand the principles, but the fountain had something to do with magic, causing it to become some sort of symbol.
Around me, there were also food stalls which were bustling with people  . . . Except the space around me.


“No matter how you look at it, I’m being avoided.”


Sitting on the water fountain, there was not a single person in the vicinity. Even though there were many flirting Beastman couples not too long ago.


After splitting the flyers in half with Clau, I went around in a circle with the flyers flapping about before letting out a sigh. I hated that I wasn’t able to hand out a single flyer since then. Still, a part of me wonders how long mixed breeds will be hated. It wasn’t like I was going to pickpocket them, I didn’t have such wicked thoughts. When I come close, they flee. I’m just walking normally yet they avoid me on a grand scale. The conduct  of the older girls  with angelic-like appearances was truly unangelic.


Remaining with the troupe was still better. At least they don’t run from me like baby spiders scattering away.


“I think my appearance is quite cute though.”


At the water fountain, I stopped and took some time to look down, and saw a child with evenly trimmed bobbed honey-colored hair reflected in the water. Ears as large like a beastman’s and sharply pointed like an elf, looking quite like a stuffed toy. As a result of having large blue eyes, I resembled a doll. If it weren’t for the black birthmark at the corner of my right eye, I could have called myself a beautiful girl without the least bit of conceit.


Altogether I look like an innocent child, being a mixed breed was enough to make them avoid me, this is a rough world that I live in. However, I wasn’t being struck with stones and when thinking about the level of the bullying, I would probably be able to comfort myself.


“Ahct, why are you skipping work?”
As I absentmindedly gazed again at the gushing water fountain, Clau glared at me with his hands on his hips. I understand that he’s angry because he’s the only one that is working.  


So, I uttered.


“Because nobody would take the flyers from me”


Clau immediately understood the reason and grimaced. It wasn’t a look of pity, but a vexed expression.  


“Even though Ahct is so cute”  


Un. That should be said to someone you really love in the future. I understand that it’s probably because of his mother’s influence. From my perspective, Clau isn’t a gentleman and I’m worried that he’ll grow up to become a playboy.


“What about Clau?”
“I also wasn’t able to hand out any”


In Clau’s hands even more flyers remained. Fair enough, it is quite an open space. Because nobody wanted to come near as much as possible, it was difficult to to distribute them.


It was then that I suddenly realized. . .


… I see. Should I have you come and take it instead? 


“Clau, repeat what I’m about to tell you now in a loud voice.”  


I bought my mouth close to Clau’s ear, and I quietly told him the idea I had just thought up. Although it wasn’t a problem if I had spoken normally since nobody was nearby, somehow having a stealthy preparatory meeting was very business-like.


Moreover if the work wasn’t divided, when we do it, I will stand out a lot which is embarrassing.  


“Okay, but will you be fine, Ahct?”
“Un. Lets quickly get this over with.”


Towards the nervous Clau, I nodded my head and passed all the flyers to him.


Thus, relaxing my body, I closed my eyes. It’s okay. I can do this. Rather, I have to do this.


“Come come, everyone, please gather around. If you’re not in a hurry, come listen.”


With no trace of childishness in Clau’s voice, I grasped the presence of people looking over here immediately.


“In the distant mountains and various lands, dressing up an explanation is but a vile move, good and evil is completely unclear.”


My ears tremble at the sound of footsteps coming this way. Thanks to my beastman heritage, the performance of my ears was exceedingly excellent.

“Now then, everyone. Sitting here is a pitiful mixed breed girl.”


My heart pounded loudly, yet I didn’t move. As much as possible, I tried to maintain a doll-like expression, one of expressionlessness.  


“Even if she is labelled a mixed breed, she is not your typical mixed breed. Before her mother died, she didn’t speak. Even when her mother died, what came out of her lips was nothing but songs. Able to sing a thousand songs, an unintelligible doll’s song. However, for some reason it is pleasing to the ears. Now then~ everyone. Approaching our last performance, 『Grimm Troupe』! We present today’s official performance!”


I had asked Clau to swallow and recite those lengthy words. Even so, Clau recited word for word without making a single mistake. From here on, it’s my job


In a flash, my eyes open. There were more people around us in a circle than I expected. However as though I had no idea what was going on, I kept an expressionless  expression. And then, slowly standing up, I took a deep breath.


My transparent-like spirit race inherited voice vibrated in the air.


The common song that I seemed to have sung in my past life’s choir competition, I sang in acapella. For the few parts that I couldn’t remember, I cheated by humming. Surely even if they had heard the nonexistent words, it would have sounded mysterious.  




Because this world has magic, something like electricity is still nonexistent, let alone television or even radio. Not to mention CDs and cassettes, even a record hasn’t been invented, so music appreciation couldn’t be done easily. Basically, the only form of entertainment is a live performance.  And the places you could listen to one were limited. Since the song was free of charge moreover with an audible beautiful timbre, the people willingly gathered around.


My mother seemed to be from the wind spirits race, possessing a perfect-like pitch, and was even the troupe’s diva. Thankfully it was properly handed down to me through my mother’s genes.


As expected, as soon as they began hearing the song, people steadily gathered around. Without a moment’s delay, Clau began to distribute the flyers. If it continues on like this, we’ll quickly finish handing them out.


Be that as it may, I regretted overstating that I could sing a thousand songs. Unexpectedly, aside from choir competition songs, I have knowledge of popular songs and nursery rhymes from my past life, when I run out of those, anime songs and the only songs that I can’t sing are the singing dolls, the vocaloid’s songs from my birthplace. There are numerous vocaloid songs that are addictive but is it songs that can be sang enthusiastically in public?


Ah no, it’s the same with anime songs. Certainly there were master-like pieces but amongst them, there were also various disappointments. Since saying that, it seems I’ve remembered completely my past life’s hopelessness… The me in the past…―――― Un, the past is the past. Let’s not think too much of it.


“Excuse me, please pass this along. Please pass this unofficial article along-“


Gradually as I came close to singing anime or vocaloid songs, the flyers in Clau’s hands ran out. That was a relief. That’s good. Truly, that was good.
“So, our official performance comes to an end. If anyone fancies this girl’s songs, please come visit the『Grimm Troupe』”


When Clau lowered his head to a bow, I also stopped singing.
It’s been awhile since I sang in a loud voice, so my throat was sore. However without even burping it out, I sat down again  on the edge of the fountain, and closed my eyes. Presenting an image like a doll whose spring had been cut, I removed the strength in my body.  


For a while it was noisy, but gradually, the crowd’s presence died down. Having stopped my movements, there wasn’t anything interesting as I’m a mixed breed. People seemed to have disappeared quickly. Almost as if my popularity had disappeared, I opened my eyes.


-clap clap clap- 


Suddenly, an abrupt applause echoed, and my eyes blinked.


“That was wonderful. It was really enjoyable, thank you.”


The boy with cabbage-like green hair smiled brightly. Without knowing why, I laughed ambiguously. Smiling at a mixed breed, what a strange person.  


He’s probably a person from the winged race, however …


“I would love to go and see you perform again.”


At those words, I bowed my head. In the setting Clau explained, with the exception of songs,it was decided that I couldn’t speak. Since there is still an audience member, I can’t afford to break the setting. 


The boy moved closer to the unmoving me. Taking a closer look, his eyes were a  similarly cabbage-like colored. Each part of his face was arranged in detail, I absentmindedly thought  the pretty boy looked  like an incarnation from a fantasy.


“But you shouldn’t excessively show off the otherworldly songs. Since you’ll be kidnapped by bad people if you do.”


The words whispered into my ears were shocking. I nearly spoke up, when Clau came between us.  


“Sir. Next time when our troupe has a stage performance, please come by all means.”
“Un, I will do so. Goodbye, Doll-Chan.”


The boy waved his hand, and quickly flew away with that body. Since there was a gap on the back of his clothes for his wings to come out, he was probably from the winged race. Not just his color, even his race is a fantasy.


At any rate, who in the world is he? … He was unexpectedly calm for his age, his words were also pronounced beautifully. I can’t feel an accent. Is he a noble that came here in secret?  


At any rate, I’m tired.
I wearily sat down on the edge of the fountain without acting this time.


“Ahct. Good job. They’re all gone now.”
Towards the somewhat excited Clau, I made agreeable responses. Even so, I didn’t expect things to go smoothly here. I breathe out in relief.


At the same time, the boy who I had spoken to earlier came to mind. I wonder why he believed those songs were from another world? Or were the boy’s words a performance as I thought and was as a matter a fact, a joke?

Well, it doesn’t matter. Pulling myself together, I reached out my hand to Clau who was still speaking excitedly.


Taking the trouble to come out to town, if we’re just standing here motionlessly, we’re wasting time.


“Let’s go to the Ethereality Shop?”


In that way, I called out to Clau


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